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  1. look the 4RL-10 stage yay! ill have to model that too.
  2. I got all my info from http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php though I payed for a 3 month subscription... they have a ton of information on every aspect of the program.
  3. most of the images on the website are artist renditions, and dont represent the final product, they have been showing the black and white design for nostalgia's sake. But from what I have read its going to be orange. But either way. Both will be textured. I like the black and white, and thats what Ill be textring first lol.
  4. yeah I think when i texture it Im going to do both the saturn v design and the unpainted orange.
  5. Ok guys... Here is the update. I havent messed with the models for a while, and since the last time I messed with them I've learned a few things. So my spring break is coming up (next week) and I think im going to fix some of the issues some modeling and texturing issues (texel density). But rest assured this mod will get finished, I intend to put it into my portfolio, so expect updates starting up again soon.
  6. oh wow sexy ****, I really need to learn unity... we did a unity game for a game jam we did a few weeks back but the lighting sucked lol.
  7. oh ok was going to see if it was marmoset toolbag 2... was looking at getting that...
  8. OMG dude, I havent been on the forums in a while been busy with school but this looks freaking amazing, wish I had the time to continue with my SLS mod!! Man this looks amazing!
  9. CHristmas break is comign, and I intend to start working on this mod again, so expect some updates. Im going to be remodeling a few pieces going to touch base with some people to help me get the mod into unity. Dont worry I havent abandoned this and it will get done.
  10. I wish I had some good news, Im prototyping for Planetside 2 right now, and that is taking a lot of my time. I havent abandoned the project. But I have all the modeling done, for the most part, if someone wants to take over getting them into KSP and has good experience just let me know.
  11. I intended on getting out a working version of the mod out over my school break but I've been having a myriad of computer issues, which has led to me building an entirely new computer. I am looking at getting a beta release out of the mod which will include everything but the Orion, so Ill be working on that. Sounds Great!! Fire a link over here to your wip thread once you've started.
  12. probbably going to make it so its whatever your flag is.
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