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  1. Good luck moving forward! This game changed my life. Thank you
  2. You can check the Daily Kerbal subforum to check out the dev Dev-Note Tuesday's for information about what's going on. Every week there is an update, and each day something special like modding Mondays or squad cast on thursday.
  3. Mine have seemed to have stopped for now.
  4. Absolutely. I did that to myself many many times
  5. Heres my entry: Im currently still piloting it, at around half fuel so I can still go farther, but I've made it to the Island airbase, or about 20km away. The powerhouse is 4 junos and a wheesley. Top Speed: 24.1m/s Top Depth: 601m. Im sure I can go deeper, but im not interested in the whole world eating event. Heres the album This is my first test sub. I'll try and get one that scores some high points
  6. I remember this thread. Loved this trailer. I used it for a tech project in 6th grade.
  7. Did they edit the .18 version to fit what they wanted for a demo? I've never used it so apologies if I'm wrong
  8. The current demo is .18.3, and docking came out in .18, so you should be good. As for compatibilty, watch out for the old spaceplane parts, otherwise you should be good to go
  9. Probably no on realism, yes on others Also correct me if I'm wrong but don't user who bought the game before August 2013 get free DLC?
  10. I just want more, better looking structural beams and such
  11. Jr6150x

    CKAN in 1.2

    Wouldn't be benifit me as 1. I am a stock purist and 2. I bought KSP before it was on steam, so I have no steam key
  12. I could probably get you a version where it still exists, but I have no ship near it unfortunately
  13. I bought ksp at a nice 17$
  14. Found KSP on youtube, and i have been playing since .16. Im cant wait to be an aeronautical engineer. Who knows? As for kids mode, Absolutely not. The best part and the most fun in the beginning is trying to figure everything out, and what works.
  15. I'm sorry you feel so strongly against version 1.0. I've been playing this game since .15, and quite frankly, it changed my entire life. I now want to become an aeronautical engineer and this game has inspired me and given me way more than my 13$ spent for a silly rocket game. I personally have never experienced any gamebreaking bugs in my pure stock game (stock ftw) and I am legitimately sorry you feel 1.0 is unplayable. This doesn't excuse how 1.0 should have been much more thorough, but I don't think it warrants a complete failure of the game as a whole, which I think is fantastic.
  16. Sounds like a regular spaceplane, like the x37. Cool article though. Ive read about the x37 but didnt hear of the new contract.
  17. I have many various saves scattered across my desktop and files. I think i have till .18 on this pc and .15 on my old pc. I REALLY need to sort everything
  18. As a stock purist I have barely ever met the kraken. The best way to meet him in stock is to do something stupid with the intention of hailing the kraken. This doesnt mean he wont appear a couple of times. Beware the minmus EVA kraken!
  19. (Sorry if this is the wrong thread, move it accordingly.) Recently I have been In a KSP funk, and I have not played in about 6 months, although I got the game around .15~.16 Lurking around the forums as I usually do, I stumbled across ShadowZones Ring Station tutorial. As I have ALWAYS wanted to created one, I hopped on my KSP save (All stock, Always wanted to try mods but eh) and gave it a shot. The result was this: http://imgur.com/a/OuZP1 Sorry for the unnecessary showcase of the station. Stay with me, there is a point. I created the two rings separately, and then docked em together with two Nuke probes, which are the main point of this thread. The last 3 pictures show the probes. After docking the rings together, I deorbited one of the probes. This is when it happened. The probe body burned up as usual, and I expected everything to be obliterated, as I had no shield and it was a 300km orbit to land, in a very deep descent. However, two strange parts survived. The last one in the album. I've never seen it before. Anyone know what it is? Bug, glitch, kraken, or do I just not recognize it? Thinking now it might be part of a radiator, but i'm not sure. Well thanks for reading this ramble about one's reinvigoratation of KSP and the strange part he discovered.
  20. Cough* you could always decouple any extra parts w/ a engine and aim VERY carefully. That satellite might work well if im judging what you have adter that decoupler correctly. Another way is to attempt a lithbrake, destroying everything in front of the rover, besides the rover.
  21. I wish people would provide constructive critism, as many do. Saying things dont work to just say it doesnt help. Post a bug report, provide screenshots and descriptions, and it is much more likely to be fixed.
  22. Probably launching neutral and unstable rockets while doing a science fair project on how the location of the CP and CG relative to each other affects stability and performance. Watching those rockets wildly spin was exhilarating.