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  1. upgrading to a new engine and 64bit windows support is the best news I've ever heard ever since I play KSP. That would mean better performance, bigger ships, more parts, and MORE MODS installed. Mods can bring in new features and parts, but they can never upgrade KSP to unity 5 and 64bit support so I thank the developers they finally did it I stopped playing KSP years ago because I was busy with stuff and didn't have long enough breaks to enjoy the game. I could play in quick sessions but that won't be satisfying. I guess I need a long break ASAP.
  2. Glad that you are interested in the game, however if you truly want the full experience(and play it asap), go get the PC version. it will take a long while for a PS4 version to get released, and this is one of those games that a console can't really match up the experience of it's PC counterparts(think of Dota 2, Civilizations, The Sims, and a lot of other strategy games). I understand that you already have a PS4 and might be looking for a game to play on that, but if you can afford or already have a decent PC, just get the PC version. This game takes hours and hours to play, and that compliments very well how can you play on a PC, you can run it in the background(while things are going on in-game) and alt-tab occasionally, because travel-time takes a lot even with time warp. and also, MODS. the mods GREATLY increase the enjoyment of the game. such as the NASA-like autopilot system Mechjeb, great additional parts by a lot of people(such as Rover Parts, Boats, Helicopters, Modular Designs), game-changing additions like Life-Support, New fuel systems, new aerodynamic systems, crane/rope/attachment systems, etc. you can customize the game to make the KSP game that you wanted. If you are serious enough, Designing crafts(and missions) is another game on its own as well that can take you hours, if not days. and designing them, testing them, browsing the net for some inspirations and reference work, and getting help from the forums, isn't exactly a PS4 kind of game.
  3. I hope this gets extended into rovers and small kerbal exploration crafts Also, I am using the TAC life support mod, if I make them patrol and then leave them, I'm guessing they will die in 6hrs/1day(standard EVA package) If that's the case, I hope a feature would be added that will make them automatically get more life support supplies from the nearest ship
  4. I am playing career mode, and Crew Manifest works fine, however, there are some instances that the plugin doesn't allow me to transfer kerbals, and I have to resort to good old EVA, I don't know what causes this, I am unable to click modules on the right window, clicking modules on the left window is fine though. re-docking doesn't work. Anyone has experience similar issues before? EDIT: anyway, just found out that you can now transfer kerbals without going EVA on stock game heres a screenshot of the docked crafts that I'm trying to transfer kerbals in between
  5. Okay, an update, I finally figured out how to cause this thing, at least it worked everytime I tried it. I am playing in fullscreen windowed mode, and it seems to happen when you timingly do an alt-tab while the game is starting to load a scene or a save. How to reproduce. 1. Go to main menu 2. Try to load save 3. As soon as you double-click the save file(or pressed the continue button), alt tab out of the game 4. Alt tab back in, upon loading the space center camera will be bugged out like in the picture I always alt-tab frequently when I play games and It didn't happen with previous versions as far as i can remember,
  6. I wondered why I was crashing and I kept removing mods until I was left with what I have, only to still crash... So this is why I've been crashing frequently despite having few mods and a significantly smaller game data size than previous iterations, because of this apparent memory leak. I have been tracking my RAM usage too all the time and it seems to inevitably go higher as I travel from scene to scene, up to the point where it reaches 3Gigs plus and crash. any idea when it's gonna be fixed?
  7. Question: I had a contract that requires a magnetometer scan, laser surface scan, mystery goo, and science jr to be conducted on the surface, can I use the miniature versions for the mystery goo and science jr instead? or would it exactly require the bigger(stock) ones sorry if I can't test it myself
  8. alright thanks at least I know the difference between real landing and stagerecovery landing
  9. the contract launch new experiment: plant growth doesn't seem to work flawlessly for me. the contract parameters are getting messed up especially when switching crafts/going to space center. Not sure about other contracts, anyone having difficulties?
