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  1. Thank you for the Base Mount, it's going to make putting together landers a lot easier. The FASA Orbital Bertha Mini engine fits with it. For planets with heavy gravity is there a more powerful engine that would work?
  2. Retractable docking port behind canopy sounds good, this is becoming very interesting. Sirkut says he's set the Dynosoar aside for now to deal with IRL issues.
  3. There's not an obvious place for a docking port, how will we dock it?
  4. That's great news that you are planning other capsules with the instruments you've developed for the ALCOR.
  5. Agree, this is the best. I wish there was a capsule like the Mk1-2 as good as the ALCOR. After trying every command pod I could find over the last week, I'm just going to use this one for everything, even for re-entry. Will have to figure out how to use an ejectable over-sized heat shield for the ALCOR with DeadlyReentry. Oh well, I might as well ask. Alexustas, do you have any interest in making a Mk1-2 sized command pod in the style of your ALCOR and with its electronics? edit: Reading back through the thread I found that Horus had a similar idea with a different solution at post #720:
  6. Hmmmm...April 1st. To click or not to click, that is the question.
  7. +1! Or 3 man with that look. It seems to be one thing we are short of, good command pods with a style that can be used in lots of different configurations. And if I'm going to wish, room on top for a clamp-a-tron and a window in the center seat with a view looking past the clamp-a-tron for docking.
  8. Yes to Steampunk Kerbal. For ideas google 'steampunk rocket ship' and click on 'Images' at the top. For ideas on the style you can do the same for 'steampunk games' and 'Images'.
  9. What he said, only with more GALARGL. I could be talked into testing.
  10. The 'chopped' shuttle model by Daemoria is wonderful. I hope there will be a version something like this that can be used as a regular ferry to a station, in addition to the 'Rescue' version. My vote is definitely for skids. I used to try different things such as small girders to make skids for the WEKA.
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