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  1. Another interesting fact about the Apollo computer is that it used the first Real Time Operating System (RTOS) since none of the existing system structures were able to run on such limited hardware. From there the RTOS moved to missile controllers and other military applications and then quickly into mainframes/corporate applications. After that it entered the consumer market until now just about everything with a screen runs one.
  2. I want one of these really badly, i\'m planning on making a computer for my car with a touchscreen using one. I\'m going to wait until ordering has calmed down and hopefully a second revision is released with some of the minor issues fixed. One of my housemates got his the other month though, it\'s awesome but he\'s not done anything with it yet which sucks.
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    Black Mesa

    I liked. I have been watching this mod for years.
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    Realistically I would not expect any long term mining to happen until we have a space elevator, it just requires so much equipment to be sent up that any rocket technology we can conceive of at the moment would be too inefficient. I think that the timeline for moon mining would be some initial proposals around the start of the elevators construction with a real start around 10 years after elevator completion. Now the best case for the space elevator is early work starting in 2050 with completion 10-25 years after that. When i say best case there i mean the sort of best case that in the 70s would mean a moonbase or mars landing by now. Realistically the elevator may not be possible for a long time if at all and if it is then it has some serious political and business hurdles to overcome along with the engineering ones. Personally I expect to see construction start in my lifetime but not completion (i\'m 20 now).
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  7. [mod]This thread is being locked for two reasons: [list type=decimal] [li]It is old and was concluded a long time ago[/li][li]It is now completely off topic and producing nothing of value [/li] [/mod]
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    Yeah that\'s the important bit and also the area where everything will go wrong. He could walk but his bones will have been in a terrible shape, the additional radiation will also have done a lot of damage. I think there are other parts of the body that deteriorate too such as the eyes. It\'s not just about walking back on earth but surviving long term. I do not think that it will be worth mining the moon for anything other than water/oxygen/hydrogen for centuries. Helium 3 is virtually worthless as a power source and many of the other resources do not warrant the high costs of development.
  9. People have been recommending this since I asked for the artwork to be put there in the first place. I\'m sure it wouldn\'t take long but Harvester was always so busy with other stuff. Maybe now that the team has grown a lot it could be done though. It would be really great to get a nice collection of the best quality work up there; even better if it regularly updated from new work and displayed them in a random order.
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    The main issue I think lunar colonies won\'t work is the gravity; i\'m sure that people cannot survive in it for long periods. Maybe once we have some sort of protection for 0g space station crew we can talk about a moon colony. At least with mars it\'s quite a bit closer to 1G. And these guys don\'t need any money from NASA, they don\'t even need that much if everything goes to plan. The main issue is that getting the living complex designed, tested and online before anyone arrives is going to be so much more than just buying the components. Nothing like that has ever been attempted by anyone, the costs of R&D to get it to a high enough level is way too much for an almost non existent company.
  11. Well he did say \'distant stars\'. If he had said planets then you\'d be right.
  12. The reason he asked that is Harvester has never stated it to be a planned feature. For this reason it is not mentioned at all in the links you provided.
  13. What? No, you can\'t do any of that yet, at the moment all you can do is the parts and plugins. The plugins are tied closely to parts and their behaviour although some more advanced stuff is possible.
  14. I do believe that a video of this nature has already been undertaken using the \'vomit comet\' or something similar but have no idea where it may be found.
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  16. Not really suitable for general discussion is it?
  17. They wouldn\'t be a different species, their genetics would be virtually identical.; it\'s just that their bodies would be entirely focused on weightlessness and so unable to function without years of therapy in high gravity.
  18. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/08/spacebabies/ Not actually impossible but likely that if humans attempted it the failure rate and long term effects for any survivors would be too much for people to handle.
  19. Reproduction is almost impossible without gravity. Tests in space show that from the embryo stage onwards the biological processes just don\'t work reliably in 0G. Fertilisation is fine but beyond that you\'re only going to get horribly deformed and usually dead results.
  20. I hope the main theme tune is something along these lines:
  21. Just one of the many easter egss Harvester likes to hide around; no functionality in any of them so far.
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    Hi! Welcome to the forums! The captcha is only for your first post to help protect against spam.
  23. There\'s a lot more where that came from: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=9585.0
  24. That means there\'s still something on your system downloading things in the background. You need to try some different tools I think.
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