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  1. While I was rotating a 300+ part craft, made up of multiple docked sections, and while rotating either with reaction wheels or RCS, the entire craft shakes, and while trying to speed up time to make it stationary, the UI tells me that I cannot do that while the ship is under acceleration.
  2. Great models, they look just like stock, but does the centrifuge part actually spin?
  3. KW Rocketry, KAS, Kethane, Kommitz NTR, and Mechjeb.
  4. After spending months on the various incarnations of this, I present the Von Braun:
  5. Is there a way to make Mechjeb plot a Brachistochrone transfer? For info, refer to this link.
  6. This is the mod, and is a starship.
  7. Been waiting for a new release, and this looks great! Is it compatible with existing saves, or do I need to start another one?
  8. Is this project still active? It's just that there hasn't been a post for over two weeks.
  9. I recommend downloading part catalog, which will simply sort all of your parts. This has fixed many an issue I have had with missing parts.
  10. Did you put the parts folder in the KSP parts folder?
  11. The mod looks great, and I cannot wait to launch my Kerbals in this, but are you going to be changing the USA on the fuel tanks to KSP?
  12. It would be nice to see as many KSP ENB mods as there are for Skyrim, but then the spaceport would overflow...
  13. How can you do this without the docking ports making everything wobble around?
  14. After spending hours docking modules in orbit for my new interplanetary ship, I fired up its engine and proceeded to make a new circular orbit. Using mechjeb, docking struts, and many other mods, I proceeded to do this, only to learn that even with stabilizing struts, my ship cannot do anything. Worse yet, with even a single docking strut link, my ship starts spiraling out of control. I am now unable to build my behemoth, and I have nothing to do. Any ideas?