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  1. Part is attached, no gui, I saved that craft and started a new one, didn't show up when placing a part on the new one. I had just gone from the mission to KSC scenery, and then back into the SPH, don't know if that has anything to do with it, I'll try to reproduce it.
  2. Is there a bug with the robotics gui disappearing in VAB/SPH? Or is the a hotkey that hides/shows it that I'm missing, sorry if it's been answered before.
  3. This is Omega Areospace! Believe me when I say I'm incompetent! I mean seriously; aerospace is misspelled! I just made the lights for myself, really, decided to post them because there weren't any directional lights yet. I was really expecting a more capable addon maker to put out a much better set soon after. I'm pretty much putting a fork in this because it was headache inducing for me to get it to work as well as it does now. There are plenty of people here who can do a better job with much less effort. So to someone to whom something like this is small potatoes, please please please please make a nice set of lights. (please?)
  4. What\'s the word, guys? Really looking forward to this next release!
  5. I really hate trying to get everything to play nice with each other, last time I was fighting with UV maps and just kinda gave up. Really wish someone who is good at this would take a whack at it. At any rate, I\'ll fire up blender again and try mashing my fists against the keyboard until something passable comes out.
  6. I\'m thinking of making some light\'s specialized for use with the robotics plugin; thoughts? 'Ahh, so we meet again, Mr. Blender!' (I swear I start balding faster when I\'m working with it.)
  7. In relation to the stack, the lights I made are pointed fore and aft. The BigTrak floods, however, are aimed radially outward from the stack. There isn\'t much overlap because mine are for landing, his are for driving once you\'ve landed.
  8. Just finished wrestling with blender, and the result of my first attempt at part making is a rough set of two flood/spotlights! They use the headlights from the cart plugin. Light intensity, range, and toggle key (default is P) can be changed in the .cfg file. I hear there is already a module class for lights in KSP, but the info on it hasn\'t been released, so this is a quick and dirty until that happens. There\'s one pointing down. And one pointing up! Get the lights here: THESE LIGHTS REQUIRE THE CART PLUGIN BY TOSH! You can download the car plugin here:
  9. I took a trip this weekend and saw something that made me think of this thread... What\'s this? Oh my! This looks familiar... Woot! Love the pack, keep up the good work!
  10. Seconding Togfox; very well done! I don\'t know if I\'m missing something, but do I need to close and open the telemetry client every time I start from the pad?