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  1. Rockstar also encouraged modding and even shared/promoted mods themselves and yet that did not stop take-two...
  2. Why exactly should I trust anything they say anymore, when their biggest promises was broken in the past, like this very announcement? Edit: Also this kind of response is completely standard whenever a franchise or studio is bought up. They always say that little to nothing will change, but yet in nearly all cases that turns out to be far from the truth. If you have been around this long, then you should know that it was a commonly asked question here on this very forum that they had to answer often, especially around the time when they messed up by mentioning a possible future DLC. It was also answered on their official dev streams as well at least once.
  3. How dare you spin this as great news for the community, when you know this was one of our biggest worries. You had made a promise years ago that you would never stoop so low that you would actually sell out like this and yet here we are and you are even spinning it into something positive. Not only did you sell out, but you sold out to one of the biggest and worst publishers that are in love with microtransactions. My bet is that this game will soon be infested with DRM and that they will do their best to limit mods, so that they can sell it to you for profits. I bet Filepe is disgusted by the direction squad has gone after he left, as this goes against everything he wanted for this game.
  4. I have been asking for such parts for years. It would spark so much creativity as these parts can be used for countless of purposes. To me something like hinges and ball bearings would be the best update since .18 with the docking port addition. For some reason squad now seems to just release prefab parts like fully featured bays with doors that really does not have much othe purposes. Having individual parts like hinges, ball bearings would let you make your own cargobays while also giving you the option to use your imagination to use these parts for other creations. This goes against what squad wanted for the game in the past, so I dont see why they just dont release more parts like this instead of the countless of prefab stuff. The sad thing is that they even planned to release ball bearing function through tweakables and that feature was even hidden away and could be unlocked by editing config files since .25 and was disabled due to bugs that could crash the game when using timewarp. Was said that it would be enabled in the near future but instead it was completely forgotten about, which makes me wonder if it was made by one of the devs that they let go of.
  5. This pretty much sums up this thread right now:
  6. Yeah that probably wont be very doable.. But at least some interesting part about universe sandbox 2 is that not only do they use the same unity engine, but one of the devs also used to work on KSP for quite some time before he was hired by the company behind universe.
  7. That as well would of course help as well and is another area where it has dissapointed lately. They used to say they wanted to not go too wild with prefab stuff like for example entire cargobays as that would limit creativity compared to giving us the tools/parts to build our own and used some examples of how the community used docking ports in all kinds of unintended creative ways. But sadly what has happened is entirely opposite. Since .18 with the docking port update, we have really not been given much individual parts and instead they have released a bunch of cargo bays, instead of giving us simple things like a hinge, piston and/or ball bearing which could have so many unlimited uses that would boost creativity besides just making cargobays. Not even parts like simple transparent panels that can be used as windows have we gotten. These would be great for making our own bases without slapping on some pods and would also be great for making more unique rovers. Docking ports was just one very simple part and yet opened up so many new possibilities in the game. We really need some parts like that again that could have unintended uses or could in other ways make our creations more unique.
  8. There is alot of things squad could do to make this game last longer just by giving us something to explore or tasks to do. Right now all the bodies in the system are completely barren besides a few generic biomes that only has the purpose of gaining generic science in career mode. What they should do is add some depth to the system and give us a reason to go explore with rovers or build bases on planets. There is not even anything to learn about the history of the kerbal system as apparently. Meanwhile in real life it is all about exploration, the search for life and in general learning about the solar system. There is so much potential wasted because they refuse to add any depth to the planets/moons.
  9. I have gone through the same myself and sadly I cannot offer anything positve as even after a year+ break I am still in this very same situation. My only hope right now is that 1.1 with multicore support and 64bit will let me create something more "grand" and that it will at least keep me interested again for a little while.
  10. Personally I just wish we had some transparent windows that would allow me to create my own interiors by building the pods from scratch.
  11. I had this contraption that would explode as soon as I had kerbal sit on it and launch him into the skies. Thanks to this I was able to catch this screenshot:
  12. I think they showed earlier versions on one of their streams.
  13. And if you read my post you would see I included the community part.
  14. Maybe you should read the actual note on the kerbalstuff page?? The way squad has been ignoring the site and the legal threats are some of the reason he himself used for shutting down the site. It is obvious he puts alot of this blame on squad as well as the community. So if you think this is bull, then go blame SirCmpwn instead. Edit: And in case you were to lazy to read the whole message:
  15. Did I say it was directly the reason?? It was ONE of the reasons according to what he wrote himself. And who cores if nothig came to it, when they said in the past they would not go after third party sites and had absolutely no problem with people making alternatives to curse.