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  1. The other day, I learnt how to make these geometrical patterns and stuff and idek what happened after, but after an hour of fiddling around and stuff I came up with this. If you guys like them i might make the rest of the solar system.
  2. So I've been playing KSP since about v.19 and I kind of stopped playing for a while at v.23.5 and I recently got back into it with the beta update; needless to say its amazing. Anyways I also got back into playing with lots of different mods and it has been so frustrating. I remember back then my computer was powerful enough to handle all the big mods like B9 and KWrocketry, Oh how I miss those times... After about 4 days experimenting with different mods and finally getting ksp to run, this is the aftermath.
  3. Do you guys happen to have active texture management installed? They were giving all sorts of problems for me.
  4. Nice, use this to cheat on your tests.
  5. Kind of like a repair system right? As in you ONLY have to buy back the parts you have previously destroyed or lost?
  6. It looks cool but i'm not a big fan of the white symmetrical crater streaks dotted across the planets, some of you may disagree but its just my personal preferance. Anyways the textures look great, but a tad blurry. Did you get them from space engine?
  7. I see that some people have problems with Space engines skyboxes in KSP. I have devised a way to Create a skybox with Space Engine. _______________________________________________________ First off render the skybox in Space engine. (Preferably a High resolution PNG) Then Change the names of the files From... (sky)+Z = (galaxy)+Z (sky)+Z = (galaxy)-Z (sky)+Y = (galaxy)-Y (sky)-Y = (galaxy)+Y (sky)-X = (galaxy)-X (sky)+X = (galaxy)+X (hint + is pos and - is neg) e.g sky_pos_z = GalaxyTex_NegativeZ Sometimes one of the sides are too bright or dim, you can fix this by opening up an image editing program and adjusting the brightness and checking it again in ksp. It is simply trial and error. If the lighting looks somewhat fuzzy and you're sure it's the game's problem, try turning up pixel light count and shadow cascades. Finally take all the images you have recently fiddle around with and place them in (YourKSPDirectory)\GameData\TextureReplacer\Default Voilà. Here are an image with my skybox. If you by chance like it here is the link. https://www./?atkj0c99ay3eddz Now you can make ALL the skyboxes! Bye bye.
  8. These are nice, I loved the helicopters.
  9. Nice! I'm still trying to figure out the noise in the second image.
  10. I made this a while back in Sketchup. I'm pretty sure the window can and should be bigger. I just downloaded the models off the internet.
  11. I find the facial expressions and the high-pitched voices very entertaining. Two days well spent, Good job.