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  1. Carraux's post in Is there a way to transfer Ship files between game saves? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can transfer ship files from one save to another. It is rather easy.
    If you use Steam, KSP is usually stored in  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\" assuming you use Windows.
    There is a directory calles "saves" within your KSP directory. Inside you will find for each save game an acorrdingly named directory (e.g. "World1".). Inside this one is another one called "Ships" which has two sub directories, named "VAB" (Vertical Assembly Building") for your rockets and "SPH" ("Space Plane Hangar") for you planes/shuttles. Inside these directories you will find your craft files.
    Or in short:
    "...\Kerbal Space Program\saves\World1\Ships\VAB\ExampleRocket.craft"
    "...\Kerbal Space Program\saves\World1\Ships\SPH\ExamplePlane.craft"
    Just copy the craft files from the VAB/SPH directory of one save game into the corresponding VAB/SPH directory of your second save game.
    If you use modsm make sure that the second save game has all the mods you need for your craft otherwise it won't load.
    And to avoid inaccuracy placing radial parts I recommend the mod "Editor Extension Redux". For instance it has a hotkey for placing radial parts exactly in the middle.
    Hope, this helps.
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