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  1. Issue with rover autopilot the traction percentage drops to 17% (I have 6 wheels) and won’t change at all it’s on a rover that use to work perfectly on Duna. running tests with no mirrored or duplicated wheels. example video of rover that worked 3 months ago. now not working in video https://youtu.be/qziEbXWKxXk
  2. yeah 200% understand this, kinda why i mentioned "Mechjeb" and the need for tech tree enabler because yes u can give access to the mechjeb module as a part but without the techtree being completely open its near useless. all i would take is either a node to drag and drop to open tech tree or to have the mission's act more like sandboxes and not like career settings.
  3. Hey, i am wondering how to unlock all of the tech tree via mission builder as mechjeb is useless without some of the tech tree filled in. Using ".cfg" file in gamedata to enable it does not work. i can change the "persistant.cfg" in saves to open tech tree but the "persistant.mission.cfg" will not enable tech tree from the start. super annoying as mechjeb literally will not work. not the best because some people are really gonna struggle with some missions and i want my missions to be more about understanding than struggling. i hope the developers didnt do this on purpose and me
  4. Ok so im building a mission and for ease of use for players who are not super great at flying in a straight line i want to add mechjeb to my craft but with mission builder it sees Research and development as empty and mechjeb has no real control just readouts. pretty lame anyone no work around. "mechjeb and engineer all.cfg" i have tried and it doesnt work.
  5. Thanks Kasier, yeah after this i built one for career, Minmus has been a breeze to make money on now and collect the final pieces of science. lots of fun.
  6. The Latest Innovation from Mintech, urking out concepts from the raycast saga. I hope you all enjoy. GAMMA-C CRAFT FILE: Destination folder "Kerbal Space Program\saves\yoursavefile\Ships\SPH" Gamma-C Craft File
  7. Hey Guys, i have been following along most of the way, everything working mint apart from the spring just keep pushing my vessel up and up. its obvious the link targets and arms are not working together i am using nli2work's lateral landing gear for practice. i'm wondering if someone has the working config for it. here's a pic of where i'm at (Config & Unity Example). like i said all working mint bar the constraints. could someone please help me. Thanks, Mintme
  8. Hey nli2work, i have started back onto my landing gear for a space plane that has been in the pipeline for way to long, mainly because i could never get landing gear working. but clicking on the links these days seems to not work anymore and im wondering if i could get a link for your skylon nose gear. as i have grown up a bit and am alot more patient now.. i almost have the legs working just a few things going wrong. and i would love to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants to get my plane into the stars :D




    1. nli2work


      Hey, yeah those aren't available anymore since mediafire is a banned file host. Check my sig for the thread where I linked all my previous mod assets. there are several different landing gears in there that should help you get sorted.  Those are hosted on dropbox.

  9. This mod is amazing. It has made me want to play kerbal space program all weekend. and then I suddenly thought, it would be sweet if instead of just using resources to make fuel what about to fabricate steel and 3D print stuff in space. then USING KIS and KAS you could literally colonise very distant places very easily. even with one refinery and fabricator. I personally wouldn't even know where to start modding this. But the KIS and KAS team what do you think about this?
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