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  1. Thanks for the feedback! The homepage is a hasty made html-page and will be 'upgraded' in a later stage. The homepage doesn\'t have the highest priority although. About the installed addons-tab, I agree with you. It isn\'t very user friendly and will need a lot of polish. You can now add your own addons to the repository. If you register on the page below, you can add addons from the menu to the left. Every field have a little explanation in it and I don\'t think you need more help. If you do, don\'t hesitate to make a post in this thread, send me a pm or mail [email protected] Every addon needs to be previewed by me before it will be added to the list. The URL to the repository is http://minimalistiskdesign.nu/ksp/
  2. The site where addon-makers can add their own addons is soon ready for release. Some more finetuning needs to be done tho. I\'ve added a version control to the application. When you run it or select your KSP-folder, it will check you version. When you select a addon on the addons-tab, it will check your version against the parts-version to see if it\'s sure to install. The addon version number will be solely the authors responsibility but some sort of voting system should be added like the Wordpress plugin directory. Download it from here: https://bitbucket.org/VictorBjelkholm/kerbal-space-repository/downloads/KerbalSpaceRepository.zip
  3. It made with C#. I\'m not the brightest one on the language but this is a try on learning it better. I don\'t think there\'s a way to port it to Mac. Format? Code with C# and fetches start page from a html file and addon-list from a external xml file. I couldn\'t run your project, missing files apparently. I\'ve uploaded my project to Bitbucket and is available here: https://bitbucket.org/VictorBjelkholm/kerbal-space-repository SSH read from the repository: [email protected]:VictorBjelkholm/kerbal-space-repository.git My code isn\'t the best but don\'t be afraid to leave constructive criticism
  4. No, unfortunately not. Windows only.
  5. My security? Common sense. Results? Computer runs perfectly.
  6. I don\'t agree. A programmers OS is the OS that the programmer like. Some devs like Windows, some like Linux and some like Mac. You can\'t say that a specific OS is for programmers.
  7. I agree and more will come. In the future, a web interface will be available for addon-makers also so they can upload and update their addons themselves.
  8. Gothenburg = Göteborg in Sweden? Welcome to the forums!
  9. No licence at all yet. It\'s very early in development and I haven\'t figured that stuff out yet. Yes, patches will be available via Git in the near future.
  10. Well, all men have 3 monitors, that\'s just how real men roll. A large image of myself:
  11. Hi there Kerbals! I\'ve recently have been developing a tool for easy addon-install/removal and I\'ve just finished the first beta-build. It\'s quite simple still and there is not many addons available for downloading. But more addons will be available shortly and authors will be able to add addons themselves. If you have any addon that you want me to add now, send me a PM. Currently, the backup-function isn\'t working as expected and are therefore disabled. Download link: https://bitbucket.org/VictorBjelkholm/kerbal-space-repository/downloads/KerbalSpaceRepository.zip
  12. Been a member since July 12, 2011, isn\'t that hard to write some tripe.
  13. Well hello to you good sir/madam! Wow, really cool video. If it were me talking, I would be so exited that I forgot to talk Anyways, welcome to the forums
  14. You will have to use the img-tag. You begin with [img], then the url and then the closing tag, [/IMG] Example: [img=http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/2424/794881.jpg] Result:
  15. My favorite is Linux Mint currently but I mostly use Windows because of Photoshop and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  16. Victor

    hi all

    This image describes it good:
  17. Of course it\'s bright! A little red too but mostly bright
  18. Hello you! I agree with you, this game got huge potential and the future is bright as hell! Welcome to the forums.
  19. Welcome there new developers! You will soon learn that this is all a work from one man. The man called 'jesus'. Bless you!
  20. Victor

    hi all

    YOU BETTER BUY IT! No, just kidding Welcome to the forums
  21. This is quite funny. This part was added recently to the downloads page: But still donations isn\'t opened.
  22. Gandhi - No Muhatma - No Who cares, he\'s dead - No Something - Well, yes. He has a first name, right? None of the Above - No, since the answer before this answer is right.
  23. This is not relevant for KSP so moving this to the off-topic forum. /Moderator
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