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  1. Stock drills only extract Ore don't they? Does ore convert to life support in some way?
  2. Btw does any of the UKS drills extract anything from asteroids for use with space station life support? like water, minerals, substrate etc to turn into stuff?
  3. Well has anyone made that MM.cfg? I have to strap supply storage to everything and it's somewhat tedious. What mods fill that gap? Does any other mods than UKS/MKS interact with this one? Don't get me wrong, having self sufficient bases shouldn't be simple or easy or low tech, but at some point having to send supplies all around the kerbol system to bases and stations elsewhere becomes a massive undertaking making manned missions outside the kerbin SOI unfeasible. First post mentions stuff about combining water and substrate to make more supplies but I don't know what modules you need to make
  4. Has anyone made a MM .cfg that adds a certain amount of supply storage to manned pods based on number of seats? Should be a base feature of the mod imo but until then an mm.cfg would be appreciated. Is there a flowchart anywhere of how resources interact? Trying to figure out how to make a self sufficient base on say duna, but it seems supplies can only be recycled from mulch at a loss? How do I actually make more? Fertilizer seems to be impossible to make?
  5. Yeah realistically, and yes I know mass is still a factor. Also you can carry stacks of things on your back, pretty sure that's not intended. I can carry a stack of those 1 ton UKS Anchor hubs around and drop em one at a time, which saves time, but is somewhat against the laws of physics I think. Btw is there a keybind to open the inventory of your current kerbal? If not I suggest I, I keep hitting it. XD
  6. I've been using KAS and KIS for a long time now and while I really like it and use it a lot there are some aspects of it I find perplexing, primarily in orbit, the 1 ton weight limit per kerbal makes some sense on kerbin but imo should scale with gravitational forces experienced, ie can lift more than 1 ton on minmus and perhaps a whole lot more in orbit, and in orbit it's a bit... weird moving parts around, since the majority of parts now don't actually fit into kerbal's inventory and doesn't have the back attachment system therefore you can't really transport large parts in orbit except by d
  7. B9 IVA glass have simulated imperfections like dirt and specs on it, it's by design to make it look like glass, an object that's completely transparent doesn't look like glass, it looks like air, glass in reality has all those imperfections and reflections to it which we're good at ignoring out of hand. KSP can't really do reflections as far as I know and it would be really expensive computationally to do so, but imperfections it can simulate using a texture. I made that texture and I tried to layer some white, black and browns in there to simulate a window exposed to high heat (blacks are bak
  8. bac9: #kspmodders mentioned that stock tweakables leak as well: http://i.imgur.com/e8qPKXA.gif https://i.4cdn.org/vg/1420196534801.webm Also terrain is leaking: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/105514-BUG-Memory-Leak-Flying-Near-Ground Pretty safe to assume at this point it's a problem with the game, not your mod.
  9. First launch with ATM can take a really long time, on the order of 30mins or more, but it's faster after that, install ATM, launch KSP, minimize/alt-tab/whatever and do something else until it chews through the textures, it's making a cache of compressed variants of the textures to load instead of the actual textures, this takes time, but when it's done it's done and doesn't need to be done again.
  10. Unity/KSP limitation, basically colliders only interact when they intersect each other's surfaces, basically they're hollow shells, if you're going fast enough the wheel's collider will clear the surface of the ground between frames/physics ticks, the game sees the collider one one side then on the other, doesn't cause an interaction (some more sophisticated physics engines can assume they intersected based on that information but ancient physx doesn't) way to get around it is to give the engine as much time as possible to register the collision, ie touch down gently (you should anyway).
  11. Playing around with em atm, really like em, has features I begged DYJ for ages to implement like edge variants (control surfaces vanish into the trailing edge of large pWings), heat-shielding on the bottom etc. Might I suggest some changes to the text labels of the tweakables menu? "Height root/tip" would make more sense labeled "thickness" I think, more descriptive at least imo. "offset" might work better labeled "sweep" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swept_wing - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward-swept_wing)
  12. Yeah stock editor UI only lets you filter based on manufacturer or function, not both. It's really annoying, I can either see all pods, or all B9 parts, not all B9 pods.
  13. @bac9: Sorry wasn't in earlier, I leave my IRC client + PC on 24/7 nothing much to report, working on getting my setup working again post HDD calamity. @karamazovnew: Heh, I actually forgot to try the engine igniter integration, oops. I'd like the buttons on the bottom to control it but I can't actually figure out how to map those buttons to plugin functions, I'll have to read up on that, I'd like to label the buttons on the sides instead but the plugin text goes edge to edge so I can't do that either. If I can't figure out the bottom buttons mapping I'll label the side buttons in the Utilitie
  14. Allows you to crossfeed fuel on radially attached parts, you need to fool around with a lot of fuel lines otherwise. Well it breaks all IVAs to remove it, not sure if it's broken or not actually. No it's used to close the air intakes when you get to space and similar animation features. Generators are ResGen and cargo doors are FireSpitter We're only still using it on the VTOL engines, stock's gimbal code doesn't have the engine turning feature the VTOL engines use. That's hotrockets for better engine effects. It's used for the compressed air nozzles. I think that's the mod we use to to
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