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  1. 1.12.2 here, with a fair number of other mods installed, not seeing any issues. Threw together a silly-looking vehicle just for testing; tracks and wheels both seem stable, no unusual oscillations. Notably, the MechJeb rover autopilot will apply power, but does not steer KF wheels (or tracks). Within +- 3 degrees of the waypoint bearing, MJ will attain the desired speed; outside of that cone it seems to linger around 3 m/sec. I don't mean to pester, but would like to make a request: now that 1.12.2 is here and we have a (presumably-)stable long-term codebase, would it be possible to get a functional set of patches for the stock wheels? https://i.imgur.com/yNTahQq.png https://i.imgur.com/phCwKYM.png Not too good with imgur, so not sure why the embedding doesn't work, but there are some screenies of the test vehicle and the autopilot.
  2. Would it be possible to get a version of the small adjustable gear with the tire down the centerline, as opposed to one side or the other? I ask mainly for aesthetic- and authenticity-related reasons. For instance, the nose gear on the MiG-15 (among many other aircraft) has the tire behind the strut, versus the small gear in-game where it sits directly to the left or right. While on the topic of authentic-looking gear, would it also be possible to get a version of the gear with a bigger tire compared to the size of the strut? The very long strut on the current gear is helpful for spaceplanes and other high-ground-clearance applications, but results in having to clip the gear into the fuselage of more historically-oriented vehicles. In any case, love the mod, been using it for years and it's never let me down. Cheers!
  3. Not really, but not through any fault of your own - I don't have a good enough understanding of the game files to know where to look to find BaseServo or even what 'classes' or 'methods' are. So far I've only dug around a little in the game's part.cfgs over the years, and those are straightforward enough to interpret. A cursory Google would imply this dives into some level of Python, of which I know basically nothing. I'll have to spend a fair amount of time learning even the 'unknown unknowns' before I can move on to the 'known unknowns'. Thank you for your input, that will give me a good place to start once I can understand what it means
  4. The primary feature of the DLC is, of course, that you can assign some variables for rotors and servos, such as target angle, target RPM, target torque, etc. as dependent variables in the KAL-1000 controller, where the independent variable is the play position of the controller. It is also possible to slave the play position to any of the game's available axes (main throttle, translatory controls, standard flight controls, etc). I am curious as to whether this relationship can be inverted - that is, whether the play position of a controller can be determined by, chiefly, the current angle of a rotor or servo, though I'm sure the other variables would have some uses. If this is not possible in normal KSP, is there a mod that provides a similar function? I ask this because, if this is possible, it may finally allow some aspects of lift dissymmetry to be solved.
  5. Are there any extant part packs that have older artillery-style guns like from the old North Kerbin Dynamics pack?
  6. 1.8.1 is out! I had KF installed on 1.8.0 and a couple elements of the UI were broken, but without changing anything about my install except Steam auto-updating to 1.8.1, it's back to normal and works just fine.
  7. Somehow I managed to miss the Procedural Parts link - sincerest apologies for wasting your time. However, the latest commit on the provided Procedural Parts github is also two years old. There's a newer fork available, and using it allows me to build SRBs and fuel tanks, but none of the parts in the BDA pack work.
  8. I tried the Modular Missile Parts download available on the main page, but nothing is showing up in-game. Is it safe to assume it's no longer functional, given that the last commit on Github was two years ago? If so, it might be good to remove the link, just to prevent confusion. Unless I've done something wrong (which, with my luck, is fairly likely)? I dropped the BDModularMissileParts folder in GameData, right next to BDArmory.
  9. I really like the stock wheel models, but the way they behave is objectively inferior to the wheels on offer with this and Kerbal Foundries. Is there a way to get the stock wheel models, but have KSPWheel behavior? If so, is it easy to setup oneself, or would it require experience with the API (of which I have none)?
  10. Seems to be working fine in 1.6. This, FAR, B9 Procedural Parts, AirplanePlus and TweakScale all play nicely together in 1.6 at time of writing.
  11. *sees new F, G, H, I, J, and K wing connectors* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH Seriously, those things are fantastic. I can finally get elevators the shape I want them.
  12. My right ear thoroughly enjoys the engine sounds in this mod, which is to say that only my right ear can enjoy the sounds. For some reason or another, the sound only plays in my right earphone. This only happens with the engines in your pack; all stock parts and sounds work correctly. I DL'd the Firespitter plugin from Snjo's website, and used it instead of the one included in your download. Perhaps that's the issue? Other than that, I love this mod. Though, making a ww1-esque aircraft has proven challenging; the old engines are quite weak. This is more likely to be an issue in my design skills than the engines themselves, so keep up the good work! EDIT: I'm a knob. Just read the note in the OP about sound issues. Disregard.
  13. This looks like an improvement over the already stellar work done by @bac9 and @Crzyrndm. However, one word of warning- If I launch the game using the Steam 64-bit option, it occasionally brings my PC to a crashing halt, complete with blackscreen. Perhaps it's an issue with the mod (which is not unfeasible, given that the mod was originally constructed in Unity 4 KSP), but I suspect it to be the nature of the 64-bit Windows release and the changes brought about by the Unity 5 conversion. Either way, great work so far, I hope things go smoothly for you!
  14. This is seriously one of the highest-quality mods I've seen in what feels like years... Absolutely stellar work. This looks to be the quintessential WWII weapon pack. And I love it to bits.
  15. You really should add the Jumo 004 and the HeS 011 (and maybe even the BMW 003 if you feel like it)! I could finally make a functioning and good-looking Me 262, among other things.
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