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  1. Hiyas....been away from KSP for so long =( Getting back into it and of course I gotta have the USI mods. Ran into a bit of an issue though... I can not get the Ground Construction mod to work with MKS. I can get the mod working just fine without any USI mods (and it is a cool alternative to EPLP) but trying to use it with MKS and it stops functioning. The parts are there, but when I try to load a craft into the DIY crate nothing happens. Sorry if this has been addressed, skimmed the last 20ish pages and didn't see anything about this issue.
  2. That new garage looking awesome. My method of winching in the Malemute is not 100%...has caused a bit of damage on couple of occasions.
  3. Those have me a little confused as well...figured it was something I was just overlooking, as I haven't had much time to mess the parts.
  4. No..it wasn't that bad...but it wasn't good either. Honestly if the props/effects department hadn't done so well I may not have made it through that film. I can understand the Karibou being before the Malemute in the tech tree. It is very common for new technology to be big at first and then get smaller as its developed. Like computers, the first ones took up a small warehouse worth of room, and are outclassed by most modern smartphones and tablets. Also the Kari, like RD said, is a construction platform, whereas the Male is a science/exploration platform. From an engineering
  5. If you wanna take a go at em sure. I was just planning on butchering some stock textures onto em lol.... I will message ya once I got something going, but probably won't even start em till sometime tomorrow.
  6. Gonna take me forever to get em done...as all I do now-a-days is work... BUT I am gonna be making some adapter plates to go along with the 15m modular envelope system. These will be thin 15m around structural plates with smaller mounting plates hung under that. These will make it mindlessly easy to create that classic hanging gondola airship look when building any craft. Current plans are 3 adapters, the standard being a 2.5m mount built for standard part or the Karibou rover. Will be a plate for the Malemute rover, and one for the K&K planetary base system parts.
  7. HAHA it's crazy right?? If the writers had been even 1/4 as good as the props department and the technical advisors that movie would have been amazing.
  8. Stow the wheels up and pull it in with a winch. The fit is nice n cozy, yet enough room to rig it in place if need be. Of course, if you wanna scale it up a bit to allow driving in that would be even better.
  9. I been saying this for going on a year it seems... This is because RoverDude is not human.... He is a sophisticated cyborg sent back from the future with only 2 prime objectives: 1- To create the best mods the gaming industry has seen. 2- To create SkyNet... don't worry, thats not till later....we got plenty of KSP time left =P
  10. CONFIRMED! This thing is WAY better at going off ramps than the Karibou =) I am in heaven over here! This amazing little rover fits perfectly into the K&K garage. It is super easy (and pretty cheap all things considered) to build a Malemute dropship with the K&K garage bits that will function as a service trunk to the rover once landed. ITS PERFECT!!
  11. Did a quick test fit the other night. The Malemute seems to fit in the current garage pretty well. There even seemed top be ample room for a kerbal to get in around it and work (or strap the thing down for flight) if need be. I am currently working on a MASSIVE airship that will be able to harvest not only all the science on Kerbin, but all her natural resources as well. The entire craft is basically being designed around a Malemute in a K&K garage. This is one of the better mods that was released during my KSP break, so happy to have it, thank you for making it! It
  12. Finally got a chance to mess around with the new envelopes a bit (though I haven't messed with the airpark yet). These envelopes are perfect! This almost exactly what I had in mind. Got some easy prints going today too, so I should be able to start work on my bigboy industrial airship at some point today. During the build I am gonna mess with the airpark feature and see if a Joolian mining platform is even feesable.
  13. Meh, I'm over it. And the way I see it is if I have to force node attachments there is an issue with the part(s) in question. Either way, gonna pass on this one. Its far to restrictive in its application and not any more stable than making arms with the IR rework parts anyway. Looks nice though.
  14. Balance a VTOL?!? BAH..that's for suckas that like 'textbook' landings. Landing should be at least 90% chaos...it's more fun like that ya =P
  15. Try reading at least the last page of a thread before posting things like this.... Not but 7 posts above yours is a fix for this exact issue... @RoverDude This thing is PERFECT. It fills the few gaps the Karibou has in ground ops. Think Im gonna try printing this one before the Karibou =)
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