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  1. I love this idea, and i also tought about a similar concept some time ago. Also this mod would be cool if there is some sort of AI flights, And i think the best way to do this would be to record flight plans and have the AI execute them.
  2. my jeb is currently in Statis waiting for the next patch, because it feels painful to lose all my campaign progress but its for a good cause after all
  3. if u have an antenna sticked to your ship, u can remove the Crew report button, and isntead, make the vessel transmit a fixed number of science per hour or day, depending on the situation: Orbit, high orbit, landed, etc. so if u have a ship orbiting the mun, as long as it is nominal, it will always be transmiting science. Of course the numbers should not be too high, or else it would be an easy game, but for example 0.5 science per hour. this way, having a permanent space station orbiting around is actually worth it, like in the real world, the ISS is always generating science overtime , since there are lots of experiments in it.
  4. hello ppl. i am here to show you a mod concept that i have for some time now, and if someone is interested in working on it with me, u are welkome, however i dont have too much modding experience in ksp, but i have good at coding C# and average in 3d modeling. So, first, my playstyle: when i play ksp, i like to pretend that i am conquering every place that i put a flag on, some sort of territorial conquest thing that i do. all too subjective. however, by experimenting with several mods, like kethane, weapon mod\ lazor system, and kerbtown, i realize that a sort of faction\territorial system is possible to do by modding. concept all the planets are divided in lots of Cells like in the kethane mod, however, each cell has properties such as: population, faction, defensiveness, production, happiness. -population is the number of kerbals, -Faction is the faction that owns that cell -defensiveness is a relation between the height of the cell and then umber of turrets (this later) -production is the cell access to food -happiness is the measure of them all. factions. factions are generated via a .ini. so the number of factions, their colors and names can be totally costumizable. Start of the game When a new game starts, the world will be divided in Cells similar to those in kethane mod, and then , all cells will be divided in factions in a way that no cell is left unfactioned. And in a way that all faction cells are clustered together so that it forms nice realistic borders. Each faction will have a capital cell, where a airport\runaway will spawned (using a similar method to kerbtown) the KSC itself is the capital of our faction (that can be configured too). all cells can have randomly placed buildings like houses\huts to add immersion, and all cells will have a turret that will fire on you if you are enemy. random events will appear ingme like a newspaper. those can be totally banal, or they can be war. and war involves conquest of cells. If manage to enter into a cell , and kill the turret, it becomes part of your faction.
  5. so i found out a bit too late about rbtown, and aparently the project is dead , my question is: is it possible to use it on 023.5? i want to be able to spawn my own stuff, because in my game style i like to pretend i am "conquering" every zone i put a flag on, so i would like to know if i can use it for that end. also i know you guys are probably wondering why i just dont go and test it myself, i am not at home right now xD i ill only get home late tomorow
  6. honestly i am still trying to enjoy career mode before trying to play with asteroids XD
  7. Nice idea, but why not instead of creating a new building, simply expanding the astronaut facility to display more stats? for either Living or lost kerbals there would be a Story\timeline like u described attached
  8. Like animal crossing, State Of Decay, The Villagers, Take On : Mars and some other games that probably exist but i dont know of, have a system that Simulates the game world when we are not playing. For example : In state of decay, a zombie survival simulator\rpg u have to manage a small community of people. and stockpiling their food and medic supply. When u are not playing, some random events can happen and all the resources will go down in time, so u have to go play regularly to fill up their resources. How could this kind of presistency be applied to KSP? In a lot of ways in my opinion! And better yet: configurable , so u can toggle between what is presistent and what isnt. someting like Real-time mode. so yeah. let me start: -Orbits could be simulated off-game. -Trajectories too (With a windows Tray announcement when we are some minutes to Reach the next manouvering node) -Random events poping up whenever we enter the game , like news headlines, or some random things that happened to various vehicles or kerbonauts that could add some small ammount of science, like 1 or 2, or reduce them. -the astronaut facility would be randomly rerolled from x to x real minutes. -Warping would be turned off in realtime mode. And this is open for discussion , so feel free to add more stuff or give ur opinion
  9. yep dificulty settings or something would be exacly what i want xD . also limiting warp to 2x is suicide if u want to drive to another planet xD
  10. Hello kerbal killers, After playing 0.22, and really enjoying it a lot, i am starting to see some "cheaty" situations. for example: When i crash my vessel, and kill my kerbal, i can Revert it to launch, and have both my kerbal and my vehicle magically back. I know a cool workaround for this: On VAB, you add another button called: test Launch. that launch is timed, like 90 seconds, and its free, even if u fail and crash to revert to eighter launch or VAB. Then u have the normal launch. when u normal launch, and then u crash, U should Lose permanently that kerbal, and u should have an option to revert but At a cost in science. and that cost should be variable depending on where it crashed. and when u revert by paying science, you will get a new Kerbal.
  11. btw OP why are u so hyped to play 0.21 if we are all hyped to play 0.22? is this some sort of glitch in the matrix or we contacting via a Wormhole through a different timeline (or both)? Oo
  12. because it isnt released yet. We are all waiting , you are not the only one