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  1. Well, there should perhaps be a command system of some sort. That is to say, the player can command any inactive Kerbonauts (e.g., ones they're not controlling) to be 'at ease', wherein they will wander around and perform little random duty animations, like scratching their bottoms or checking their note pads. Alternately, the player can give a 'follow' command (which does exactly what it sounds like) or a 'stay tight' command, wherein the Kerbal stands still, in situations like, for instance, being on a cliff or in a very low orbit EVA. They should also have a 'board nearest' command, where a
  2. VAB Parts Supply Room. 15:32 hours. Wernher sighed. Despite all this craziness he still needed to get work done. While many of the Kerbs had lost all hope, and some had jumped from atop the VAB (exploding in a rather dramatic fireball on impact) or run for the hills, the chief scientist still knew there was research to be done. With his chief ship designer having been used by Ame as a clay pigeon and shot at with missiles made from Sepatrons, he would have to do things the old fashioned way. He already had a Stayputnik core, some antennae, some solar panels, and enough turbo-glue for the
  3. Not nescessarily. If there were properly supplied Kerbal bases scattered throughout the system that survived, and they had Extra-planetary Launchpads installed, they might be able to trace the kill vehicle's origin source and launch a Plaid in atleast some form of retaliation attempt. Mutual assured destruction. Plus, this many Relativistic Bombs going off at once is sure to anger the Space Kraken...
  4. "WAT YOU KNOW OF Kerbal? You are SMALL and WINGY. Like a birdy. YOU ARE BIRDY!!! So this is wat happen next. After AMEKILL giant explodey fliey rockety thing, GreenMoustacheApple went go see Baka Head. Baka head is SILLY and yelled at Apple. But wat he know. His rocket exploded INTO FIREY PIECES PARTS! Since AMEAME BEST AT rocket, decided to become CHIEF OF SUPERIOR AMESPACEPROGRAM. So decided to make ApplePeople go do sciences in big sciencey buildingy place. They not know wat do, so AMEAME TOLD THEM to go MAKE MORE SCIENCES. They silly and not listen to Ame, so HIT WITH Whip! They star
  5. The Nightmare has only just begun. Ame looked around the scientific clean room. Bored senseless by it's interior. A dim, white, sealed room, with few visible seams in the walls, and a thick sheet of high-endurance cellophane plexiglass separating her from the delicious looking scientists. She tried to headbutt through it, aiming for the air-holes where it looked weak, but despite her stubbornness she could not escape. "Let AMEAME OUT OF box else WILL KILL!" Wernher von Kerman did his best to ignore her ranting, as he spoke giddily with Intern #126-784B. "Ja, now ve need to find out what
  6. Our Brave Kerbonauts get more than they bargained for when a mysterious and hyperactive new visitor arrives at KSC. "Is he still alive in there?" Asked Gene Kerman, peering cautiously through the (thankfully reinforced) windows of the security door which went into the Parts Storage Room, aside the Vehicle Assembly Building. "No, Probably not. Any sign of zhe Specimen? Where has she gone to?" retorted Wernher-von-Kerman, KSP's chief researcher and head rocket scientist. "I hope she haz not gotten into ze air ducts. Zen we could lose her forever. She is such a perfect specimen..." "No, no.
  7. X2 Spaceplane orbiting near Kerbin. A nice view of the Sun near the aircraft's apoapsis. IVA orbital view of Kerbin. Another IVA view, of the Mun and Kerbin. EVA inspection of the craft prior to re-entry. Re-entry flames. Landed at the Island Airstrip.
  8. Aside from design experiments, I tend to stick with a fairly pragmatic design approach. For Orbital Designs, I typically try to find a middle ground between size -/- detail. If I'm building something excessively large like a Space Station, I try to keep part count per module down to avoid lag later on (as the Inari-KSS-4 showed, this is critical). Smaller designs I generally go for some degree of detail. I also like to keep weight down to maximize Delta-V. That isn't to say I won't sometimes use part clipping or advanced engineering techniques to make things look neat. I do also prefer use of
  9. Now, we all know the tails of the Dream Team: Jeb, Bob, and Bill. Alot of us remember Special Agent Kirrim, Manley Kerman, and others for their heroic accomplishments in the public eye. But what other Kermans are there? Which other ones have done something particularly epic, survived against incredible odds. Done things like return to Kerbin with a Jetpack, Landed on Jool and lived, Done insane jumps on Pol between mountains, been to the bottom of the Ocean. Etc. Speak of your most epic Ker-Men and their accomplishments, to be lauded in the Kerbal Hall of Fame. (we should totally have a Kerbal
  10. IVA from a crew transfer vehicle docked on a space station. It is refueling and preparing to land at my new Mun base.
  11. What started as an attempt to replicate temstar-style bases for a Laythe mission has turned into a fairly long term project. It is: Mun Base Alpha The base following the attachment of the first tubes and power modules. The tubes, as it turned out, didn't have the clearance to get the assembly rovers underneath. Which proved a pain in the ass to overcome. However, I managed to use the ol' one two punch and dragged them into place with the power module. It was quite hectic. Afterwards, I landed an initial habitat module, kermunnications tower, and a science lab. A fuel module and rover supply s
  12. The second of two spaceplanes sent to dock with the Jool Expeditionary Cruiser (JEC-1) in Low Kerbin Orbit. The JEC-1 mission is bound for Laythe where the spaceplanes will be used for airborne exploration and flight training. A number of other vehicles are on the way as well, including a fuel dock and a surface base.
  13. Freddie Moho strikes again! Now do "Kerbal Queen" and " ". Maybe tack " " on the B-side.
  14. I'm sensing Silent Sinner in Green is due to occur soon. Beware the Mun Rabbits. Welcome to KSP anyway. Beware the Space Kraken and enjoy your flight!
  15. With the catastrophic loss of one of my Mun Programs, I've come to the realization that the current quick-save system is sort of silly. Since it's apparently easy to lose several hours worth of progress to simply pressing F9 at the wrong moment. This is especially bad in Career mode when you lose a gillion points of science in the process. I would suggest a system wherein pressing Quickload (F9) either loads the most recent save overall (quick or auto), or gives the option to load between the two (last two most recent saves, just in case an autosave comes right before, say, a mun impact). Or a
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