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  1. Maybe I'm missing something but, is it possible to create missions in career mode? I would like to use as a planning tool for missions I'm given and to plan big missions myself.
  2. Will this mod be updated to fit the new IVA on 1.4.1?
  3. I'm having trouble selecting a new KSP install. I had 1.4 added and when I try selecting 1.4.1 I get a "Ya existe una entrada con la misma clave" error. Translated is something like "An entry with the same key already exists". I deleted the 1.4 install in case it was causing some conflict or making CKAN think they were the same and now I can't add 1.4 or 1.4.1. I get the same error. Any tips?
  4. Starting on a Monday... I probably will miss it
  5. Isn't the span of time between the announcement and the release a little short? I guess that summer is a good release period and the go-nogo decisión has been made recently. Not complaining, I just don't know abut this things. I wish you a smooth release.
  6. Curse at this moment is not a mod repository, it is a bucket where mods are stored, meanwhile spacedock + CKAN is better and similar to what Spaceport 2 could have been. What happens when spacedock runs out of fuel and nobody wants to keep it alive in exchange of a handful of kudos? Do we go to the bucket again? Please don't settle for a half assed "solution" like curse, take your time if you need it and try to make it work, you do it for every single update, you are doing it with multiplayer, why not do it for the integration of mods in the game?
  7. Squad people, now is the time to bring back the idea of Spaceport 2.
  8. Friday was Labor day, yesterday was 5 de Mayo and they are having some short of 1.0 celebration party in México so it is understandable. Knowing how passionate the community can be some official words would be appreciated but i think they deserve a week of drinking eating, sleeping and jumping from a plane.
  9. I like how each engine has a purpose now and how I am building defferent ships for each mission.
  10. She is in charge of the tourist contracts. I love how she laughs maniacally while the v̶̷i̶̷c̶̷t̶̷i̶̷m̶̷s̶̷ tourists regret their life choices.