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  1. Soyuz revamp? My greatest wish is to see "hard" fairings (like the ones on Tundra Exploration) to better emulate the LES, especially after the recent abort. Also, is there a Soyuz 2-1v engine? I thought one was included but I cannot seem to find it.
  2. Is there a good way to make the Kliper? The StarWatcher and its LV adapter is so close, but I don't know what could be used for the propulsion module. Maybe one day you might be interested to add this part compatible with Tantares to fill in the rest?
  3. Still looks great! What's up on Github, and what's left on the roadmap?
  4. This is great! I'm so glad to see this rover again, especially after the Breaking Ground surface science packs
  5. Isn't this a little big for its launch vehicles? I rescaled it to 50% and it fits perfectly inside TundraExploration's Falcon 9 fairings.
  6. Does "science parts" include the Kibō Exposed Facility? Are you making unique experiments for these parts?
  7. All the rockets are overpowered. I understand Beale's reasoning, but maybe there's a way to make a MM patch that automatically reduces fuel and thrust to more realistic amounts.
  8. Is this engine for the Soyuz revamp? If I could suggest two things to have at some point to this mod, it would be retrorockets and a hard fairing for Soyuz so it can simulate launch escapes like they function irl. Also, does anyone have a good Kerbalism config? I'd like to use it as a basis for some of my own MM tweaks.
  9. I've been playing around with the trusses and it looks like they're missing a few polygons on the rotators. When you break the solar panels there's a hole straight through the model, as seen here. Also, I think you could add some texturing to the top of Z1 to show where the P6 docking port is supposed to attach. Are you adding the antennae? One more suggestion: You have some of the Shuttle bay trunnions on many of these parts, but perhaps you can add them as their own small piece for extra greeble? Or, this creates a way to solve Shuttle bay attachment: A trunnion set which actually contains an invisible radial decoupler. Seems a little cheaty, but it could be an elegant solution. Similarly, on a photo of the real ISS that @Foxxonius Augustus shared a few pages back shows astronauts removing a trunnion bipod from P/S2. Those would work excellently as a radial decoupler, whether they stay attached to the cargo bay or attached to the truss such that they can be removed optionally by KIS. This photo for reference: I think it's important to keep in mind that these parts should integrate into Cormorant's shuttle system (or at least the cargo bay) as that's how most users are going to launch. That being said, for other users who find the CRG-100 too small, the semi-defunct Shuttle Payload Technologies has a more realistically sized CRG-150 and a rescale MM patch for the rest of the Cormorant shuttle.
  10. There's something fun about that too, but craft files are nice for coherence. However, I've always wanted to follow the entire assembly sequence, so when you make the Z1, please make sure P6 can mount on top of it, or other temporary attachments; but I think that's the only strange docking to be aware of.
  11. What's the optimal way to mount this in a shuttle bay? Shouldn't it have radial attachment and/or those bipod things from @Foxxonius Augustus's picture? Also, is the T-400 used to attach all the truss segments together or is there a larger half-hex port being made? If it's the former, perhaps add an insert on S0 to signify where to use it. I really like the amount of greeble on these, though. Complex and interesting without being too messy like it is IRL. Also, what's the right way to attach the ST-200 to the ST-600 to alight right?
  12. While I liked the old HabTech's simple porkalike style when it was available, you've really done a fantastic job overhauling this! Does this more realistic approach follow along into the truss segments too? (so they're more like Cx's). How is S0 going to attach to Destiny? Are you planning anything with the robotic arms? One last question: Is Tranquility coming as a separate part, or is it the same one as Harmony? What's the difference between them IRL anyway? @Drakenex How did you get K.E.A.M. to work? I'm having issues with its textures even with the dependency
  13. The new parts actually look really nice! But unfortunately I have to say I'm in the camp of people who was more interested in the lifting bodies. Losing the Ariane isn't too big of a deal, though, it's in Tantares too
  14. This makes me very happy, both roads and the crawlerway were very neglected details (does the base game's crawler track even make sense?). When modeling is complete, are you planning to create a set of bases like Kerbin-Side, or is that on the user's end? I doubt it's possible to implement a crawler, @Sebastiaz. It wouldn't be movable as a static, and if it were simply a parts mod, there isn't a way to lock it to the tracks. There may be a workaround, and Omega has started a vehicles pack. If you are looking for ideas to implement a crawler, a long-defunct mod called Caterpillar Tracks had this idea for one: However, given that the tracks are basically rails, it seems much more like a train systems the Russians used Further images of this concept: (From what I understand from Kerbal Foundries, tank treads are a pain to code, and that model he said he couldn't work with. Instead, just enjoy the images I guess)
  15. This is so exciting! I'm glad to see you back. What does "stock version" here mean, though? Does it simply mean no plugin dependencies? Are you updating craft files with SPT? By the way, SPT included a modified Mk3 cockpit which moved the node (and texture for it) nadir-wise downward, for Spacelab to attach to. The stock mesh switcher is able to move nodes, so perhaps it is something to consider using? Also, did you remove the IUS from github?
  16. Are the Energia boosters going to come with their landing gear? There's no stock alternative to something like that, at least.
  17. Any chance for some more pre-built service modules, or Kliper?
  18. Is there a way to make this work with the new stock launchpad switcher? It seems like the best way to streamline them, but besides it being DLC-locked, are there benefits to keeping it in KK?
  19. Is there a fairing/decoupler for Orion, or is that coming with the SLS upper stage?
  20. Well it does have some plugins. I was hoping Pak could just maintain it, and there were a few incomplete things it would be nice to see.
  21. I miss @MrMeeb's SPT. He had a nice payload adapter in the works, and I wonder how it would've worked with this IUS. Perhaps, if you're interested, you could see if you can take over his parts. They would go with this happily, and I would be happy to see them updated.