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  1. This corner perhaps? This is the guy I remember from PA: .. I don't know how to insert videos apparently...
  2. They have Howard Mostrom, the same dude that did the music for their Planetary Annihilation game (which happens to be the only redeeming quality about that game) so I'd imagine this time KSP will get its own and very good music.
  3. You can only do things for the first time once... So over time you lose that "wow" factor when doing things... I guess we all have that going on, yeah Duna's pretty, been there done that, got the screenshot. But I haven't played KSP for several months and yesterday I decided to fire it up again and do a return mission from OPM's Tekto. Plan, build, take off, maneuvers, tweaks, checks the SCANSat map to find a place to touch down... Landed, excellent, take that!, EVA, hmm these ladders... I don't know... Don't you fall you green stand-up guy. Flag... Picture time for posterity and... it hit me. There I was, alone, looking at that rocket with the sun blasting away some photons on the distance... Sarnus floating above the clouds witnessing it all, perhaps laughing at me, perhaps sad for me. I don't know. And the rocket. My ticket out of this moon that's supposed to take me back to my ship. I shall rendezvous and head back. Wait for the a transfer opportunity and "Hohmann it" to oblivion. No fuel to waste. Maybe I'll use the Mun to assist on braking, and perhaps those puny nukes as a sacrificial heat shield on Kerbin atmosphere too. Will I have enough thrust to slow down? I came here with 0.25 TWR so... should be good on the way back too. Will my parachutes be enough? I better aim for an ocean just in case. That if I have enough mono-propellant to actually rendezvous in the first place. But all that is in the future, something that will happen later... Or will it? I don't know, my fate rests on that green tainted rocket. MechJeb said it was okay. I just hope it was right and the real Jeb can come home some day... But for now, just enjoy the view my little friend, might be the last time we see something at all.
  4. Question: I've been looking all over and experimenting but couldn't find an answer. Anybody knows if there a way to send keystrokes? Currently I'd like to take screenshots, courtesy of the BOSS mod, which is a partless mod activated by a custom shortcut, so it would be a matter of sending the keys, but I can't find how. Superb mod by the way!
  5. Sorry to ask this here but it seems nobody knows the answer. Any of you folks know how to extend the expiration time on contracts? My contracts (stock and DMagic's at the moment) spawn with stock-like durations, which are not enough for OPM. So I was thinking the easiest way to solve this was accept the contracts and then just modify the persistent file to modify the dates. But I don't understand the format of the persistent file, there are no dates or number that could look like dates there as far as I can see.
  6. Title says it all. I have OPM installed, and contracts (both stock and modded btw) are popping up with deadlines that make sense for a stock system, but not for the outer planets as they are too far away and reaching them takes forever. My idea was I could change the date in the persistent file, so I went there and found the contracts section, but none of the values in there looks like a number that could be somehow "translated" to a date as I see it in the contract specification in-game. Any ideas or suggestion?
  7. Highscores... worth dying for. (best Sienfeld episode ever) For me those vertical shooter type games were always "too busy". Tons of crap flying towards and sideways to you all the time, ships coming, watch out the stream of bullets, mind the turrets, there's the mothership... Meh, too little money waste on those games. Better waste it in something else.
  8. The arcades... I'm fortunate enough to remember them. I spent hours and hours in there with "the boys" (and occasional girl ) They were both a playground and a social gathering place just to hang out. The social part probably due to the lack of money. Samurai Shodown I and Mortal Kombat I were my most played, along with pool and foosball... Toki maybe if I felt like I wanted to throw money away, 'cos that thing was haaard. Pinballs were also popular, Lethal Weapon and Adams Family... boy I played those a lot. But at the end you played whatever, Sunset Riders or the occasional Snowbros, even Wonder Boy if I felt bored. The one I never touched was Street Fighter... because back then "Mortal Kombat rules and SF is for little girls" was a thing. I guess, no I don't guess, I know, that arcades being an important part of my youth, as an adult I bought this: (Maybe I should have invested on a phone with a proper camera, but well...) Original refurbished cabinet, with original CRT screen, except that it's a computer inside running emulators. I've been buying lots of those games in Steam or GOG out of moral principle, and while trying them on the 'puter... I have to say, there is no way in hell a PC can compete with an arcade for this type of games. It just doesn't cut it, the feeling is not there. When I stand in front of the arcade I'm 14 again, I have homework I'm not doing, I know my mom will ask why I'm late... but I'm not paying for the tokens this time around. ... and there are no pretty ladies neither. and with that said, I'm off to play... whatever I want, quarters or not.
