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  1. Darn. I thought it was an Easter egg. Looks like that's one mystery solved.
  2. If you don't believe it, just look in your Kerbal Space Program folder. What would happen if I were to switch it to True? Well, to be honest, I'm too lazy to find out. But you can try! What's it for? Is it an Easter egg? Does it actually have something to do with the settings? Will it do anything at all?
  3. Hmm. I wonder if the name is a reference to any... recent/ongoing events?
  4. Banned for pointing out the obvious. Actually, I didn't really see that
  5. I walk in and punch you in the face multiple times. My hill.
  6. Dawww... Wait. Kerbals can resist any amount of Gs due to their magic powers! I can't trust you!
  7. I named mine Hollow Star Syndicate, a joint effort between entrepreneurs of China and the United States. I also made a flag out of red and black with, guess what, a star in the middle. I'll edit it in when I get home. EDIT: Here it is!
  8. False. What's that? The user below me just lost The Game.
  9. Granted. I will now derail more threads to annoy you. I wish for a soul.
  10. Granted. It's smaller on the inside than on the outside. I wish for a Nintendo 3DS (also good job guys, pony thread averted) COUGH COUGH WHAT DID YOU HEAR ME SAYING?
  11. False. I am no one. I do not exist. I refuse to obey the Reflexive Property of mathematics.
  12. Yes, like all others who have attempted to blow on their own sails, he will forever be known as the great pioneer of space travel!
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