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  1. NOTE: I have stopped developing RasterPropMonitor. v0.30.6 is the last planned release for RasterPropMonitor. I am working on a new IVA immersion mod, MOARdV's Avionics Systems. RPM uses the GPLv3 license, so if you wish to take over development of RPM, please feel free to fork RPM on GitHub. Are you tired of your Kerbals complaining about having nothing to do during long flights? Do you want to give them more buttons to push, and maybe some displays so they can keep track of what's going on? Then look no farther. RasterPropMonitor is a plugin and toolkit originally by Mihara that provides functional props within your IVA. It was originally designed for the displays of the ALCOR capsule, but it evolved to add more features and widgets, dragging the Kerbal Space Program into the 21st Century. RPM includes some overrides for stock capsules (and a few mod capsules) to show off what can be done, but there's far more in the plugin than these examples can show. DOWNLOAD: From GitHub. IVAs require Module Manager, which is not bundled with this mod. CKAN USERS: I do not support installing by CKAN. If you have questions regarding this mod being on CKAN, or missing from CKAN, you can talk to the people on the CKAN thread. If you installed this mod using CKAN, and you are having problems with it, you must uninstall this mod through CKAN and install it manually to make sure it is not a CKAN installer issue. If you have not taken that minimal step, I will not provide additional support. I am not involved with CKAN - installation issues need to be taken up with them. HOW TO GET HELP: Did you use CKAN? Look at the previous entry. Otherwise, read the first few entries in the FAQ on GitHub. DOCUMENTATION: Want to tweak an IVA to your liking? Documentation is on GitHub. RELEASE NOTES: On GitHub. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Also on GitHub. SOURCE CODE: Also on GitHub (notice a theme? ). LICENSE: GNU GPLv3. Props courtesy of alexustas and other contributors, and available under the terms of CC 3.0 BY-NC-SA. Portions of this package are derived from stock textures by Squad and are distributed according to Squad policy of permitting to distribute stock assets with mods if required. TinyPirate's 2-minute-mod review: Add-ons for RasterPropMonitor: Plugins that integrate with RasterPropMonitor, enhancing the IVA experience. Astrogator, for planning transfers between worlds. Docking Port Alignment Indicator, to make IVA docking much, much easier. NavUtilities, providing ILS and HSI in the cockpit. SCANsat, for map views on the MFDs. VesselView, for graphical representations of your craft. Plugins RasterPropMonitor can interact with, enhancing the IVA experience even more. Ferram Aerospace Research: for FAR-computed variables, as well as controlling flaps and spoilers from IVA. MechJeb: for all sorts of auto-pilot features and flight information. RealChute: RPM can arm, disarm, deploy, and cut RealChute parachutes (as well as deploying and cutting stock 'chutes). RasterPropMonitor contains example props based on stock internal props. If you want to create a really good looking IVA, you should consider grabbing Alexustas' ASET Props. It implements more of RPM's features than any other mod I've seen. Even better, ASET Avionics provides props for space planes (or any other IVA wanting some aviation-styled props). Projects using RasterPropMonitor (may be outdated): Aerokerbin Industries Modified IVAs by MasseFlieger. The ALCOR capsule and ERS rover by alexustas. CST-100 7-seat crew vehicle by xxhansonmaxx Falcon Drone cockpit Home Grown Rockets KSA IVA Upgrade Mk3 Pod IVA Replacement by Apex Don't see a current IVA project on this list? Let me know. I may have missed it, or I may not have imported it from the original RPM thread. Speaking of which... Mihara had more to say about RPM on the original thread (and I'll edit this post some time down the road to include more of the links and info he had).
  2. Distant Object Enhancement is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. Download the latest release from GitHub. This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  3. It's probably an issue with model scaling. There were some parts that were created using a very different scale than the game used, and they used the rescaleFactor or scale in the config file to make them match the KSP scale. I don't remember now if those were stock or modded parts.
  4. @Stone Blue - thanks for documenting the fix both here and on GitHub. Hopefully, whoever picks up RPM will take care of some of these issues.
