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  1. Press "M" to switch between your vessel and the map view and back.
  2. Add "-force-d3d11" to your launch option for the executable.
  3. An adapter won't work visually. The docking port is larger than the top of the pod.
  4. I was referring to the stock ones. But I will have a look into it, thanx.
  5. Concerning tanks you are absolutely right. And for getting structural parts to the right size I use TweakScale. But I too have this problem with other parts, especially parachutes and docking ports. They don't fit really and they are not scalable.
  6. This is an rather old bug, but it is still present and I do not know if it is already reported. Bug is visual only: The plume for the AESTUS II engine is placed in front of the engine, not behind.
  7. Seems, that Hazard-ish is back-pedaling: But all this won't save him. He's a cheater.
  8. This may happen by accident. (and two instances running from the same game folder interfere with each other, this doesn't work). C'mon, even CKAN can do this.
  9. Are you implying that the Kerbal system is some kind of weird simulation??? Can't be true, man! I got my alu hat, the antennas and know for sure that aliens control everything.
  10. Title says it all: Please prevent, that a second/third instance of the game can run parallel to the first. This is very easy to implement, needs less than 5 lines of code.
  11. To get a proper Mun encounter: 1. In map view rotate your view so that you are directly "above" Kerbin and look "down". 2. Rotate then your view that Mun is on 3-O'clock position ("east"). You may want to zoom out for this. 3. Place the maneuver-node on 6-O'clock position ("south") and drag the handle prograde until your path hit Mun's SOI. Bingo!
  12. Hmm.... it is. Right above the advanced IVA.
  13. Found it, thanx!
  14. Is there any chance to get the binaries of the pre-release w/o compiling it for oneself? Please?