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  1. Really I\'ve not got much idea of the free software because I do this type of thing full time so speed and ease of workflow are key. Adobe Photoshop would be my go-to program for this kind of thing because it has exactly the tools you need. Which is basically taking various source images then manipulating, layering and blending them together to get the look you want. I mean, you\'re not going to try drawing a solar panel by hand are you?! And for making UV layouts, I\'m a big fan of http://www.uvlayout.com/, it makes the process much faster, easier and almost a little bit fun when compared to other tools (except maybe Zbrush\'s UV master, but that doesn\'t give you as much control). Really worth trying out if you do a lot of UV\'ing.
  2. Some more progress, mostly to show off the animation of the lunar lander legs: http://youtu.be/30Gw6ImHeuE Can\'t wait till KSP supports animation!
  3. Just uploaded v1.1 which has fixed textures for those unable to fix them/downloading the pack for the first time. v1.2 (the big one) is being worked on and will be released as soon as we have the technology: So that would be docking, animation and crew transfer that\'s needed. A little teaser for you:
  4. Sorta, I need to make the Apollo spacecraft section that goes on the top, and tweak the variables to make a mission to the moon more realistic. Though I\'m way to busy at the moment to start working on the next version, so I may wait till December/January to update it, or maybe wait till docking and animation are added for the full Saturn V experience.
  5. This looks fantastic, great job!
  6. Yeah it wasn't the best example, but you can see how the techniques used to create something like that and this: Could be used to add detail to a rocket part. Normal maps mean all the detail of a mesh is represented by a single image file, so you could just import a ~1500 poly KSP part into ZBrush, add millions of polygons of detail and save all that out as a normal map image so in-game the part is still ~1500 polys.
  7. As a student I get to use any of Autodesk's software free for 3 years (http://students.autodesk.com), the only limitation being that I can't sell any of my work. So I've been using Maya as I know the UI really well, and Headus UVLayout to do the UV mapping. Not exactly, Zbrush and other sculpting software can produce some very nice mechanical models using hard surface techniques, take a look at this missile for example: But until normal maps are supported such software is way too polycount inefficient.
  8. Yep I'm aware that the values are a bit off. I think 2000 will be too powerful, but maybe something like 1750/350/70 will work, with adjusted fuel consumption of course. This would allow the first stage to get a little higher while decreasing the power of the other 2 stages. Do you have any designs of these lengthened stages? I'm a little busy at the moment but I might be able to give it a go next week if its an easy adjustment.
  9. I only use Maya so I'm not sure how you do it in either of those programs, but this might help: http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/x2681.html I've attached your DAE's with smooth edges if you want to use them.
  10. The thing would be so big 1/1 scale it would barely fit on the launchpad! (To scale the first stage is 9m diameter, compared to the <3m currently) I will probably make a 1/1 scale version at one point though, once we have animated parts, gimballed engines, docking, custom CM's and a Moon equivalent. Let's call that version 2.0! Also I made the mistake of saying the instrument unit was 1m diameter, when it was actually designed to fit NovaSilisko's 2m parts (which are actually ~1.7m diameter). But now Sunday Punch's latest pack has come out with 2m parts which are actually 2m in diameter, so I don't know what to do! ???
  11. Nice parts! Just a little tip: If you change the angle of the normals on the mesh to something like 30 degrees, the edges will appear a lot smoother in-game. From: To: Let me know if you need a hand doing that
  12. Yeah that's it, you just need to somehow fit a lunar module inside that decoupler and you've nearly got an apollo spacecraft. You can see what it should look like here: http://www.apollomaniacs.com/apollo/spacecraft_menu_e.htm
  13. Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at creating a KSP addon. Let me know what you think! Presenting the Saturn V! Get your chance to fly the tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever!! (by Earth standards anyway) Parts breakdown: 3 Fuel Tanks, 3 Engines, 2 Interstages and an SAS module (Instrument Unit) The instrument unit has a 1m 1.75m diameter for compatibility with other parts to allow you to design your own mission loadout. The Apollo Spacecraft is not included for the moment. Screenshots: Download (v1.0): http://www.multiupload.com/MIYOQHVMPY Download (v1.1): http://www.multiupload.com/U75WCI0P07 New: Fixed textures on latest KSP version Have fun!
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