  5. What is it? MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) is a replacement for Mihara's RasterPropMonitor. The goal of MAS is to provide an updated flexible toolkit for creating interactive IVA experiences in KSP. What isn't it? It is NOT a collection of ready-to-go IVAs. It does not have a complete collection of MAS-enabled props yet. MAS is intended to be a toolkit, like alexustas's ASET Props Pack and ASET Avionics Pack. What is included? MAS includes an IVA for the MRK DM command pod from Commonwealth Rockets, as well as an IVA for the stock Mk 1 Pod and Mk1-3 Pod. How do I make MAS IVAs? Download the latest release from GitHub. Download the ASET Props Pack. Look at the example prop configs in MOARdV/MAS_ASET. Look at the example IVAs. Look at the wiki on GitHub to see what functionality is available and to see some introductory prop config walkthroughs. Brush up on Lua, if you really want to push MAS to the extremes. The prop configs in MAS_ASET use models from the ASET Props Pack (required, not included). The IVAs in MAS require Module Manager (also not included). CKAN? Not supported. Other questions? GitHub wiki Download: GitHub releases Source: GitHub source License: The MAS plugin uses the MIT license. Licenses for included components are documented in the download. Documentation: The MAS Wiki has a fair amount of documentation, including some examples. MOAR IVA? If the basic Mercury-style IVA isn't enough of a challenge, take a look at a Bluedog Design Bureau compatible Apollo IVA for a more immersive experience: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
  6. The release for the Gemini RPM is on GitHub - but it's for an older version of RPM, and I don't know if it would even work. I just now copied my Unity file for Gemini onto DropBox, although I think you're better off opening the RPM IVA config in Unity instead of the unity file.
  7. Thank you for clarifying. These are from the main menu. I see the same appearance in flight. No EVE/SVE: Different install, with EVE/SVE (not updated yet): With EVE, the atmosphere looks clear, without EVE, it looks very hazy. As a sanity check I installed the previous version of scatterer in the non-EVE version: it's actually fairly hazy looking. To be honest, I don't think I've ever run scatterer without clouds before, so maybe this is Not a Bug as well. Sorry about that.
  8. I am seeing a few minor issues with the update. 1) On a plain installation (no other visual effects mods), the atmosphere from low orbit in Flight seems much more hazy than it did in the past (like a light/medium fog). I switched off EVE integration and restarted, but that did not affect it. (EVE / SVE is not installed; this installation is DX9; no Kopernicus / resizing) 2) From low orbit I see some dark artifacts in the haze now and then that flicker quickly - it looks like part of a texture that's being updated with dark colors, or getting some garbage stuffed into it, at about screen refresh rates. I have not characterized whether it's tied to specific locations on the planet. 3) The Lens Flare Shader control in the space center does not work as expected: Specifically - the lens flare shader button in the space center view appears to toggle extinction on the flare and the halo around the sun, but it does not remove the flare itself. If I toggle extinction, the ground lighting is updated, but the flare / halo is not. This behavior is repeatable in my main gameplay installation, as well, which is running in DX11, but I saw other issues (like the ocean appearing black in the space center), so I thought initially it was due to SVE not having a chance to update yet. If I go to the Flight scene and return to the Space Center, the lens flare is absent if it's been toggled off. The bug is it appears that it isn't removed without switching scenes. I've put my log and screen shots of all four permutations of [Lens Flare on | off] x [extinction on | off] on DropBox.
  9. As a modder, this feature concerns me. I set MIN to the known-minimum version that a given build should support. I set MAX to indicate the highest version (or projected highest version, eg 99) that a build will work against. I do *not* set VERSION to the current version of KSP - especially with the more frequent (these days) cases where I do not have to rebuild every mod for every single patch release. This feature strikes me as opening the window for a mod support headache - "This mod is compatible with version 1.6.0. When is it going to be updated?" "max version is 1.6.99 - it still works." "But it says VERSION = 1.6.0. When is it going to be recompiled for 1.6.1?" I sincerely hope that's not how this feature is going to be used.
  10. Yes. I see "AVC disabled" in the center-top, but the AVC drop-down is still accessible.
  11. I set the MinTimeBetweenAvcRuns field to a non-zero value in my dev install. When I do so, and then restart the game before the next scheduled update, the button that would bring up the override window has red text that says "Wait for AVC processing...". However, it looks like that won't happen when the AVC network check is skipped. Since the MinTime feature is not part of normal player activity and it's not accessible through the GUI, it's probably okay to leave as-is. I wanted to bring it up in case it's not intended, or if it could lead to problems if local overrides were enabled (I don't have any out-of-date mods in my dev install to test against).
