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  1. Transian Empire added edit: ahh creip i necroed
  2. Another story soon probably. What should I do next, funny or dramatic stories?
  3. National Tragedy: The Story of Jorvey Kerman On a routine day at KSC, the boys at mission control decided to do a routine check of their KSC-issued tethers to make sure they were safe under high speed. They took out one of their standard planes, the Hermes II, a plane commonly referred to as Old Reliable. The Hermes II was a small, but efficient plane. The Hermes II could go up to about 300 m/s, and could fly very far without using much fuel. But it's primary selling point was a cargo bay, holding small to medium sized packages that could easily be dropped from high above, allowing easy transport of many things. The Hermes II, devoloped during a war to drop bombs, is now widely used for dropping bombs, to research stations, to care packages, for the wounded. After they got it out of the hanger, they went to the astronaut complex and picked out two eager young men, itching for their first flight.The two recuits were Hudvey and Jorvey Kerman. After getting everything ready, and doing a quick pre-flight review of how to grab the tether and the parachute, Jorvey and Hudvey were on their ways. Hudvey, having more experience as a pilot, flew the plane, and Jorvey, more daring, was the one in the cargo bay testing the tether line. They heard mission control say on the radio, Mission Control: Alright boys, we've decided that since today is a quite day, you'll get to be filmed live on KSC-TV. Don't worry, on boring days like today, nobody will be watching. Whenever your ready, fire up the engines. Hudvery: Roger that. The plane began to climb forward. After only a little bit, it was off the ground. They soared high above the ground, climbing closer to the clouds. Everything was going well. Both of them were feeling the thrill of flying for the Kerbal Space Program. Hudvery looked up to the Mün, and wondered, hoped, dreamed, of one day reaching it. Jorvey watched as the cargo bay slowly opened. He climbed out of his command pod, hooked his tether up, and got ready for the first jump. Finally, he was lowered down. He felt the fresh wind blowing against his face, he felt the thrill of being so up, he felt the fear of falling, and had the bravery to over come it. After a few minutes, he was pulled back into the plane. He put the tether back on the ceiling hook, and climbed into his pod for a quick break and a bag of crisps. But then, it began. First he got out of the pod. He tried to grab a parachute from the wall. But it shook violently, throwing Jorvey to the bottom of the pod. At this point, more viewers began to pick up on the channel, reaching 300,000 viewers from 1,000 in just a few minutes. Hudvery devised a plan. He would shut off the engines to allow a few seconds of decreased gravity so Jorvey could become unstuck. A few seconds later, Mission Control confirmed the plan was a go. Suddenly, the engines shut down. Jorvey wiggled as much as he could but he couldnt become unstuck. Realizing the altitude meter had dropped dangerously low, going from 10,000 meters to 3,000. Hudvery turned on the engines again. The plan had failed. Jorvey was now more stuck, sitting in a tiny pocket behind the pod. Slowly, Jorvey heard the engines whistle as they worked hard to level out the plane. Soon, they were back above the clouds. At this time, over a million people had been watching the station live. There was only one final last ditch plan. Hudvery would have to point the plane straight up, then shut off the engines. Afterwords, the cargo bay doors would have to be opened, with Jorvey untethered so he could try to use his few seconds of zero-gravity to get back into the pod. It was dangerous and risky, but it was the only option. Suddenly, Jorvey heard the engines shut off. He saw the cargo bay begin to open. Jorvey felt the adrenaline rush through is body. Finally, he slid out. Immediately, he activated his jet pack. But it was too late. He started drifting away from the plane faster than he could thrust towards it. In a desprate panic, Hudvery released the crane from the plane, hoping Jorvey could grab on in time. But he couldn't. A picture was taken of him falling as the crane tether dropped in an attempt to save him. Jorvey was doomed. All Mission Control could do now is tell Hudvery to save himself, and stay in contact with Jorvey until the end. The nation sat watching, in panic, as Jorvey descended from the clouds, For Jorvey Kerman, had met his fate. He uttered his last words to mission control as he fell. "Though I may be leaving Kerbin now, I am going to the stars. All of us will one day reach them, for it is only a matter of time. So do not think of my death as a tragedy, but as the end of the first stage of my journey, my journey to explore the universe an all of its wonders, is just beginning." Afterwards, one final splash was heard, and the nation fell silent.
  4. Hello and welcome! Here I will post some short stories of little experiences I had in KSP. Some may be dramatic, some will be funny, so stick around and read a couple! Table of Contents: Dramatic Stories: National Tragedy: The Story of Jorvey Kerman Funny Stories:
  5. Don't worry, lots of new fun stuff will be added in 0.24 which isnt too far now, and after that, even more. Here's proof:
  6. Bit large, so I'll scale it down a bit, but I like the idea of a sort of Russia analog country.
  7. Kablignia & City State of Khomenia added.
  8. Yea, I've been a little inactive lately but I didn't want this to go dead so I checked it.