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  1. I found this calculator a little while ago, and it's proved useful for recovering stages: A little simple arithmatic for fuel tanks/boosters help if you don't feel like alt-tabbing to the wiki. Edit: Never mind. You work fast, sir. I was still typing while you updated!
  2. Someone who get's paid to play KSP? That's about it for me. Everything else is quite impressive, but in the end, anything is achievable within the laws of the game, and with enough practice, anyone can achieve them (usually).
  3. I think I'm 90% degenerate matter. 453. There needs to be a mission in Career mode where Dunians come to steal our women, and we need to mount a mission to save them.
  4. Put a table and a grill, and you've got yourself a nice patio.
  5. Wait, the color of the timer indicates how well the game is running?
  6. Haven't messed with .20 yet, but back before the patch I would be around 450 at max settings before my rocket launches started sounding like the old Transformers sound.
  7. Jeez, that game went all night! Slick idea. I think it'd be funny if they started playing strip poker on the Mun. Then again, I'm a sadist...
  8. YES! ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!
  9. 1. When I saw it, I really wanted to see a kerbal walk by with a big inflated head at the end. 2. Am I the only one who wants to reverse the audio and see if they're saying real words?
  10. The one thing I want is the one thing they don't have. A large print of the old loading screen image. I forget who did it, but I know it's a DA artist. I would love to have that framed over my desk.
  11. A new one, and a redone one. Firstly, there's the Malachai Bio Systems flag Might add a border or something. I dunno. The gold thing in the center is a triple helix DNA strand (I figured that double helixes are so backwater, you know?), and the motto on the bottom reads "Vita Improvidus, Unum Corpsus Multa Simul..." or "Improving life, one (dead) body at a time..." Next up, the revamp of my orgional flag for Malachai Heavy Industries: The motto reads: "Magna Cogitare! Nulla Consequat!" or "Think Big! No Matter the Consequences!" I'm also thinking about commissioning some of my artist friends to make the flags less crappy looking.
  12. Bless you, KospY. I'm actually going to be taking a break until this gets updated, as 90% of my operations are reliant on KAS. No rush, though. Seriously, take your time. I'll just be owning faces in BL2.
  13. Wasn't the question or the answer that mattered. T'was the space highway.
  14. I know those stats existed in previous versions. It might just be a way of displaying those stats, but it'd be really interested if it was a precursor to something, though.
  15. "Calculating Ultimate Answer." Solid reference. A shame the Vogons will be destroying Kerbin pretty soon...