  10. Well, since the game is in beta now and pretty much has all the base/core features. I'm interested to know what you guys like the most about KSP Me, I like the premise of having a Space Program, and managing it to earn money/science through contracts and exploration. I pretty much use mechjeb for all my missions since I've unlocked it, although I can manually fly ships if needed. I focus on the designing the crafts/missions aspect of the game, and letting the Kerbals do all the heavy maneuvering. To make it more immersive I installed Kerbal Construction Time so actual real time passes between missions, and it's working out pretty good so far.
  11. awesome work lol, maybe we could compile a bunch of these and come up with our own Kerbal Fan-made History
  12. Anyway I just got this screenshot which I thought looked great. I've always looked at that KSC viewpoint for hundreds of hours while doing stuff and never actually see the same view when a rocket is launching. Now I do
  13. KJR still sticks together decoupled parts if the decoupling force isn't too great. One example is decoupling a docking port from another non-docking port. I need to use RCS thrusters or engines on both the vessels in order to make them separate, as you're trying to snap a cable
  14. I thought about it like you said, anyway, just making sure my installation isn't bugged or something. thanks!
  15. My bad, It was for 2 kerbals, it's 950 for me @ 3 kerbals I installed the config as well. I tried putting an octocore full with food containers and each food bag only contains 18.8 units, theres 8 nodes so it's around 150 units only compared to 1038 on the large container which is roughly the same size. is this the case with yours? maybe i did install the configs wrong? EDIT: looking at the files I am pretty much sure i installed it correct EDIT2: theres a new update for US, checking it out atm
  16. I see, thanks. I was just wondering why the Universal Storages amounts don't quite match up with the TAC containers despite applying the US TAC pack
  17. Thanks for the answer, I was worried that I have a bad mod or something on my end, anyway I will try to know how to cause this thing and will report back if I am successful.
  18. Just wanted to ask if anyone had experience this problem before So, I have bunch of mods installed, mainly some parts pack like KW Rocketry, OKS/MKS. GUIs, tools like Mechjeb, KAC, Final Frontier. and some plugins like ModuleManager, Karbonite, Regolith. KJR, KCT and TAC Life Support. anyway you'll see most of them on the toolbar in the screenshot My game doesn't crash due to low memory. Every mod is updated to the latest version but sometimes when loading a saved game the space center will look like this i can't click anything except the toolbar icons or the menu button to go back to main menu. I can't move the camera either. when i go back to the main menu and reload the game, sometimes it is still there sometimes it's fixed, so its sorta random. Anyway once the normal space center is back it doesn't become a problem anymore for the rest of the gameplay, that is until I quit to main menu again and load the game(again it's a random chance).
  19. IS it normal to see huge food values for the Large MFT Lift Support Containers? the crew would last 1000+ days(crew of 3) with just one. I know i can adjust, but is this the default amount?
  20. Well, I uninstalled KJR and my crafts instantly started doing wobbly things, cause I don't use struts that much anymore, so I have a big problem with existing ships without KJR One solution I could come up with is to increase the decoupling force if possible, because using the launch abort system successfully decouples it. my guess it it need's a little push to separate EDIT: I replaced the heatshield with a 2.5m decoupler from KW Rocketry and it's working perfectly
  21. bug: I can't hide the Window, therefore blocking out some buttons
  22. Yes I use KJR, I'll try testing without it shortly. Post-decoupling looks exactly like the same, as if it's not decoupled yet. but the cord is open and the vehicles are recognized now as split two entities. (I could switch between them, but they still stick together) I'm using the one with service module(big one), it works when using launch tower and the cover, but it doesn't work on the decouplers alone. My guess is that it needs a little jolt to be able to decouple properly. Also, I have the heatshield included in the mod between the capsule and the SM EDIT: It's KJR, I can't live without it though, guess I'll have to land with the SM for now
  23. Does it not change the locations of the planets?(does it mean I can play it with my stock-kerbal save?) Also, how does it affect KSP Ram usage? cause I'm nearing in the CTD range with my current setup
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