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  1. Basically,we cannot help you if we send you a .zip file of KSP,that would basically make everyone watching this exact post spread it to torrenting sites,which is bad and Squad will be mad. And,you CAN verify the files Just go in properties and Verify integrity of game files,If that doesnt work,I dont know what will. You could join the dark side,or the light side.. whichever you choose No offense though interily,Not trying to make you Sad and all. P.S Maybe you could try making a support thread,And Or Provide Logs. Or Reinstall steam,Once you get into a wifi,that will work thatll allow you to download KSP and steam. P.S.S Im sorry,if i tried to act rude and or mad.
  2. Granted, It will not hurt anyone. but,it dances for you. and dances like the trololololol guy 24/7.. I wish if there were hover cars. For real no fake,and i wish i could travel to a holiday land. with the hover car
  3. Granted,but the PC parts Just been blown up by UPS,because they are not jolly for a holiday.. I wish i could Control Every single train in the entire universe,and then let them Go 1,0000000,000000 Mph.. with a press of a button
  4. granted. but suddenly,Time reverses as soon as your traveling forwards... so your just stuck in space of a time freeze.. I wish I had another wii u game...
  5. Awh,can you give me a crepe? im starving in my lounge,we only have apples...
  6. Hello guys,It be my birthday,and I just wanted to say here for the fun of it !
  7. Granted. The Pet Potato Has a Disease that can turn humans into potatos,and your now a potato. I wish that I could walk in slow motion.
  8. Well,I Risked it without the 3rd dependence Nor The 2nd,Only used the ATM for replacement,so Im gonna try that.. Mods Currently Installed: Mechjeb2,Kerbquake,kerbaltek,Active Texture Management,Skylon C2 folder,Firespitter folder.. Question,could i have the link to The community resource pack though? P.S to ClimberFX Im gonna reduce my memory usage now,im removing the mods that i to reduce and make skylon work..
  9. Trying now... EDIT: No,I Didnt understand climberfx well though,I put it in the plugins folder And,did not work,so I installed the entire Firespitter plugin folder,with firespitter.dll in its plugin folder. Trying 2nd time,Freezes at Almost there mark,Trying Now ATM 3rd time: Doesnt work Freezes at KipEng/parts/SkylonC2/SkylonOrbitalEngine/kipEngSkylonOrbitalEngine
  10. Captain Kip,I installed firespitter.dll and the gamedata folder for Skylon C2,Im on MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite. as soon as i launched KSP,every single craft in SPH did not work anymore,KSP said it could not be loaded anymore,and the error was,locked or invalid parts missing,so I couldnt play skylon,nor my other crafts. Any solution?
  11. Yes i did... I can track anyone down with my new hypetrain scanner,it can track ANYONE down,except dead people though... or ghosts
  12. Okay! welcome aboard you are the first passenger! you Now get premium suite,here you go *Opens Door to premium suite*
  13. Hello! May I merge HypePacific Railway Co. with you? EDIT:Got confirmation from the boss i am offically merged. I tracked down him,he was at Walt disney world...
  14. FULL HYPETRAIN AHEAD! Wooooooooooooooooo All aboard to 0.90 station! Free cookies with every train ticket (which is free if you ask nicely!)\ First class tickets are now going! first one to claim first class gets a butterbeer unlimited refills! Notice: HypePacific Railway co is Now gonna try and merge with gregroxmun.
  15. Nah,i rather become a minecraft player. The button summons a train to take you somewhere related to candy...
  16. 10/10 Hello friend again! Hows it going?
  17. 10/10 Seen you around with alot of threads,love the Saturn V gif in your signature,and love the clapping in your avatar. also,thanks for becoming me friend
  18. 0/10 Nope.. dont reckon we met before,hi
  19. 0/10 Random Keyboard indeed in your avatar.. weird And never seen you around.
  20. granted. But all 3 rockets are now gonna destroy your house. I wish for A locomotive,to drive with my mind.
  21. Granted. ERROR 404 NOW MAKING WISH INTO Soup. You Now are dead,when you eat the tapioca. I wish That,I was A astronaut in the future. to go to mars.
  22. granted. but instead coleslaw soup falls on you.. Non-corrupted wish for you this time buddy. but ill corrupt you again! I wish that..santa will get me a wii u for christmas!
  23. Granted. But The llama spits at you a million times due to the acid of them.. and its poisonous I wish that i could Make A tardis/train/delorean/hogwarts express crossover and to Make it run on Pure potatos. and hope to not make it blow up
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