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  1. Just updated KSP + mods cuz I haven't played in too long. Found out MechJeb2 and Docking Port Alignment Tool don't like each other at all. Reinstalled Romfarer's Lazer Docking Cam. Now let's colonize this star system, again
  2. Attempting Scott Manley's "To the Mun and back as fast as f@#%ing possible with unlimited fuel" challenge. I think I need to make a "We brake for nobody" Spaceball One flag
  3. Cheating in a single-player game. Hilarious concept.
  4. You vanilla-loving purists realise that you have to thank mod makers for a lot of the content found in-game, right?
  5. 1- MechJeb (I use all of it. Hate me.) 2- KW Rocketry Pack 3- Subassembly Loader (even if it hates struts and fuel lines)
  6. Mark 55. I can't find a good use for this engine. Point final.
  7. Couldn't care less about career mode; sandbox all the way for me, so they had me at "New parts"
  8. 1- get in LKO 2- select Mun as target in map view 3- select Maneuver planner in MJ 4- select Hohmann transfer to target 5- click create and execute 6- circularize orbit once there Couldn't be easier!
  9. Do a search for "Rigel". I'll take my payment in beer