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  1. I have this problem too when decoupler and engine are in the same stage. Try to put them into separate stages. Or decouple manually (right click)
  2. If I split my craft into two or more parts to insert new parts and recombining them afterwards, it messes up staging completely. And moving whole stages in the stage stack has no visual feedback. Wish: A "reset staging" button as in KSP 1.
  3. There is a confirmed bug, that when you put decoupler and engine into the same stage, the lower stage won't detach. Put them into seperate stages or decouple manually. And please don't crop your pictures.
  4. Confirmed, I have the same bug. Decoupler fairing will be jettisoned, engines fires but stages do not seperate- Workaround: Either put engine and decoupler in seperate stages or decouple manually (via right click on decoupler)
  5. Well, at least we can see that Starship exists. And it flew already (albeit not orbital). KSP2? Not even actual game footage...
  6. So far, KSP 2 is indistinguishable from vaporware.
  7. Free access to all future contents of KSP 1. But we are talking of KSP 2. It's a different game, not an update.
  8. Hmm... Neither "patches" nor "ConstructionPorts.cfg" are present in the current version? Am I missing something? Or is this feature now included? <edit> Oh, I see, I am on 1.10 (bcz of RSS/RO).
  9. B9 part switch kills my installation (fatal error, abort, blablabla). I tried installation via CKAN and manually with the b9 part switch version provided with this mod, but to no avail. Installation doc gives no hint how to cope with this and it seems, that I am not the only one having this problem. Is there an easy fix for this? Thanx in advance.
  10. Bought. I especially liked the SFX for the unplanned premature booster seperation.
  11. I have downloaded the latest version. It took me about 15min for the 7MB to download (I have a 50MB/s connection). CKAN ran for about another 15min for downloading the repository. Are there issues with traffic?
  12. Got the DLC this morning, as a mid April early adopter. Nice! Found the MEM, which is beautifully designed (imho), but it will place an awful shroud beneath it, no matter what part I attach. Unable to disable. Any help? Besides the nice design of the MEM, what I dislike is, that it has its own fuel tank. Placing a spark engine beneath it would be an ascend module with only two parts, but I would prefer to design it my way (for the very same reason I never use the TwinBoar thingy, because it is and engine *and* a fuel tank)
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