  12. I understand the reasoning. In this case, I think the separate UI window that is shown instead of the compatibility page would be a better solution, as you proposed earlier - it makes the enabled/disabled concept visible. I also like the idea of listing "no incompatible mods detected" - that way, there is no ambiguity why the window is empty.
  13. @4x4cheesecake - ah, so there is. Let me step back a moment and put on my User Experience hat. What purpose does having that enable / disable button serve? By that, I mean, if I have it enabled, and my mods are all in the center column with yellow text, does AVC do *anything* differently than it would if I disable the feature? If the answer is "No, there is no difference", then I would propose that you get rid of the enable / disable button entirely. It adds one extra step for the player to switch on the capability, and it there's no difference between the feature being enabled, but nothing moved out of the center column, and the feature being disabled, then it's an unnecessary step that require the player to discover it. Since access to this option is something that already requires two steps (open the AVC window in the top, click a button there to access the compatibility override GUI), I don't see a benefit to requiring the player to further opt-in. By the way, once I found the enable button, the UI is very straight-forward. I like the simplicity of it.
  14. I saw last night that there was an updated beta released a few days ago (sorry that I missed it. There's too much traffic on the other threads I've subscribed to and this one got lost). I installed KSP-AVC_BETA_2.3. I don't understand the compatible version override GUI. Here's what I'm doing, and what I'm expecting: Start up KSP. AVC does its thing, and it presents the "I found one mod that's been updated, and these two mods are marked incompatible with the current KSP version". All of this is what I expect. Open the KSP-AVC version summary in the corner of the screen. I see mostly green, three yellow, plus the custom-colors on one of the Tundra mods. So far, so good. I click the green text button that says version override. I get a large window with three sub-windows (list boxes, I assume). Nothing is in any of them. I press HELP. There's an explanation of what this is, and how to use it ... but, it says I should see a listing of mods that can be overridden (or something like that - I didn't take a screen cap so I can re-read it). From the description on the help page, I assumed I would see the two mods that are not marked compatible in the middle list box, and I would be able to do something to override their warnings. If I look at the AVC log, all of the mods have DISABLE_COMPATIBLE_VERSION_OVERRIDE = False. However, if I look at the AVC.cfg file, I see that DISABLE_COMPATIBLE_VERSION_OVERRIDE is True. So, what I assume is that the functionality is disabled by the main cfg file. However, I did not see something to enable it in-game. If the default behavior is that overrides are disabled, and there's not an obvious button to enable the feature, I'd suggest that the button to access this window should not be visible to the user. It's confusing that the help file says I can override compatibility info, but the incompatible mods are not listed. If this is not correct behavior, I can collect logs and a screen shot to illustrate what I saw. I have not retested the MinTimeBetweenAvcRuns feature on with this update (I wanted to look at the override capability, and I need to get to work now).
  15. Welcome to the forum! Regarding your questions, 1) I do not plan on supporting CKAN. I am sure somebody will submit the metadata to CKAN at some point, but I don't have any interest in supporting CKAN-related issues. 2) IVA interiors take a while to build (the Apollo IVAs I made have taken me 20+ hours designing and testing), and many of the stock IVAs are not well-made for placing props (the newer ones are somewhat better, but still not great). I don't have a lot of interest in working around the IVA shortcomings, so I don't plan to make IVAs for the stock cockpits. I would be willing to list MAS-enabled IVAs in the mod's README file as I discover the mods that are using MAS, and I am willing to include stock-replacement IVAs in MAS is other people are willing to contribute them (such as the Mk1 Lander Can that @snakeru made)
  16. There was discussion a page or two back about a mod Electrocutor made that supports IVA switching as a part variant. I have plans to see if I can incorporate that functionality with MAS. I can see if it would allow for unlocking based on science nodes (I have not looked too closely at the functionality, so it may already do that). So, I guess the answer is "Maybe it's possible?"
  17. The current IVAs for stock parts that are shipped with MAS are all old-school designs. The cockpit from Kerbal Flying Saucers uses the Gen 2 MFD, as does the MRK DM (although I'm not sure that MRK is still under development - it was originally associated with the Commonwealth Rocketry mod). The glass Apollo in the MAS companion mod MOARdVPlus uses the integrated Gen 3 MFD, but the glass Apollo is still under development. I haven't found a command pod in stock that I like well enough to give it a complete glass cockpit update - they all have quirks that make them challenging. The Mk1-3 would be a candidate, but the IVA staggers the seat positions so two crew are sitting slightly behind the third, which makes prop scaling a problem. In other news, MAS v0.96.0 is now available. This update removes an obsolete feature, and it makes changes to some performance optimizations that should make them behave better.
