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  1. Excellent question. I checked GitHub, and I did not accidentally update the version file, so it should still report 1.3.3, as far as I know. (Sorry, I meant to get an update out last weekend, but things have been chaotic lately)
  2. Ah. Thank you. I wonder why I didn't hit that in the smoke testing I did of MAS. That's really odd. Anyway, I'll get that integrated and released as soon as I can (which will probably be this weekend, since work is already promising to keep me overly busy this week).
  3. The only thing that looks questionable is 'powerOnVariable' - you don't need to include it unless you plan on using a master power switch (and then you'd need to define a master power variable). Nothing else seems off from a quick inspection.
  4. Oh, that's a cool prop. I knew I had seen some rover HUD props somewhere, and I couldn't find them in the main ASET prop sets when I wanted to play with rovers. Looking through the prop config, it's also one of the more convoluted designs. I'll need to dust off some of my RPM memories to figure out how best to get that converted.
  5. Yes, that's correct. That's how the modular switch props work (as well as the touch screen MFDs). There's a .mu that contains the visible mesh, and another .mu that contains a collider. I don't see why you couldn't do the same thing with seat transforms.
  6. What if MAS had a module like MASInternalSeat that could be added to a prop seat? You specify a transform in the module config, like "Mk1CockpitSeat", and MAS will go through and create a child transform with a name like "Mk1CockpitSeat_1" for the first prop in the IVA, "Mk1CockpitSeat_2" for the second, etc. They'd be numbered in the same order that they show up in Unity, so if you want seat 1 to be the middle seat, you'd place it earlier than the other two seats. Note that I don't know if this would actually work - KSP might need the transform to exist before MAS has a chance to create it. But I might be able to whip up a prototype for it this weekend.
  7. The game installation directory. KSP.log contains additional information about any errors MAS reports.
  8. MAS is now updated to v1.3.3 on GitHub. This update is strictly a data update - the DLL is unchanged, other than the version. However, thanks to @Manul, the map views on the MFD2 MFD include maps for Dres, Duna, Eeloo, Eve, and Laythe. In addition, the TS1 touch-screen MFD now has a nearly-complete Flight page: The Flight page is documented on the GitHub wiki here.
  9. "WBI" - Wild Blue Industries. I added support for @Angel-125 flying saucer mod a while back, and I intend for the new touch screen to support it. Right now that's a placeholder button, until I come up with a name that makes it more obvious what it does (or maybe I need a caption for it).
  10. In this case, you are mistaken. MAS is a completely separate mod than RPM. It has some common code because orbital mechanics and the interface with KSP are the same, but it is not as simple as a newer version of the props. The props (the actual models) are identical. The difference is how the mods make the props work, and what the mods are capable of doing with those props. A bug in RPM does not automatically mean MAS has the same bug.
  11. I'm a little confused - you mention RPM as well as MAS. Are these bugs in RPM, or they bugs in MAS, or both? I'm not involved with RPM in any way (haven't been for a few years), so I won't be looking at RPM issues.
  12. I did not make changes related to them, mainly because I lost track of them (I was in the hospital for an extended period a month ago). I will try to get a GitHub issue opened with a link to your info so I can set some time aside to reproduce and diagnose the issue. It may also be worthwhile to look at them again with the updated MAS. FWIW, I did recover a vessel through MAS without any odd behavior, but that was not specifically at the launch pad. That's a quick one for me to check locally, however.
  13. Oh, yeah. The Flight page on that MFD was my first experiment at a configurable page, and I tried to get it close to a conventional aircraft T-cluster of instruments. I'm leaning on the work I did for that page for the touchscreen MFD. If things go well, I might have that page mostly done this weekend. Yeah, it depends. I don't play science playthroughs, so I'm not inclined to add support for mods that I wouldn't use. I guess it's a question of how easy it is to talk to the mods, and how stable their interface is. That'll be down the road a ways, though.
  14. Oh, yeah. A science page. I only play sandbox, so I never get to use science experiments. I'll add that to the list
  15. If I ever manage to complete documentation for the props, there'd be a guide to the MFDs. MFD1 is loosely inspired by the Soyuz MFDs. MFD2 was a general-purpose MFD for orbital space craft (out to Mun / Minmus orbit). IFMS (Integrated Flight Management System) was an attempt to make an MFD that had more capability, so there was the MFD plus a terminal for configuration (the kOS MFD). The problem with IFMS, and maybe MFD2, is I always run out of inspiration trying to get the MFDs completed. I think that's because I had specific pages on the MFD that I had ideas on, and I get those working, but I didn't really know what else I wanted to do with the MFD. I'm currently planning on updating the Mk1-3 IVA included in MAS to be a touch-enabled IVA, since there are other props that can support touch capability. Take a look at MAS_IndADV_Touch_Throttle: you can set throttle position by tapping on the gauge. I'll be adding more controls like that when I think of them. EDIT: Yeah, MFD2 + IFMS both could stand finishing, so they're both more useful, since neither is intended to be used when the other is in the same IVA.
  16. And MAS v1.3.2 is now up on GitHub. This is another point release to fix the wrong-sized world maps @Sesshaku reported, plus (hopefully) the rest of the multi-mode engine fix for @Manul There is also the beginnings of a prototype general-purpose touchscreen MFD prop for anyone wanting to live on the ragged edge of MAS technology. It doesn't do much, and you definitely don't want it to be your only prop (yet), but it'll give you a peek of the UX I'm going to try to work with. EDIT: And, if anyone wants to provide feedback or suggestions for what the touchscreen MFD should do, the left MFD shows all of the pages I've thought of so far. Feel free to provide suggestions for what sort of pages I should add. The ideal goal is that just about everything can be controlled from the MFD.
  17. My first guess is that the map is not 1024x512. I probably did not have a specific size on the map display on the left, based on the assumption that all the maps I had were 1024x512. That's a relatively easy fix on my end.
  18. That's a mistake on my part. The mega-patch isn't ready for prime time, since it's incomplete. I'll fix that with 1.3.2
  19. Partially working is better than not working. I'll take a look at the switching code and see if I can kick it into working. Yes, please! That would be fantastic. Even just Laythe, Duna, and Eve would be awesome.
  20. I honestly haven't considered it. I think that it'll be okay if the IVA is already unloaded - the props have references to the flight computer, but if the props don't exist, there isn't a problem there.
  21. ... And MAS v1.3.1 is now on GitHub. This is a point release to fix the Tablo props reported by @DeliriumTrigger as well as (hopefully) some problems that crop up when switching multi-mode engines.
  22. Thanks for reporting this - it looks like I missed something configuring some props. Fortunately, it's an easy fix.
  23. It's most likely that I didn't add support for it. The way I went about MAS Action Groups was not the best way to do it, and I really ought to rebuild it so it doesn't require code changes in MAS to add support for modules (although that means a bit more effort for the prop designer).
  24. Absolutely! I remembered that there was a rover HUD somewhere, but I couldn't remember where it was. I should have remembered it was in the ASET rover.
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