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  1. Great news, I look forward to the first manned test. That this has gone so perfectly despite setbacks shows that SpaceX has huge potential.
  2. The good news is that since docking was almost finished for this update they\'re going to have a lot more time to polish it and add nearby features for the next one, we won\'t have to wait for an update after release for it to be useful.
  3. Oh awesome, i must have got the time wrong or did they delay it?
  4. There will be a live stream of the actual docking in about 5 hours. unfortunately i will not be awake to watch it though
  5. It may not be too bad though, a huge ammount of the difficulty in programming a robot comes from lower level stuff like reading sensors and controlling actuators. Not to mention accounting for unreliability and inaccuracy. You could do some pretty powerful things with very basic instructions when you can guarantee reliability and consistency.
  6. Is this from the terrain generation or put there intentionally? It would be awesome if it was unintentional.
  7. I desperately hope that programmable autonomous vehicles are added in the future. As a robotics student it would be amazing to build a probe or drone and then program its behavior and just send it off and watch it go.
  8. It would be easy enough to make one for every dev. not sure about combining them though, I\'ll look into it. EDIT: I replaced the original Harvester feed and added a link to a Google Reader bundle containing individual feeds for each dev member.
  9. Yeah there is a little bit of that but there\'s no substitute if you want up to date and detailed information on progress and recent events.
  10. Here is a collection of RSS feeds, one for each member of the KSP dev team. Each one updates once every 6 hours and shows the latest 15 posts by that person. Note that it will break the feed if they post a large image but works fine for most non GIFs and text. Here Since Google won\'t let me edit the old bundle to add in new feeds i had to make a new one. Here\'s a link to NovaSilisko\'s feed for those with the old bundle: Here I made this using feed43.
  11. Just saw about the earthquake on the news. Sounds like it was relatively harmless but is Squad based near by? I hope you guys are all ok!
  12. A little over 6 days worth of superiority 8)
  13. the R&D building should have a junk yard behind it.
  14. I was uncomfortable with this: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=140.msg19605#msg19605 But it\'s acceptable because: A) It\'s funny as hell because it\'s so relevant even if it is pretty offensive I am sure the creator knew what he was doing wheras you didn\'t even read the title of the image or the webpage it came from which states pretty clearly what it\'s showing.
  15. Not disagreeing here but i think it'd be pretty cool to have one around a planet that you could build a base on. So then you could use the moon as a base in between. for storage and more efficient ships.
  16. Exactly. Actually thinking about it from the training (and earlier development stage) point of view a few additions come to mind. One would be having a moon for Egar for more close to home places to land. (since bases on highly hostile worlds will be complicated and are a long way off. Or perhaps a large asteroid that shares Kerbin's orbit. A commit or two would also be a nice challenge for more advanced players.
  17. This is a great concept and it's well thought out and presented. That said though i think a simple system generation system is the way to go. So when you started the campaign you would set some basic specs for the star system and it would generate one randomly with those constraints. You could have an option to set a specific seed and i think the default setting would be a non random system so challenges would be easier. Now when i say a non random system i mean one designed to feel like the one presented here but which would fit in seamlessly with the randomly generated ones. I really can't see this game in a later stage being played solely on hand crafted star systems. In-fact i would go so far as to say that i refuse to believe that this game will not have the option to play on randomly generated systems by the time serious exploitation of all they have to offer is possible.
  18. Is there any chance of getting a 1m to 0.5m adapter of some sort? I've got a big desire to make some mini rockets even though the only engine suitable at the moment is the mini booster.
  19. That should be the loading screen for the game.
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