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  1. Thank you for an official 1.3.1 release, I still use it and I appreciate that you didn't decide to skip it.
  2. I'm still using 1.3.1, and for anyone else who is, I made a MM patch to change the part colours with Firespitter's TextureSwitch2. I can't get the wheels to work, as they seem to use different meshs instead of just textures. The half sized platform cap spams the debug log with "Updating Untilted Space Craft" and can't be selected again however my patch doesn't touch it.... so, odd behaviour, I recommend not using it in 1.3.1. Firespitter has the option of allowing you to repaint while in EVA, so I turned that on for fun.
  3. The G1 Mini Service Command, which has one seat, is configured with "CrewCapacity = 2". This results in a bit of a clown car situation.
  4. You might also want to try the Bison parts from the Heisenberg Airship mod,
  5. Oh! So it will work more like a Knuckle Boom than a Tower crane. I can see how that is stowed now. Also, I added the MK85ISC (Interstage Service Compartment) to my CLS patch because it has an optional Crew Tunnel.
  6. I am still using KSP 1.3.1 and MOLE 1.10.1. I found that with Connected Living Space the Mk1 Radial docking port, while described as allowing Kerbals to pass, was set to impassible when attached radially. So I made up a quick patch @PART[WBI_Mk1RadialDockingPort]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]]:NEEDS[ConnectedLivingSpace] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true passableWhenSurfaceAttached = true } } In addition, I also found that FMRS did not recognize the 1.8m sized Titan Decoupler because it used WBIModuleDecouple, so I made a patch for that as well. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[WBIModuleDecouple]]:NEEDS[StageRecovery] { MODULE { name = RecoveryIDModule } }
  7. I didn't expect anyone to make angled F-18 style landing gear, this should prove to be really useful for narrow planes!
  8. I remember back in dammed robotics there was a tweaked version of the Rotatron called a suspensatron that I found handy. Other than being outdated by using Dammed Robotics, it was also hosted on Spaceport. I think something similar would be a good starting point. http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/1bygkm/independent_suspension_for_roversvehicles/
  9. I am curious if the display will move with the Nav ball across the bottom of the screen using Enhanced Navball. Moving the navball is the only reason I want Enhanced Navball, but I don't want to give up my Flight Data!
  10. I think XanderTek is mis-spelled as XandetTek. I haven't played with HGR in a while, I love how well the whole Soy Juice package works, with the real chute and landertron, the new onion and the fairing and abort motor. Oh and the solar panels are really awesome and work suprisingly well for being non-suntracking.
  11. I think the shorter windows look better because they have that cap on top, evoking a wrap around look. I don't care much for the small inset windows as they are, they don't seem structurally required next to the much longer main windows and if there is to be a strut I hope it to be out of the way and put up high where the windows take a sharp diagonal. The white breakup pillar is a nice touch, but the notch taken out of the heat tile where the inset window is really strong and pulls the eye to it. It might be better if the lower left corner of the large triangle window could be cut like the side window next to it instead. You know what, pictures > words I may have gone overboard
  12. Why would it have covers? What would the covers even look like? How would you fit covers under a fairing? Why do you even want covers?
  13. I cannot get CrossFeedEnabler to work with the KSPX tanks, I have tried SuperNovy's MM configs, and I have accidentally written my own, and I have tried module = CrossFeedEnabler for the configs as well, but no flow.
  14. Oxidizer seems to crash every time I try to start it - even before Liquid displayed "Initializing", and it isn't producing anything in the error file. I already re-installed it with improvement for a few hours only.
  15. I tried Flight indicators and Flight data today, both of them are very very excellent and invaluable when on final approach. I havent tried going to or it so I havent seen Apoasis marker show up yet, but I was trying to clean away mechjeb windows last time. To build on this, Q could be displayed to two digits as thousands (15k, 35k, ect) for readabilit without sacrificing meaningfulness.
  16. I find Bac9's design annotations and concepts to be fascinating - just masterful. The HL cockpit looks very 747, but I feel it could use more head room, especially with the tall heads of Kerbals, plus the additional height needed for them to put on a helmet if they so needed to. The nose reminds me a lot of the nose cone in B9, just scaled. It also feels like the flight deck is quite wide, using the most of the space. I think you could go more 777 for the Mk5, with a Lowered nose point but a gentle curve to the top
  17. Ah, I might have initially pointed it at the wrong install, but it has gone away since then. On another note, I start KSP through a shortcut so I can have fullscreen window in a custom resolution, I don't think Jebetary currently allows for shortcuts or custom parameters on start up, but I was wondering if it was in your plans.
  18. Media fire wants a Pro account to do bulk downloads. A zip would be appreciated.
  19. Things I hope to see on the Wiki: - Anhedral/Dihedral: What is it, when to use it, how to use it, why does it work (done), how much is too much, examples. - Area Rule: what is it and should we care? - Mach Tuck: what to keep in mind when building and flying. - Sideslips ands stalls: these are bad, but when can they be used for good? How to avoid them. - Dutch Roll and other unwanted tendencies: why do they happen and how to avoid them - Clean building practices for low drag - Using FAR in the editor: what to look at and change every time (Mach/AoA, flap position) what to ignore, what can be useful, and what is the rest for? - Using FAR in flight: Q is pressure, Cd is drag; what to keep an eye on, what the rest mean. How to tinker with the assists - Gravity turns with FAR: best practices - Aerobraking: best practices - Unusual or unconventional designs and what can be learned from them (body lift) - best speed for take off and landing. - Building SSTO's and hypersonic vehicles - Wings: aspect ratio, cord, sweep, shapes, flaps/spoilers. - Controls: canards, tailplanes, stabalators, elevators.
  20. I like the new Mk5 you have here Chris. Those windows conforming to Squad's Mk3 external and subsequent TT Mk3 IVA was really holding it back. Odd though, This is the second Mk5 redo I have seen today... http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/77894-WIP-D12-Tech-Packs-B9-Aerospace-Expansions?p=1170670&viewfull=1#post1170670 Is Polecat's HL cockpit based on your MK5 Chris? if not, I think someone could save some time, or save RAM by having them share an flight deck IVA.
  21. I was also encountering that mod crashing in the previous version (0.2.4 I think?) from mod parts, but now I haven't encountered any! (apart from some error messages on start up that doesn't seem to affect function) I originally downloaded Jebretary for the mod part list and checker, and it is invaluable for finding the common link between a few craft files that wouldn't load when I thought I had all the parts. Not only that, but being able to go back to a previous save or quicksave is a lifesaver! I haven't yet had the need to revert to a previous craft save, but I feel assured knowing I can do that. Thanks Katateochi!
  22. Yeah, It would be easier if HGRTest included the Spud and everything as a 'beta' pack offered along side a previous stable release.
  23. DaMichel has a very nice looking cargo bay of various lengths. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61345-WIP-DaMichels-Parts-%283-06-2014%29-%28was-spherical-tanks%29 The Wolfpack cargobay is a rework of the old Spacejunk cargo bay.
  24. Wow, I love te modular internal design of the Konquest, but is it going to be inflatable in some way, like the Porkjet habs? I'd be okay with inflating each one individually.
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