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  1. While on the topic of why air pressure matters, does this mean the scene in Avatar where the Colonel opens the door on Pandora but holds his breath so he doesn't need a mask impossible? He holds his breath before the Pandoran air reaches him and air pressure on Pandora is supposedly very near earth pressure. From what I'm taking from this it would only matter if 1. He held his breath after breathing in the outside air or 2. The pressure difference was significant enough for the air to either be pushed in or pulled from his lungs even while holding his breath. Here is the scene I'm talking about for those that haven't seen the movie: The part where he leaves is around 1:50 The atmosphere of Pandora is apparently 0.9 Atm of pressure with a composition of: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide (over 18%), Xenon (5.5%), Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide >1% I don't know if the pressure is low enough to not be able to be held back by lungs or not.
  2. You could probably pick up a screen from a second hand store for like 10 USD. I've seen them here for 15 Canadian, dollar store mouse and keyboard combos are like 2.50 here and you could really get the cost down.
  3. I tried getting a picture with my phone, it's impossible to tell it apart from a picture of a star though. I think they intentionally line up cargo to follow behind for some reason. Maybe it's more effective to have the cargo catch up to the ISS than the other way around. Whatever it is I'm sure there's some reason behind it. I've never thought about it.
  4. I saw the ISS for the first time with my own eyes tonight along with the cargo launched the other day. twice actually. I was with my friend at a lake and around 9:30 PM she pointed out a bright light moving across the sky and it was too quiet to be a plane so I googled ISS sightings for Edmonton and sure enough right there, April 9th 9:23 to 9:27 PM. A couple moments before it went out of sight she noticed a dim light trailing right behind it. I actually said to myself "there is no way that's what I think it is". After it disappeared I googled launches to the ISS and I'm betting there's a good chance what I saw was the cargo ship prior to docking that launched on the 8th. I rechecked the pass times and it was coming back just before 11 so we went back out and watched it for a couple of minutes before it passed into the shadow of the Earth halfway over the planet. She wasn't as interested with it as I was and was more concerned with the fact that it was only 3 degrees out. It was incredibly cool for me though and I'm going to watch it tomorrow night (today I guess) around 10 for sure. I was wondering if anyone here has some cool stories about seeing the ISS. It was amazing and now I really want to invest in a good camera. Has anyone here ever gotten a good picture of the ISS?
  5. I've heard about some gold in that area, don't worry about coming up here to make the big bucks the last gold rush cleaned us out pretty good. The flakes we're left with are pretty though.
  6. @Aethon If you don't mind me asking what area do you prospect? I work a small claim in the summer with my grandfather a couple of hours south of Prince George BC. Its nothing big and definitely not making money but its a nice place to go for a couple weeks away from the big city.
  7. So I was thinking recently, a car turbo works by using exhaust gasses to drive an air intake helping the engine run faster. Would it be possible to use a regular car turbo for pumping liquids? My source of gas would probably be some regular compressed air running through where the exhaust would go and the liquid running through the area the air would come in. I remember hearing somewhere that turbos had very low torque so they couldn't pump liquids very well when they ran off of gasses. I know rockets use turbopumps to pump liquids but I'm not sure if those work like a car turbo. So I'm asking here if its viable to pump liquids through a car turbo using compressed air as the force to spin the turbo. The liquid wouldn't be very thick, just water.
  8. The thread title is pretty vague so let me add on to that. Lets say I have a model rocket with a max apogee of 300m, how would I calculate how far it would go horizontally if shot off at a 45 degree angle for maximum distance. We'll assume windspeed is zero but does air resistance have a different effect on the rocket if it isn't completely vertical. We can leave the parachute out too. I'd appreciate help with this, thank you in advance.
  9. Could you give us a clue as for what to search to find this video? EDIT: never mind seems to be a pretty popular video, second one I found just searching for sentinelese.
  10. I was always under the impression that the sores were from malnourishment not radiation. Radiation makes sense too though.
  11. By water do they mean liquid water or just water ice that sublimates and refreezes or what?
  12. I've owned a Moto 360 first Gen since around May. It's nice for checking stuff out without taking your phone out. It keeps connection across my house. The only problem I have is that sometimes the plastic where the watch pins meet the body doesn't do it's job well enough and the watch comes apart. It's only happened twice and both times it was easily fixed with a knife to put the pins back. I assume this problem is fixed on the second gen because the watch meets metal and not plastic. I'd recommend it for sure. I've heard the G watch R is a bit of a chore to change brightness on. I personally dislike square watches like the Pebble and the screen really doesn't do it for me. Out of all of them I'd say Moto 360 second gen. But then again the only watch I've had was a Moto.
  13. I think the high failure rate might cause the public to dislike the program for a while. After you get over the initial hump it should be fine "Oh, another mars probe failure this week." and It might have a great advantage. I just can't see it getting past that though.
  14. So on desktops most people say that single core performance is more important for games, is the same true for smartphones? I recently picked up a Oneplus Two. It comes with an 8 core SD810 on board with 4 1.56Ghz cores and 4 1.82Ghz cores. There are phones with the SD801 that packs 4 2.5Ghz cores and then the SD808 with 2 2Ghz cores and the clock speed on the others isn't listed. Then there's the SD805 a quad core 2.7Ghz CPU. Ignoring multitasking and GPU performance shouldn't the 805 be the best processor for mobile gaming? I know clock speed isn't everything especially on well rounded smartphones but doesn't higher clock speed generally yield better single core performance?
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