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  1. granted. You get nothing. I wish i was on the polar express.. and i would operate it.
  2. granted. but the technology backfires on you and creates the robot invasion! I wish that every world problem was solved. and bad hackers were gone,trollers were gone,everything badguy-ish stuff was gone.
  3. Lack,Ive tried to install this on MAC osx on ksp. 25.0 It doesnt show KSC++ when i load it up,shows nothing! it worked last ksp version though.
  4. Granted,but it backfires and it actually turns houses into rockets to blow up as soon as you shake your head because,that is the start button. I wish that i had a pirate ship that never sank.
  5. granted. but it magically vanishs as soon as your flareon gets it. I wish to be father time. and to magically reverse age.
  6. Granted. But the comet automatically squeezes back to earth and targets you and kills you directly without burning up in the atmosphere I wish that everyone in the entire world had food,without bad guys stealing it,and make so a law that makes government rulers over the land,in like the other part of the world,wont take the food away.
  7. Granted. But 8zip hasnt come out yet so the company sues you for wishing for it. I wish i could have a santa sled craft and give out to all the kerbals.
  8. granted. but you do not and your mind explodes. I wish for the hogwarts express to fly and summon when i raise my hand at any given moment to take me to hogwarts,and i wish to be sorted into ravenclaw
  9. exactly where is the realchutes fasa config? ive looked both folders,found nothing.. i dont wanna mess it up and crash my game. :/
  10. hello kspers! Ive said halloween before,but im saying happy holidays! to all I hope you have a all Early early early wish of winter break!
  11. Granted. But it turns into a cow as soon as you touch it. I wish that the ISS astronauts said hi to me while floating above my house.
  12. Happy Halloween to all my fellow KSPers! i said all because,you might be missing due to time zones,or you simply missed it,but Happy halloween once again
  13. Ha! Nope! gotcha! I Nominate Kaspervld.
  14. So.. KSOS is discontinued and Now being abandoned?
  15. No,In my honest opinion the all in one should stay,Id like it that way because I dont want just the core and get a sampling,I want all of them and id have to add every single pack to get all of em,No offense though,just honest opinion
  16. you did double posts,a person answered your question up above.
  17. I want In 0.26 Maybe,is to assign kerbals in EVA seats. I did a suggestion thread about this before.. But I dont know. And Maybe make the VAB Doors Open Up and let you see your rocket going towards the launchpad On a crawler,Hope they test it on the Kerbal X or something :/ these 2 maybe will be implemented soon...
  18. Granted. But the police comes after you and puts you in a cell of ponys. and rainbows. I wish that I was living once the SLS launchs for a manned launch.
  19. There Is No problem In this issue. It is part of the game,and if you dont want the launchpad easily destroyed,delete your save and put it to easy settings. simple as that.
  20. Granted. But The timeline doesnt cooperate with the 2,So It explodes,you killed all life. I wish i could have a time travel delorean that doesnt corrupt like my timetrain that blew up
  21. Granted. They Will fly at your will,but once you do they crash your home at 1000000000000000000 M/S I wish i could own a Timetrain. CHOO CHOO
  22. Just to point out,FASA doesnt Like kerbinside.. Or KSP because It always gives these color errors and when i try and load up a save it crashes,and sometimes when i destroy buildings gives the color error. Some times I start up the game,Its a Mac. Mods:Kerbinside Only,Nasamission and squad.
  23. The first one wont work,ksp detects it as uncontrollable.. I dont know whats wrong though.
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