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  1. Is anyone interested on developing this mod? We are searching for developers to help us out, so PM me or WopsS if you want to join.
  2. Hi, and happy Xmas! Since now is chrismas, why wouldn't we give our craft designs as gifts to other KSP players. You can post here anything that you want to share, and get some crafts from here too. Sharing is caring!
  3. Networking and plugin in general, just like me.
  4. No. This. Is. Not. Dead. Me and WopsS have been working alot lately and we have rewritten the whole server and big part of the plugin. We just got our first succesfull connection, but that was super laggy and buggy. Awlso our new client doesnt send rotation but we are sure that we will get that working soon. We are gonna make a video too when we get some optimazing done. Stay tuned! Cheers (i have always wanted to do that )
  5. There is some progress, but still not complete.
  6. I played this game first time in 0.8, but bought the game in late 0.15. I have being playing it ever since, and i think it has passed my total Minecraft play time, though i have played MC form 2008. And I am 13 years old.
  7. I know that there is already a MP mod, but it is very unstable and i want to finish my project. Your code doesnt help me, i need parts of the vessel while its flying, not in the editor + your editor.ship.parts gives me an error: The name 'editor' does not exist in the current context
  8. Hello fellow plugin makers! I am making MP mod and im now stuck with vessels parts setting. Im beginner with KSP mods and C# so my question is probably easy to solve: How do i get parts of the vessel, and how do i set them. public Vessel craft = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel; Debug.Log(craft.parts.ToString()); Just gives me [Log]: System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Part] on the KSP debug console. Thanks in advance for help!
  9. They like KSP, but what they say is that games and computers ruin your imagination.
  10. Well, nothing to show, but i am making part list equalizing and more that 2 players possible at moment. This will take some time becouse i have access to my computer only for 1-1.5h per day, since my parents think that computers wither your brains away.
  11. No! This wont happen! I do not accept this to happen.
  12. I got your point. I think. I think we will just disable collitions on the timewarping vessel. For other people, what he ment with hes question is that if you have ship on warp, and someone rendervouzes you in your past (hes/shes present time) and docks or tryes do dock with you at 100m/s, what will happen to your ship in future?
  13. Do you mean you have skills for hosting, or software development? Hosting sounds good (i can do that, but very poorly), but im our offical network system developer, as you can see from the first post.
  14. Here, have a more indepth anwser: Well, as you know, MarkusA380's computer is still broken, so he can't do anything. I've being trying to make rotation, partlist equalizing and more that two players plausible, but it's not working yet, so i can't showcase anything. On the serverside i have made the server little more efficent by packing all the data, but it's not compatible with plugin we have now. I don't know what you mean with ETA, since i'm Finnish and i don't know too much about game termiology (<- is that a word? ). I'll assume that it means how much time is needed until we can release anything. By my very rough estimations, we'll get first super-alpha out in two days. Naah, just kidding, the real estimation is two-three weeks. If any major problems wont occur. Way you join to game is that for now, you'll have LOGplugin window open when you are flying a ship. You need to insert IP/Hostname of the host and the port you will connect. We probably make port unchangeble, but now for all the debugging and such we have ability to change it. I tried to fight against my want of adding dev-sig, and i failed, so here it is: Cheers
  15. What he means is that why we havent done rotation yet is that its quaternion value, what is little bit more complicated.
  16. In that case Secunda is going to pass the intercept by 420 days. Thats why you always should leave your ship to stable orbit.
  17. Well, there is one point until we dont need hes/her code. We have passed it.
  18. For the alpha release, we are probably done 15.01% and for the first closed super-alpha dev-testing 36.842% these approximates are little (alot) off, becouse im not sure that how much do we have to do to get it working. If nothing unexpected happens, we might get it working in about 2-3 weeks from now.
  19. When i play, my hands just joint with my keyboard. I dont need to think that what buttons should push. When i want to turn, my hands automaticly presses the buttons. Weird :|
  20. 1. Were rethinking the gameplay. Probably there will be three or more places to start, lets call them clans for now. When you join to server first time, you can choose what clan you want to be part of. For the clans itself, there might be waiting system. Warp will be disabled for launch pad, becouse, well, if somebody time warps at the pad for 500 days, the pad becomes useless for those 500 days. 2. Peoples from other clans cant collide with you, unless if its specified from servers config file. 3. Mods. No mods for this super-alpha-hyper-closed-beta. Mods might be supported in the way Minecraft supports mod. NOTE: anything can and probably will change, so dont have too big hopes regarding these things.
  21. To OP: What i think happened with your GPU change, is that PhysX (KSP physics) doesnt have radeon support. If you have nVidia card, you can goto nVidia control panel and change "PhysX calculations: CPU" to "PhysX calculations: GPU" or something. This allows to use your GPU to calculate physics. Your lag probably with your Radeon probably came from CPU. Now im sad becouse my Phenom II X4 and Radeon HD 7770 arent supported as well as nVidia
  22. Ihan tässä vaan kyselen teidän mielipiteitä modeista. * käytättekö modeja? * jos ei, pidättekö niitä ylitehoisina? * jos käytätte, niin mitä? * sitten ihan mainostaakseni, pidättekö modists jota olen kehittämässä: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/35310-The-L-O-G-Multiplayer-Project
  23. Hmm... Maybe it would work that when server "asks" client to send data of the ship, it checks that is all parts of the ship stock. If there is mod parts, plugin will send model file, texture, .CFG file and all attached plugins. When you come close enough to see the parts (2.5km) they will be added to your game so it will work properly for you. All will be saved in somekinda temp folder so when you disconnect from server, it will delete all the files. This prevents massive KSP folder sizes. NOTE: this maybe wont be added to plugin, or might be added in FAR future, when everything else is added.
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