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  1. The problem you're having is likely caused by how your centre of mass is behind your centre of lift when you reenter. This leads to overly manoeuvrable and flip-prone planes. Move your tanks and wings around so that your centre of lift is the length of the FL-T400 or so behind the CoM, and so that it's roughly the same or slightly less when you reenter.
  2. Consider using an airbrake or braking parachute to increase the drag on the tail of your craft.
  3. I am forever in your debt for this command pod, Orionkermin. It's exactly what I've been wanting for a very long time.
  4. I've had a certain fascination with elevons. They work fine in KSP, as long as the actual elevons are dedicated control surfaces placed at the trailing edge of a wing. Logically, the built-in control surfaces of B9 winglets should then also work fine as elevons. They're considered to be placed in the centre by the game however, which makes winglets largely unsuitable for elevons, despite being by far the only visually appealing option. Does anyone know if it is possible to separate the wing CoM from the control surface point of activity, or are they intrinsically considered the same?
  5. The seat is essentially just a docking port for kerbals, so no, it wouldn't be possible.
  6. He left the team a while back because he wanted some free time on the weekends. I guess he felt that working on KSP as well as his ordinary job got a bit much. I do hope he hasn't left us entirely though. B9 is very much my favourite part pack mod and I still think a dedicated docking port for the Mk2 shape set is something that should happen.
  7. The amount of work the devs SHOULD be doing during a week would already be enough for such a blog post. Then again, something planned to take an afternoon ended up taking a week of dev time, and it's something that practically nobody will be using anyway.
  8. Pleasant though Rows is, he doesn't actually do a lot of community management from what I can see, and it isn't excusable either since being active and visible is actually his job.
  9. You don't understand how an economy works.If you don't have to struggle to produce the very best product you can, your product will be bad. Competition drives innovation. If there was another game like KSP, the two would be competing to be the very best they could be, to make more sales, and everyone would benefit. A monopoly situation is what we currently have. Squad have their money, and they're the only company making a game like this, so there is no reason for them to strive to actually make a good game. They're getting money either way. They're also not a "poor indie developer", they're a division of a big marketing company, and they've made a lot of sales on Steam (with a price that is astoundingly high for a game supposedly still in alpha). They're not about to run out of money, which is another big negative for KSP.
  10. Just like how resources are on the list of more or less promised features? They've already shown that they intend to disregard what they've already promised us if it looks like something else will give them more money, such as multiplayer. There's no reason to believe they're going to give any more attention to career than there is to believe they intend to release straight away. At this point, there's simple no trust to be had in what they say.
  11. The game might be fun, but without purpose (such as economy, missions/science and resources) that fun won't last. And the sad excuse for "career" mode currently in the game doesn't count, as it's a tutorial without any actual tutorial.
  12. We have had faith in the developers.They've rewarded that faith with disappointment.
  13. I am thoroughly disappointed in this game, this community, and Squad in general. You had a chance to make something great, but you opted to go for the easy money, and you have now ruined an entire niche of gaming, because there sure as hell won't be any other acceptable "build a rocket and fly it" games in the near future. Squad, you are pathetic.
  14. Ed Lu.While having an astronaut on for a bit is nice, the lineup is otherwise and in general really disappointing.