  18. MOARdV

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    My turn to post a couple of pictures. Union Station, under construction. The Kanaloa-derived boost tug is still attached to the aft port. It will be undocked to make room for a 0.625m docking port hub that will allow multiple D2 to visit at the same time. The forward berth just received a hub module (with cupola pre-installed instead of a zenith berth) configured for 0.9375 APAS. The tug that delivered the hub is still attached. Meanwhile, Apollo D2 flight and crew qualifications continue with the Titan-Multibody LV. EDIT: For some specific feedback - your Apollo Lab solar panels are my favorite solar panels - the way they interact with the sunlight is visually more interesting than anything I've seen since the very old Bobcat MIR panels. I like that they're almost black, but their specular color is reddish-brown. I wish I knew how to modify other solar panels to behave the same way.
  19. Yes, every time. It is visible immediately after the display for "KSP Add-on Version Checker". The "installed/updated AVC" message happened the first time I ran KSP after installing the update, but it did not appear again. I put a Zip file on DropBox. It contains the AVC config file I am using, along with the log that shows garbage (see line 440 - Notepad++ reports this as a bunch of NUL characters). This garbage text shifts around - it is not at the same exact line every time, but it is near the beginning of the KSP-AVC logging (almost like multiple threads are stomping on the same string concurrently). It is not present if a) the AVC skips checking because it is not time to check again, or b) if min time is 0. I also included screen captures of the dialog window I mentioned - avc-check.png shows the normal "checking versions" dialog, and avc-close.png is the window visible after the version check disappears. It could be the same window, only with the version checking text removed and a close button added, perhaps.
  20. @4x4cheesecake - I had some time while waiting on my coffee to brew I deleted the old AVC directory and I installed the new files. I edited the config to set MinTimeBetweenAvcRuns = 1. Between starts, I would edit the AvcRunsNext value to simulate a long enough interval, and the feature appears to work as expected. I have some feedback on the feature, plus I saw a couple of other things that were strange. I like that you show the next time that will be checked, so that I know without having to check the config file. I think is is better to say "AVC check skipped" - that way, there is a reminder why AVC did not run. "Temporary disabled" could maybe mean "something is not working correctly" or "remote server is not responding". With MinTimeBetweenAvcRuns > 0, when the AVC check runs, KSP.log has some garbage characters in the log. It looks like an invalid string being written, although it is hard to say. When KSP starts and AVC runs, I see the window AVC generates while it is checking versions. I then see a very time window that contains only a "CLOSE" button, with part of the title visible ("on Check") - it looks like a dialog that has no text, but only the close button and a title such as "version check". I do not have any override enabled, so maybe it is related? I will spend some more time today to see if I can collect more information on the strange things I saw.
  21. Sorry for the delay ... I got busy on my own mod, and forgot to get this earlier. I'll give it a try today and have feedback this evening, if all goes well.
  22. The MAS Science update v0.95.4 is now available. This update, at very long last, provides support for KSP science features - Prop makers may now run experiments, transmit data, and all of that other science-y stuff. Well, probably not *all* of that stuff - I'm pretty sure there are components of the science system that I missed. Someday, maybe, I will try playing a non-sandbox game Since science support was the main goal I set for myself as a "this needs to work before I declare MAS 1.0", I am now optimistic that maybe MAS will reach version 1.0 before it turns two years old.
  23. ModuleScienceExperiment.DeployExperiment() triggers the user interface for running an experiment. Is there a way to run the experiment and generate ScienceData without the UI? I'd like to do so for the sake of MAS and a better IVA experience, but it's not obvious to me how I would go about that (it probably doesn't help that I don't have much experience with the Science system in KSP).
  24. I made Gemini a very long time ago with RPM: Gemini is still my favorite historical command pod, but I do not know if I want to make another FASA Gemini.
  25. I plan to finish the FASA glass Apollo IVA. I do not know what will be next. I must find a command pod I like with an IVA that is good.