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  1. okay well we are working on it for just a private use i mean nobody seems to have a particular interest in this mod besides a few people would it be okay to distribute the mod in private messages to people that want a fixed version, I currently work two jobs and am studying to be an EMT so learning how to make this and then making it myself is out of the question i mean im doing what i can to help but cripp is working on most of it for me
  2. So I have two different gemini's, two different agena boosters, and two different apollo csm's (ones from fasa and ones from here).........Photo op idea will post pics later if i can
  3. ---------------- - - - Updated - - - Do you think the mods would let us redo it without the license considering the age of the mod
  4. I would love to fix it for myself to use but i lack the knowledge to fix it so i mean if i can find someone that can just fix it and email it to me privately, it wouldn't be a license issue would it?
  5. i have noticed something with only one of the ships i have been using at the moment it seems like the Minotaur made by curt parts like to over heat for no reason while in orbit i dont know if its just that ship or if its other ships or if its just being caused by the parts
  6. trying to make the pretty brick fly is fun though, even if i cant land it like a plane i think it would be interesting to play with
  7. can someone please just fix this and bring this up to 1.02, im lacking the skills and the knowledge or i would do it myself, i loved this mod before and would love if could be updated for everyone to use
  8. has parts for the n1 or it is being worked on
  9. I was going to say something about thunderbird two but you beat me to it
  10. You should do the normandy from mass effect (There used to be a mod for it maybe you could bring it back to life) And the Nostromo from aliens, (there is also a previous mod for this it just needs a update which i dont know how to do)
  11. I am getting my dimensions from the book pictured below, so the models should be accurately sized. I want that book where do I aquire said book and is there one for the apollo missions
  12. Hey i know you all are doing this stock and all but i have an idea of one mod that will really help drop the part count for the bases What if we use bobcats home2 and home3 systems? bases with low part counts and easily expandable
  13. I put the main folder into my game data folder just like in the instructions and its not working still, am i missing something