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  1. Greetings, Maybe I just don't get how masters are arranged but I have always downloaded them from your github repo, regardless of mod and used the game data folders from them. This particular one does not have the necessary game files in the game data folder. That may be by design.. or it may be an omission. Never mind... I'll just stop doing this and go to the release pages
  2. Hoping that the data brings them to the conclusion that people have varied expectations of the game and that mods drive the success of the whole thing.
  3. This just started as a pet project to make a simple engine for a descent stage and has gotten entirely out of hand. I don't know if it will ever make it into the game but its been fun and hopefully a learning experience. The UV is a nightmare and my texturing skills are somewhere between chalk and crayon, but I'll keep plugging away. It gives an appreciation for the work that all the excellent and far more talented modders have provided for my enjoyment.
  4. I am pretty sure if you read each object description they have their specific conjugate items that they can couple with, there are active and passive ports.
  5. I'll cobble something together tonight... and see how far I get.
  6. @alexustas Even if exported as a lower count STL into something like Blender for further processing? I muddle with output quality all the time when I 3D print depending on how pretty I need something. I can make a cylinder look like a stopsign.
  7. Nostalgia, mainly. Heck I'd go back to early betas if I could find them just so I could go interplanetary exploring with some of my old favorite but now long dead mods.
  8. Granted, but sadly Shawn White still hasn't come down from his last jump so he missed the medal ceremony. I wish I knew Fortran 77.
  9. Feel stupid saying this but I have that one installed on the SSS. Anyone have an MM config for putting an anchor node in the bay? NEVER MIND
  10. I don't see much discussion in this thread on Kanadarms. Made a nice one up with IR. Problem is that every element of the arm apparently weighs as much as the shuttle because any joint movement displays Newton's 3rd law quite well. Even just twisting the wrist will spin the shuttle in the opposite direction... no load attached. Speed and accelerations are as low as they can go. I'm sure there are other arm users here. What is the solution?
  11. Programming for dummies is $16.30 at Barnes & Noble... so it's cheap, but its gonna take you a while to get it programmed. I wish I had super powers.
  12. Sadly, little .PNG files of atomic symbols provide little of any power so your robot does not work. I wish I could recite PI in binary to 100 decimal places by memory (... and how can it be a DECIMAL place in BINARY???). (
  13. Before they will work for you they demand $15.75 an hour plus 2 weeks vacation. I wish I had half the skills of some of this communities awesome modders.