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  1. Thinking about ya!

  2. Laz? Are you busy, or are you dead? You haven't been here since May. A lot of people are starting to get antsy.

    If the latter, then someone needs to give Jesus a call.


    (geddit? Lazarus? Jesus? Bible?)



  3. How's the update coming along Laz?

  4. Hello... I'm getting my SpaceX mods ready for release for 1.1. Can you reopen this thread, or should I start another?


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    2. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      I think it would be better to start a new thread, as that will give you control of the OP (it can be a pain to run a mod thread where you can't change the first post).

      As an aside, have you gotten permission from LazarusLuan to redistribute the parts? The license would seem to forbid redistribution without permission.

    3. Virtualgenius


      its not for me i was just putting the thread details in he wanted open 

    4. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Oh I see, missed that it was different people. :blush:

  5. Yes - I'll post up photos of the difference between the textures on the parts and let everyone in this thread vote on which version will be the default and which will be an alternate texture pack.
  6. After a week and a half extensively testing (sure, it's playing) 1.0, I've got a good handle on all the changes I need to complete to bring the SpaceX Launch Pack to 1.0 compatability this week. Feel free to request something to be added to this list: LazTek SpaceX Launch Pack 1.0 change log: Dragon 2 Capsule - Rebuilt without heatshield, uses new aero Dragon 2 Heat Shield - Attaches to bottom of Dragon2 Dragon 2 Nose Cone - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Dragon 2 Parachute - Rebuilt to fit on front of capsule as demonstrated by SpaceX on May 6, 2015 Dragon 2 Ladder - Uses new aero Dragon 2 Trunk - Acts as a aero shield, fins now provide stability, designed to launch with Dragon 2 capsule on abort, uses new aero SuperDraco Twin Engines (Attaches to Dragon V2 nacelles in two sets of two) - Reconfigured for new physics, uses new aero Dragon Nose Cone - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Dragon Chute - Reconfigured for new aero Dragon Solar Array - Rebuilt to be fragile without aero protection Dragon Solar Panel Cover - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Dragon Trunk - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Dragon Trunk Adapter/Decoupler - Uses new aero Falcon Remote Control - Uses new aero Falcon Upper Stage Fuel Tank - Reconfigured, uses new aero Merlin 1D Vacuum Engine - Reconfigured for new physics Falcon 9 v1.1 Interstage Fairing/Decoupler - Uses new aero Falcon Main Fuel Tank - Reconfigured, uses new aero Falcon Lower Landing Leg (Attached to Falcon first stage in a set of 4) - Reconfigured, uses new aero Falcon Upper Landing Leg (Attached to Falcon upper stage in a set of 4) - Reconfigured, uses new aero Falcon Expanded Fairing (Attached in a pair) - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Merlin 1D Engine Housing (Designed to be combined with nine Engine Centers to be individually controlled) - Uses new aero Merlin 1D Engine Center (Nine fit into the Merlin 1D Engine Housing) - Reconfigured for new physics Falcon Payload Bay (Optional payload protector with bay doors that open and close) - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Falcon Satellite Capture Frame (For use inside Payload Bay to assist with orbital capture) - Removed due to obsolescence Falcon Heavy Interstage Fairing/Decoupler - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Falcon Heavy Nose Cone - Acts as a aero shield, uses new aero Separation Engine (Tiny SRB to assist in first stage booster separation) - Reconfigured for new physics SHERPA Remote Satellite Launch System - Reconfigured for new physics Gridfin (Retractable control surface) - Reconfigured for new aero Small Gridfin (Attaches to Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy interstages and remote controls in sets of 4) - Reconfigured for new aero
  7. CoP refers to center of pressure - here's an article that details its use and effects:
  8. it doesn't do anything yet - I've been waiting for the final parts of the full version 1.0 to surface before committing to anything, but you can edit the part.cfg file to work with the resource mods available. - - - Updated - - - Ok - Squad has announced that version 1.0 is in experimental phase, so I'm getting the wish list for SpaceX mods together right now. I'm working on a stock-alike texture set for everything that should be ready for the new update - what other requests are there?
  9. Thanks for all the feedback and the posting of the new Dragon logo. I'm working on the "official" 1.0 release and appreciate everyone's help. In addition to redesigning the Dragon 2 parachute and the grid fins, I finally solved the problem of getting off Eve by creating all-electric atmospheric thrusters, which will be included in the new Exploration Expansion:
  10. For those who dare to try... I've put a copy of the PAX East 2015 Kerbal Tournament files that Scott Manley was playing with here: http://www./download/08vrdcppwwxwcfg/
  11. Do the ships just collapse as soon as physics kick in (right after you go to the launch pad), or after they are actually launched?
  12. Are those of you having issues with ships falling apart using the .craft ship builds included with the mods or are you building your own? It shouldn't matter, but helps me with troubleshooting.
  13. Obviously, I've experienced none of these problems or I wouldn't have released the mod or have been able to create the videos I've posted on YouTube, so I'm at a disadvantage because with over 40 hours of career mode play over the past weekend and today, I can't recreate ANY physics or "exploding on the launch pad" errors. I can post video to prove this, but it doesn't help those of you having issues. I am only using MechJeb and Environmental Enhancements in addition to all my SpaceX mods installed at one time. Are there other mods I should install to try to recreate these problems?
  14. Please post which of the SpaceX mods you are using when you get errors so I can try to recreate them. I've created 4 large downloads at Kerbal@Curse to see if users like the simpler selection of downloads more: SpaceX Launch Pack by LazTek SpaceX Exploration Expansion by LazTek SpaceX Historic Archive by LazTek SpaceX Colonial Transporter by LazTek
  15. Thanks for your comments. All my models are modeled at full scale and scaled down to 85% in each part's configuration file, resizing them for 1.25m/2.5m/3.75m/5m/7.5m diameter Kerbal standards. Whenever a part is only in a proposed state, such as the lower landing gear was for almost a year before revealed to the public, I design it myself. After the actual design is publicly known, I duplicate the real thing as closely as I can. Currently, most of the parts in the SpaceX mod kits are models of parts in use by SpaceX. Parts I designed include the Dragon Habitat and its landing legs, the Falcon Solar Panels, Mini Solar Panels, Dragon Retractable Ladder, the Falcon Upper Landing Legs, the Falcon Heavy Decoupler, the Merlin 1D Vacuum Engine with protective cowl, the Falcon Tanker, the Colonial Transporter, the Falcon XX Launch System, Colonial Laboratory, Retractable Ladder, Retractable Ramp, Large Parachutes and Colonial Transporter Landing Legs.