  9. Siempre, al menos al principio hasta que veas qué partes de tu viaje te cuestan más o menos hacer bien. Por ejemplo, va a llegar un punto en que para volver de Minmus con unos 900 te sobra porque uno puede hacer maniobras particulares. Y sí, el TWR es super importante. En algún lado de la ventana de KER, que lamentablemente no uso así que no podría decirte bien dónde, debe decir Kerbin y te debe dejar cambiar a otros cuerpos, porque lógicamente la relación empuje-peso cambia con la gravedad de donde uno esté. Es útil para saber qué tamaño, lo más chico posible como siempre, ha de tener la nave que baje a Minmus por ejemplo. Porque un módulo con un TWR de 1,5 en Kerbin es demasiado poderoso para Minmus, que por su poca gravedad va a hacer que tu motor sea un desperdicio de peso. Y viceversa, un motor que en Kerbin te da un TWR de 0,3 quizás ande bien en Minmus.
  10. Es de notar que el valor de delta-v de los cuerpos con atmósfera es truculento. Y es truculento por que depende mucho de a) La aerodinámica de tu cohete y más importante aún (porque KER no lo toma en cuenta creo para el cálcuo, pero puedo estar equivocado) b) El TWR de cada etapa. TWR es empuje-peso. Un motor que es capaz de levantar un kilogramo y pesa a su vez un kilogramo, tiene un TWR de 1, y no va a ninguna parte. El TWR es fundamental, especialmente en planetas con atmósfera como decía en mi punto b. Para despegar, un TWR de entre 1,5 y 2,00 andaría bien. A más altitud, pasando los 20 Km, con un poco menos andás bien porque ya vas más horizontal y la gravedad no te afecta tanto. Lógicamente, el TWR depende del cuerpo del que estemos hablando, KER te permite cambiar entre Kerbin, Minmus y los demás. A su vez, un agregado a lo que decía swjr-swis, los mapas de delta-v muestran los valores "matemáticamente acertados", siendo esto: de la órbita A a la B hay X m/s, la cuenta da eso. Pero cómo uno realice las maniobras hace que varíen mucho. En particular en el caso de los aterrizajes/despegues, porque asumen que uno a) hace todo perfectamente y b) despega desde el ecuador en la dirección que gira el planeta. El punto b) no siempre es cierto... y el a) en mi caso jamás es cierto.
  11. Well, it's official, this has nothing to do with mods or clipping. I transplanted the persistent file with a simplified version of the vessel to a vanilla, freshly unzipped copy and save and the same thing is happening. I guess it's time to play something else.
  12. Yeah, close KSP, delete mod folder, delete files created by ModuleManager (just in case, I'm guessing one of them is the cache), ovewrite persistant file, restart game... takes for ever. I didn' think on the multiple restart thing...
  13. So this happened to me in 1.2.1, that's why I gave up, and now finally started playing 1.2.2 and the same thing happens. Sometimes, and sometimes not, my interplanetary transfers are ruined by a mysterious constant drift of my orbit: I plan the node, burn it, perfect, go back to it later on and find my ship wwway off the intended target planet. Now yesterday it was time for the first travel to another planet. Joo'ls window just came up and I had a couple of contracts, so why not... well, think again, Rosco, 'cos those phantom forces are back. I got the problematic ship in a quicksave after I burned the node, so perfect for experimentation. I hacked the ship (several iterations of it actually, to discard clipping) into a new "un-modded" KSP (except for DMagic Orbital Sience, because the ship uses parts from it) and no drifting there. So I then started adding mods... one mod, no problem, two mods, no problem, three... ALL of them, still no phantom forces. I then did the opposite, started with the drifting orbit and all the mods and begun removing them, one, two, same deal, ship's still happily drifting away from Jool... or not... last mod I tried and the problem was still there, only to disappear later on for no reason other than I restarted the game? So, what else there is to do? What else could I try? Any suggestions? Logs say nothing about a problem that I could see, BTW.