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  1. Thanks Speadge. I use CKAN and did not see it there, but will install it the old fashion way if I have to.
  2. I can almost never get the clouds (EVE Mod) to work with RSS. I see here in this image that its working. If I disable RSS, EVE clouds works, then enable it annnnnd their gone.
  3. You are a brilliant man Felipe. This game changed my life. I've been with you since v.0.15. It invigorated a lifelong interest in aerospace at the very least as a spectator. If I were back in college, I would surely be pursuing the career. KSP prompted me to peruse countless papers and videos on the subject of rocket science. I am excited to see what you do next. Thank you now, and in the future as your creation continues to inspire. And thank you to the owners of Squad for letting Felipe run with his idea.
  4. VERY Well deserved break ladies and gentleman. What a ride you have been on over the last few years and thanks for your wonderful world changing creation. Kerbal IS Awesome
  5. You know I paid my $18 for this game (v0.15), so I demand my devnotes ON TIME /s You guys rock, devnote Tuesday is almost the only day I check the forums. Thanks for this service.
  6. In the 21st century, you can achieve excellence without a college degree.
  7. Brilliant thread. Rutan Boomerang comes to mind...
  8. If you dont like one dish on a broom stick, then you are gonna hate four, like on the apollo service module. Me, I think they are fine.
  9. Use the sub reddit page here: It seems more active than the KSP forum for KOS. - - - Updated - - - Well, I take some of that back. Although the sub reddit page is a great place, and the devs are very active there as well, I did not know until I saw the link posted above by ZIW that there is another KOS thread on the KSP forums for v.17.2, and it appears to be very active, which is great. Although the reddit page is broken down into a more organized system for answering questions.
  10. The COM/COL indicators in the VAB now mean something. It wasnt until I started using FAR that I had to actually use them (I always like to build clean rocket looking rockets). Now with the new aero system (or FAR) you actually have to follow those fundamental rules of rocket science. To me challenging == fun. Being able to build things that would not fly in real life is not interesting to me.
  11. CKAN might help ease your pain:
  12. I just want to build, fly, and dream. Now I can program with kOS and that adds a whole nother layer to KSP, that has changed my world. Career mode hampers all of the above. I will say that I get the concept that career mode is a great way to introduce new player to all the parts. I have been playing since .15, and now there are more than double the parts. I am sure the newb would be a bit overwhelmed without career mode to break them in.
  13. This is the first time in a long time that I have not used FAR. I also now use KOS to script my launches to orbit. I brought my most recent .90 ship and my KOS scripts over into 1.0 an hour ago. I was expecting that that I would not get the same behavior with my launch-to-orbit and circularize script. But it was not the case. Its as if nothing happened. Kudos, squad!