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  1. I thought 1.0 was supposed to be an official game release. Built a plane to this standard yesterday: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52080-Basic-Aircraft-Design-Explained-Simply-With-Pictures Flew perfectly in 1.0 All of a sudden today, I load up the game, plane flies like crap. Enjoys doing backflips at anything over 150m/s. Come to find out 1.01/2 changes things. Really need to disable auto-update on steam. Didn't realize we were still beta testing for the devs...
  2. No RSS installed. But I did have Outer Planets mod installed when it happened...which has kopernicus and kittopia tech...I think. Removed the OPM mod a while back, and has not happened since. But I haven't flown any flights close to the ground, where it seems to occur. My guess is kittopia or kopernicus though, as those are the only mods I had that made terrain changes. So many mods installed at the moment it's hard to say. Sorry for going off topic. This is an excellent part mod K.Yeon. Thank you for creating it.
  3. Tested on a basic rocket. Currently after firing everything on the pad (driver, batteries, supports to hold it down) other than the object fired into the atmosphere is getting blown up. Pretty sure I'm doing something wrong. Mass driver definitely works though!
  4. Have to ask. What are the green lines in the screenshots? That's happened to me as well, usually during harsh loads/crashes near the ground, and I can only get rid of them when restarting the game. Is it from the Kopernicus mod, or something similar?
  5. Seems a bit early for 1.0...but it's their game. In all honesty, the only thing that kept me playing KSP was the mods that have greatly improved game play and longevity. They make the game so much more enjoyable. KSP vanilla is a bit shallow overall.
  6. Thank you for creating this bac9. Have built 3 aircraft (2 jets, 1 SSTO) using these wings, and everything is working perfectly in version .22. Tested all three procedural types. The two fighters used fuel in the wings. Had to strut my larger fighter (wings were probably unnecessarily long, bad design, 6 turbo jets), but the SSTO (no fuel in wings) and smaller fighter worked perfectly. Using NEAR and KJR. As well as a ton of other mods. Have found no conflicts with my mod list. Again thank you. This should be in the stock game.
  7. Have had no shortage of issues with NEAR and aircraft. After going through your awesome tutorial, I can finally design flyable and stable aircraft. Thanks!
  8. Looking awesome man. One thing I personally enjoy about the variety in texturing between different mods and stock in KSP is it gives a more 'international' feel to everything. If one looks up our own spacey past, the variety in rockets and paint jobs is pretty spectacular. Look forward to where this project goes. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. Thank you for this mod (and all of the others you have made!). Works great with the slew of mods I have installed, including mechjeb. After much trial and error, I came to realize it was not mechjeb or NEAR causing instability issues, but the builds of my rockets. Happy New Year!
  10. Just thought I'd drop in to say thank you to everyone who had a part in creating and maintaining this mod. Works perfectly. Have used it for a long time with no issues. It's also taught me how to play the game without mechjeb to some degree. Even those pesky longitude of ascending node burns. Definitely useful for routine orbits, rendezvous, docking, and landing. Hope you all have a happy new year. Thanks again!
  11. Just thought I'd drop in to say the beta you were asking feedback on works amazingly well so far. Around a 400MB reduction on RAM use from what I've seen so far. That's compared to the previous version which did great as is. Using the aggressive x86. Thank you for making this. First time I've posted here I think...
  12. Excellent work! Everything about this is superbly done. Been having a blast with it. I do have a question, in the last updates you had FAR folders, but not this last one. Is this ok if not using FAR? Thanks for the awesome work.
  13. New to KSP, first post here actually. KSP is one of the funnest and most challenging games I've ever played. Can't believe it's only at 0.19 and runs better than supposedly complete games like simcity. Few things, thank you for an amazing mod. Much more entertaining being able to concentrate on building and exploration and allowing mechjeb to do the routine stuff. I too have had the menu gui issues with 2.0.7. This might help you track down the bug. Deleting the settings.cfg file in the root KSP folder fixes it (temporarily at least, but whatever is being changed gets reset deleting that one file), although you have to redo all graphic settings again. No idea why, but it works for me every time the menus go bonkers. Not a huge issue, especially for an alpha game with so many mods already. Nor is it game breaking. And last, this and Ferram's FAR don't seem to play too nicely together, at least when in atmosphere. Especially on automated orbits, mechjeb sends my rockets into deathspins and usually misses gravity turns. Any way around this, or must I choose between the two? Easy choice, but some of the changes FAR makes are quite fun. Thanks again, great work...they need to make this mod part of the game itself.