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  1. I bet you say that to all the girls bugs/quirks/shortcomings/design decisions./s Respectfully, that's nonsense and I don't believe you. I highly doubt that SQUAD (no matter whether before or since you joined) deliberately provisioned the game and/or the stock vehicles in such a way that they malfunction during regular gameplay just to teach players some passive-aggressive lesson. Coding costs money, and coded nonsense is still code. That said, why is changing tyre friction something that should be invoked in the first place? Let's ignore the fact that for some reason it must be hidden by a switch in the Settings that governs its accessibility in the first place for now. In reality, reducing friction is not an option, let alone desired. If, as a vehicle engineer I have to rely on the behaviour of my tyres to specifically lose traction at a certain moment to keep my vehicle stable, then there is something seriously wrong in my design. So, recommending just this method, to slap a baby buggy's rubber wheel on an airplane instead of the regular landing gear so that it starts slipping when it exceeds a certain amount of cornering force just to prevent it from performing the litho dance, does not sound sane, practical, or realistic, let alone self-evident or intuitive.
  2. Andersenman

    [1.5.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    Fun with integrals: "daily snacks" means the same as "snacks per day". Using both together multiplies them into "snacks per day, per day", or "snacks per day squared". Which is not a consumption, but an increase in consumption.
  3. Thank you, I will investigate. I shall point out again that this happens to the stock, SQUAD-provided Velociteze, and does so from about 50 m/s and upwards, and thus very much so upon typical landing speeds.
  4. Again and again and again. Every bloody landing, KSP does this screwup to planes, even stock ones like the Velociteze: How is this a thing and how do I make it not a thing, please? Thanks.
  5. Andersenman

    Throttle Locking

    For when one wishes to exclude gimbaling engines from throttling to keep authority, like the Cub or the Thud. Deferring to the thrust limiter option is impractical for all but those constructions which only consider a single engine. And yes, this is still valid, so I will revive this thread.
  6. Andersenman

    Audio Normalizer

    Duly noted.
  7. Andersenman

    Audio Normalizer

  8. Andersenman

    Audio Normalizer

    I don't think in said four years anyone has stopped any mod from moving it there ...
  9. Andersenman

    Audio Normalizer

    Isn't it just! (Yay, my 2^8th post!)
  10. Andersenman

    Audio Normalizer

    Another handful of updates has gone by, another handful of updates without clarification on this functionality. So once again I'd like to raise this still relevant thread from the dead and ask, Thanks. Kind regards, A.
  11. Andersenman

    [1.4.1] TooManyOrbits v1.1.2

    Hey there, thank you for this neat addition to user-friendliness. I wonder, would it be possible to not entirely hide but reduce opacity of the unwanted orbits instead? Thanks! Best, A.
  12. Andersenman

    "hidden" fuel tanks?

    Let's please not be presuming what can or what cannot be expected to be known depending on registration date, especially for a game that is as … fluid as KSP. Thank you.
  13. Andersenman

    "hidden" fuel tanks?

    I appreciate that, but that's not the point. It should work intuitively for all parts. Full-stop. And even if that fairing is one of the earlier items, it's still at tier 4, costing 90 science, and is preceded by one adapter and one nosecone.
  14. Andersenman

    "hidden" fuel tanks?

    Not when, but if. Those items aren't plentiful very early, so it's only reasonable resort to things like nose cones and (visibly hollow) decouplers to form shielded bays. That is, if they actually worked like that and didn't just mislead the player into thinking so.
  15. Andersenman

    "High G" contract?

    Yes, I tried a simple centrifuge, but it didn't produce any usable forces. It's weird that you don't get any "usable" centrifugal forces when in fact the parts get visibly torn apart at the joints (before they actually fail).