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  1. HEY HEY HEY! How are all of you doin'? Just fixed my laptop after half a year and I am now back on the forums! So if you would please update me on everything that has been going on that would be great... But anyway I'm going to continue making assorted spacecraft of all kinds (but mostly planes cuz they're fun). Any ideas, challenges, generally cool things to make would be appreciated. I love to make planes to do certain things. Any help you may need making space planes and troubleshooting, feel free to shoot me a message as I enjoy helping people create what they want, how they want, and making it work. Also squad, I love 0.22 its great. KEEP IT UP! Here is something I am working on currently:
  2. So what your saying is that when you barely pitch up at all it keeps going up and spins out? Don't worry that happens! You just have too much surface control in the front. If you could post a picture of your plane that would help, but if you have Canards or Winglets on the nose of your plane you may want to replace these with wings that don't control but give lift, having your control surfaces in the back will keep it flying forward like an arrow because of the small amounts of drag, but like an arrow adding feathers to the front will make it want to fly backwards and it won't fly straight. Hope I helped!
  3. I see your schwartz is as big as mine, but how do you handle it?
  4. 305. We use antennae that don't work (HOW IS THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE AGAIN?)
  5. Yeah I realized this too, sadly though there is nothing I can do about it and we'll just have to wait for a bug fix.
  6. Well I did base my design off of his, but I tried my best to make it original as possible. Also thanks for positive feedback!
  7. HERE IT IS! The CK-H Peacock! This is my first attempt at any kind of helicopter in this game and I decided to do it stock. This thing is hard to fly, and it doesn't last very long but none the less it is still one of my favorite aircraft yet. Taking off is one of the most complicated parts, so here are some steps for YOU! 1) Throttle up and press g to lower gear (DO NOT START ENGINES) 2) Once gear is down, press g again, wait approx. 1 second and then press SPACE and 1. 3) The wheels should hold the rotor in place and the rotors should spin. 4) Wait 4 or 5 seconds for the rotors to hit maximum speed. 5) Turn on RCS and SAS (SAS optional) 6) Press SPACE again to launch. 7) FLY! If you run out of fuel you can always eject the cockpit and safely parachute to the ground! This took a while and I would enjoy feedback and suggestions. Also for more sign up to be a tester or engineer at ZOKESIA SKUNKWORKS or THE CEREAL BOX Download Link: http://www./download/eey553nti5fccrm/CK-H_Peacock.craft It goes in the VAB HAPPY FLYING!
  8. WATCH OUT! THERE'S A NEW KID ON THE BLOCK! COMPLETE WITH RCS TURBO http://www./view/tyld5r62fmytu03/CKL_4_Racer.craft
  9. Sorry just had to rant there, just had to type my heart out. Any who read it all thanks!
  10. The main problem I think might become of these forums is "famous" people, a lot of content on websites such as Youtube and Twitch TV has been trodden down by people climbing higher and higher into the sky of fortune. I've noticed that as people become more famous equally amazing people are being pushed to the bottom of the food chain because they did not have a stroke of luck like the others. But it is not even that, the problem begins when these people start taking over sites and using their fans as some kind of weapon to bend the community to their will(and no I'm not saying that all do). A lot of the time fans do it themselves, "You're copying (insert famous youtuber here)" "You're just trying to be like them" "be original" (All things I have seen). Thankfully though this is a somewhat difficult game that requires patients (a thing that a lot of these trolls don't have) and so trolls have mostly stayed off of the forum and only appeared at a minimum. From what I have noticed people think that because some famous youtuber (Duncan) plays this game, 12 year old trolls from all over the galaxy are suddenly going to appear out of thin air and spamming the forums, and raising their chosen ones high into the sky crushing all others. I can assure you THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN! As I previously stated most trolls stay off of this website and don't play the game (unlike Minecraft... Bless your soul). The forums are a tame place where people can share Ideas and learn new things, there are no "famous people" on these forums (Besides Devs. but c'mon that's not an argument) and any people you claim to be are probably unknown to many. All new people that play this game have PATIENTS AND GOOD WILL and they are nothing to be afraid of, people need to stop being selfish and let other people enjoy this fabulous game!
  11. A person who can play the game and not post threads called "how to rocket" A player who TRIES and DOES NOT GIVE UP!