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  1. Hi everyone! Hard to believe as it may be, it's been 5(!) whole years since I released the original Build Fly Dream trailer--I hope you enjoy this special anniversary version featuring the creative talents of over 80 community contributors! -TehGimp666
  2. There's just a couple seconds of KSP in it, but I bet you guys will like it anyway! I don't think we can embed videos in these forums anymore (if I'm mistaken, let me know and I'll edit this post later), so here's a link: Imagination Fuel
  3. KMP v0.1.5.0 is now available on SpacePort! Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Before /start'ing server, just use /admin [add|del] [user] to update admin list
  5. This bug is now corrected in v0.1.4.2 available on SpacePort
  6. We're tracking this bug here--any info you can add would be quite welcome =)
  7. KMP v0.1.4.1, which adds support for KSP 0.23, is now available on SpacePort
  8. It sounds like you need to re-copy the "saves" folder that comes with KMP, and if that doesn't help please feel free to report the problem on GitHub for more assistance.
  9. This sounds like you may have copied the files to the wrong place or something similar. Here's a video tutorial that might help.
  10. This is usually because your client fails to keep up with other players (in terms of the physics simulation speed) in the same subspace for a long time, even with the server repeatedly sending it "catch-up!" messages. You can sometimes work around this by flying smaller vessels, warping to your own subspace (if no one syncs with you, there won't be anyone to keep up with), or playing on a server that is closer to you so that latency isn't as big a factor. I'm working on an improved same-subspace-sync mechanism that may allow the server to "slow down" a subspace under certain circumstances to g
  11. You'll almost certainly will be fine using the default value ""--you only need to bind an IP if you are using a large server with multiple IPs assigned to different purposes.
  12. Very cool! And I even saw a bug I didn't know about (broken lock control)...
  13. Vessels within 40km of the KSC will not be added to the universe due to the "safety bubble" that prevents launch collisions.
  14. v0.1.2.0 now available on SpacePort Download KMP client Download KMP server
  15. This common issue is now fixed in client v0.1.1.1 available on SpacePort
  16. We're not aware of any OS X-specific problems, but this sounds like you may not have opened both TCP & UDP for the KMP port?
  17. Not sure what is going wrong Spears--unfortunately there's lots of possibilities. If you're still not having luck with servers you know other people are connecting to OK, please open an issue on GitHub. Thanks!
  18. Sorry to hear about your difficulties--please consider posting a report on GitHub so that we can look into it further.
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