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  1. I've had a similar idea about this non synchronous multiplayer. pretty much just been using this system here witch is very close to what you originally described while playing with my brother. also been using this mod to separate our coms https://spacedock.info/mod/1309/CommNet Constellation dose anyone know of a way or mod so that the two players can have separate tech trees?
  2. Sounds good ill definitely be using that mod then, still I'm going be looking for some way to separate our scientific development.
  3. I was wondering if there were any mods that allowed for 2 different space centers and two separeated careers at the same time. Me and my little brother are going to play multiplayer by this method: It would be excellent to have 2 different careers running in the same game so we could advance at different rates and have a true space race. Dose anyone have any info on a mod like this? It would be much appreciated if you could share.
  4. been working on a small corvette type ship to compliment my larger ships. been a while since I last played, really enjoying the new (now probably old) features.
  5. In a general review of all the replies I see many of the suggestions from a building standpoint are to add more fuel, use winglet, whipple, or other alternative forms of armor, or use different engine systems. On the point of adding more fuel it seems that when I add more wet mass the dv goes down (or at least in kerbal engineers reading) adding a few engines along with the extra mass dose increase the dv, but only slightly. Is there a sweet spot in how many engines you need in ratio with how much fuel you have? As for armor, some have suggested no armor at all, I don't see that as a
  6. Great ships man, love the design. Seems your method is sacrificing armor for Dv. Can I ask what the part count on that vessel is?
  7. A thread for discussing the topic of making your stock warships efficient. I've wondered what some of the other stock warship builders have been getting for delta-v on there larger ships. My craft seem to hover around 2500 to 3000 m/s. What is a good way to give armored craft more delta-v? Edit: Lot of great and interesting discussion going on in this thread. (witch I see I have missed out on do to being in the field lol) To be clear though the main topic of this thread is practical in game construction of armored warships.
  8. That thing is massive! what kind of engines dose it have?
  9. A small patrol is on maneuvers in high orbit around Minimus. A Hammer class guided missile frigate guides the patrol, flanked by two Harpoon class escort corvettes. I've been meaning to test my ships in actual combat. Any one up for an engagement sometime?
  10. This is a corvette I have made as an escort for the missile frigate I displayed earlier. Here's a close up of the Prow and her light weapons. These are some test fire shots in low orbit.
  11. New guided missile Frigate I've been developing. it incorporates the newer skeletal frame method of building, witch greatly increases the effect of armor. Its going along with this new carrier I have made.
  12. proto type is up! the launcher is very fidgety. I'm going to rebuild it, I believe the last stage is misaligned.
  13. It is indeed a radial attachment point. Though there are actually two equally spaced on the bow, they are hidden by the angled bow section usually but you can see them at that angle. It has a Jr docking port centered on the front, I could switch it out for a regular sized one to use as a pull point. It is well above the center of mass, the weight is mostly in the engines and fuel tanks loaded in the stern. I believe a pull frame could work so far I've only been using the push frames. Unfortunately I have tried using a fairing but its just not large enough to envelope the bridg
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