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  1. To be fair I've not sat down and had an extensive test, I'm going to go through them properly on the rocket I built with this mod. I've built an Apollo style rocket using the KW pack which works really well and can reach both of Kerbin's moons and can send a small probe to Duna (a very small probe). I swapped the griffon XX with the most powerful engine from the new nasa set and it just didn't seem to give the same performance, perhaps I'm doing something wrong.
  2. I've found that the nasa engines aren't as powerful as the kw engines. The thrust isn't as high and overall performance seems less when I swap over on already built rockets.
  3. How does the KW pack fair against the new parts? I had a quick tryout but I found the new parts lacking when compared to the KW parts. New engines aren't as powerful, the liquid fuel tanks do have extra fuel but the extra tonnage makes the KW tanks to be the smarter choice. Does anyone else find this to be the case?
  4. Tried this and the TACfix file, did not work for me. Any suggestions?
  5. Nope just this mod. Update: I've solved the problem I was having, at first I tried a clean install of the mod but it didn't work. I deleted the KWrocketry folder, restarted the computer, started KSP, shut the game down and then installed the mod. This fixed the issue, thought I would post this here just in case anyone else was having the same issue. I did NOT have to start all over again with a new save
  6. Hi guys/gals, Hope someone can help, first time using this mod since the patch which added the career mode. As usual with a major update I uninstalled KSP and started from scratch and added this mod. Now while going through career mode I noticed something odd, some parts would show up greyed out stating that the part "requires an entry purchase in R&D". I've gone to the tech tree and clicked on every part so they all say "owned" most still show up greyed out unable to select. Any ideas what would have gone wrong? Thanks
  7. Well I think I've had everything answered that I want to know Thanks all for the input!
  8. Ah I see, well this only happened once and my solution was to burn the cmd to mimnus and come back at the Mun and correct my rotation accordingly. I just wanted to see what others have attempted or if there was a easier solution other than "don't mess up in the first place"
  9. Hi all, Okay docking I can do with no problem if both ships are travelling in the same direction (say north pole to south pole). But say I completely forget and I take off from the mun and uh oh my ships are travelling in the opposite direction (ship A: north to south, ship B south to north). I really don't want to abort and close the flight so how so I get these two ships in a position where I can dock? Any clues on what I can do? Thanks.
  10. I use the crew manifest with permanent death enabled, so safety first! managed to land Jeb on the Mun with zero casualties, however probes are a different story I've "killed" 20 so far. But no Kermins have been harmed ......just shaken.......mostly bill
  11. The only mods I use are IonCross, KWRocketry, FAR, Crew manifest and ISA Map. My rocket is based heavily on your Munbug setup (its awesome btw) just using FAR parts for more lift on the first stages. When the LM and CMD are together there is more than enough power to survive being blocked out of the sun, however when the LM lands I have time to plant a flag then hurry my backside back into LM to blast off before the sun goes down or I'll not make it. It's an great challenge but I have the crew manifest and perma death enabled to I want to save as many as I can.
  12. Hi all, Need a little help here with this, how much battery power should I take with me in order to survive a night on the Mun? My poor Kermins died rather quick, what would you recommend? Three? Four of the larger battery packs? (I'm at work so I don't know the part name but it is the 400 capacity battery). Thanks in advance!
  13. Jeb is in command of the station I have around Duna (or had as I've had to reinstall update screwed my game but thats ok I like a fresh start). Bob was in command of the Mun station and Bill was testing my space shuttles P.S. I say space station around Duna but its technically a ship that ran out of fuel does that count?
  14. Sorry about that, my imac at work has a huge screen so I have to guess abit on how much my paragraphs get I'll try better next time TOO stable? I didn't think that would be possible from my previous designs. If that's so I could reduce the size of the fuel tanks as to be honest they are not really needed I have fuel to spare, I did design it for 200+k but currently I am only at about 100k for my space station so I think I could lose some of the fuel. Also thanks for checking it out, have you flown it yourself? I'll try that keybinding method to cut the power and detatch SRBs before complet
  15. I managed to get a probe into Orbit around one of Jool's moons on my first attempt........however I was aiming for Eve so I cannot claim that as a success or really brag :/ Awesome looking ship I can't wait to hear more about the mission progress good luck
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