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  1. Many people are missing the point on this issue. Some mods are better left as mods. If these mods (RemoteTech, Life Support, Deadly Reentry) were integrated into the stock game. It would make the game less enjoyable for some people. Perhaps they could be included in a DLC, but certainly should not be forced down the throat of everyone.
  2. Does the entire mk3 system need to be reworked? Absolutely! I cannot overstate how much I dislike the current mk3 parts.
  3. I just built a $900 gaming PC which was a huge improvement over my 6 year old Gateway PC. Among other things, I installed the operating system and few games on a solid state drive. I have to say, load times have been reduced DRASTICALLY. From loading modded KSP (B9, KW, Ferram) in 5 minutes on the old system, I managed to get the game up and running in less than a minute! Also, for the first time, I could max out the settings of a game and still have it run smoothly. Moral of the story: SSD's have really fast read/write times
  4. I'm back! After much deliberation and suggestions from multiple forums, I think I am pretty confident with the build I have come up with: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/NoctHorn/saved/dD7v6h The 4670K was available for a pretty low price. This will allow me to overclock in the future (but not right now).
  5. I have one other small thing. How much of a buffer should I go for concerning power supply? Pcpartpicker estimates the wattage to be 448W. Would I be fine with a 500W power supply from corsair? If not, what wattage do you recommend?
  6. Can you recommend a cooler for me? I am now choosing to go with the $1000 build and need a cooler which is inexpensive but also decent quality. I am aiming for a cooler under $30.
  7. Okay, I have actually come up with two builds in two different price ranges since I am still unsure what budget I will have: $1000: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/NoctHorn/saved/xn66Mp $800: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/NoctHorn/saved/NRKcCJ So I am also wondering if I should get windows 7 or 8.1. What do you recommend? EDIT: Hello? Is anybody there?
  8. Hi everyone. I am planning on building a computer soon but I have no experience. I request help on planning a good build. My probable budget will be around $800 but I could go over by just a bit. I already have the peripherals needed. I don't have a copy of windows but I am planning on running windows 7. Games I hope the computer would be capable of handling: DayZ, KSP, League of Legends, Minecraft I don't really care about size or the noise it creates as long as it is reasonable. However, I would like a graphics card that is capable of running a multiple monitor setup. Thanks in advance
  9. dudester28

    AP Tests

    Hi guys! If you aren't aware, the first week of AP testing has just been completed. I myself have taken two tests so far with one left to go. Who else has taken/is taking an AP test? How were your tests?
  10. Note: I have nothing against KJR. It just causes problems in this update. If anybody has Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Installed from before the update, you will need to uninstall it. The reason is that it interferes with the overhauled joints in the update. I learned this the hard way because when I launched my rocket, every single joint disconnected and the rocket fell apart. The problems went away once I uninstalled the mod.
  11. The electricity the game eats up still costs more
  12. Banned for distracting gif as profile picture.
  13. Gilly: A place where solar panels make great landing gears.
  14. Only when there's a ham sandwich. When is the best time to wear a striped sweater?
  15. 6.5/10 Unfortunately, where your picture is supposed to be, I see "This signature is not valid"
  16. If you are pointing straight down to de-orbit, you are both wasting fuel and making re-entry speeds higher. The most effective way to lower your orbit is to point retrograde (opposite of the direction you are travelling).
  17. Personally, my favorite xkcd comic concerning rockets is the up-goer five. If you have never seen it, fix that!
  18. I'm president of our school's team. We are team 4676 and this will be our second year competing.
  19. I'm happy for Canada because a few Blackhawks players were on the team. Still...
  20. It's really hard to get multiple docking ports to dock at the same time. It requires perfect alignment. I would recommend using the 2.5m docking ports instead.
  21. Do you want to land on kerbin or just lower your apoapsis? If you want to land, there is no deadly re-entry (yet) in vanilla ksp. It's just aesthetics. I, however, try to be realistic by doing a shallow reentry with a periapsis of about 30km. That usually works. If you wanted to lower your orbit, I would think that a periapsis between 45 and 50km would do the job.
  22. How would join be defined? Started playing or bought the game? I first played this game back in 0.13 but waited until 0.17 to buy the game.
  23. Take a calculator and eat it. Must be a TI-84 or higher. Why won't my car fly?
  24. One major guideline I abide by while building is to avoid airhogging. Not only does it look unsightly, it's completely unrealistic. I limit each engine to only have one inline intake maximum. I like B9 Aerospace's radial intakes.
  25. -Manufacturer: Gateway -CPU: AMD Phenom 8450 triple core processor @ 2.1Ghz -GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3200, 2 Gb -Hard Drive: 1 Mechanical hard drive with 500 Gb -RAM: Two sticks totaling 4 Gb -Cooling: Stock fans -Peripherals: Anker high precision gaming mouse- I got it for christmas Nothing special about any of the other peripherals This computer is ~6 years old. While it still works fine, it's just doesn't run system intensive games very well (Including KSP!) I hope to build my first computer over the summer.
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