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  1. Stop using the mechjeb docking function. Iits good to use to get close, a kilometer or two. Then, with the station you are docking with in a desired attitude, start using the built in prograde/radial/normal capabilities with MANUAL docking thrust. for the ISS and MIR stations I have in orbit, I just let mechjeb get me close and then I switch to forward control and radial facing + using smart as so I can also set a roll angle. Everything is squared up for you and docking is a breeze. Remember to maintain control from cockpit and not the docking port.
  2. .....and your basement just flooded. i wish I had programming chops.
  3. Granted.... but it was your cat that chewed the cord off to make it wireless. I wish mods would stop being wrecked by updates.
  4. Oooo... never heard of that one. I find that i the VAB I get in a camera spot that makes attaching things very difficult. Just dropping that item and starting over seem to do the trick. I shall try this solution, though. Thanks!
  5. That node can be notoriously tricky. Get rid of the booster you are placing, change your view to more from the belly side or door side, grab a new booster and it should click.
  6. Jeb stops by for some freeze-dried Pelmeni... Try as I did, I was just never able to get the MIR components into orbit with Kopernicus/JNSQ so hyper edit to the rescue. I did take the docking module up and put on the finishing touches legit using the arm. I am still suffering the after effects of motion sickness that the oscillations induced... but I did it. The module rode up to orbit with me, I FINALLY figured out how to latch something with the arm and installed it on the shuttles APAS system and then maneuvered the whole shebang and docked with MIR.
  7. #1 went away for me when I switched over to Infernal Robotics which has a much nicer interface to use. You don't have to make an IR arm, just use the alternate model with IR "enabled". #2 could be that MJ is already trying to do something or that the engines on a different stage are currently disabled. #3 AAP really is a life saver.
  8. A request... if anyone does have this mod working and can provide some insights. The interface I see with KIS/KAS is nothing like the one in the video, I can't assemble. For reference... KSP 1.8.1 (Versioning has me a little confused because I see indications that it may work in 1.8.1 as well as 1.10 being required) ASET_PRC-1.8.0-0.0.1.zip "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":7, "PATCH":1 } Knowing that somebody will tell me that I should try it in 1.10, I downloaded the most current version and popped it in with all the latest KIS, KAS and MM into a clean version of 1.10, no other mods. Meet Darth Jeb, sith lord. This is how the frame looks when "carried".
  9. I am a wee bit konfused about the versioning here. GIT has verbiage that implies 1.10 but the file name follows your typical convention of KSP version # which in this case is says "ASET_PRC-1.8.0-". Clarification appreciated.
  10. Mebbe this is a question for the KIS/KAS forum, or one for the PRC forum... but how might I make the suitcases just a bit bigger on the LEM so that I can carry along the PRC?
  11. @SAMCG14, That worked, thank you! Am I missing something about getting to a stable orbit with KK's mod? I am using a 2.7x system (JNSQ/Kopernicus). Never mind, question answered. Just put me in the category of patiently waiting. Thanks for the excellent mod.
  12. Greetings, Does anyone have craft files that are 1.8.1 valid? While the parts at least load and are constructable, the craft files are invalid.
  13. Lost luggage.... So I booped a USI-LS pack while trying to attach it and it is now drifting around my station, unattached. Is there any hope of recovery?
  14. Hi @kerbal01, That's an old trick from shuttle past that I have applied to Benjee's masterpiece with success. My issue with MechJeb and shuttles in particular (Not just SOCK but anything with eccentric thrust) is that they do not maintain course on the blue maneuver node. Take a "soup can" to orbit that is entirely symmetrical and there are no issues. Take a shuttle and as you near the end of a burn the craft is pitching up (relative to the shuttles own frame of reference) HARD. This behavior is only seen in shuttles/eccentric thrust craft in my experience. It's all about the maneuver node. Just do manual burns with the craft locked on prograde, retrograde or normal and there is no "chasing", it just holds solid as a rock. So, it is all about the maneuver node. I loaded in Throttle Controlled avionics and it was interesting to see how that author coded things. It is very precise on maneuver nodes at the expense of the thrust being modulated ALOT.
  15. How difficult is it to create a basic RPM capable IVA for the SOCK. I'm not talking a slick masterwork, just a basic configuration with the necessary screens and buttons. Utilitarian at best. Call it a starter project.
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