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  1. How much ÃŽâ€V are people having left in the third stage after circularizing Kerbin orbit? The best I've been able to do is 854 m/s using MechJeb, which is just a few m/s short of what's needed for TMI. I used 71 km orbit altitude, 8 km turn start altitude, 65 km turn end altitude, and 40% turn shape to get 854 m/s. Also, I just today realized that Mun is only 12,000 km from Kerbin compared to 384,400 km on average from Earth to Earth's moon. Why such a huge difference?
  2. No problem. I changed my max physics integration step to 0.002 seconds to get really accurate physics. It runs at probably 3 wall clock seconds per physics second, but I don't mind because I think it's worth it for the physics accuracy, and it improves my framerate. And yeah, it gets better after dropping a couple stages. Great work with the new version.
  3. This is correct. I had just extracted the Flags/Parts/Ships/etc. directories into the root Kerbal Space Program directory. I deleted all of that and extracted ApolloMissionPack into GameData, and that has solved the problem, except it needed one extra step. I couldn't find a way to select the .craft files in-game without moving them into KSP/Ships/VAB instead of KSP/GameData/ApolloMissionPack/Ships/VAB.
  4. My intent was to say "missing a few components [that I want to fly]," not "missing a few components [that make it not actually a Saturn V]." It's all very well done and accurate, but I just need to know if I should try and set up the staging myself or if I am doing something wrong.
  5. Has anyone else had a problem where there are no stages to go through when trying to fly Apollo_Saturn.craft? When I open it in the VAB there are stages, but there are none once I'm on the launch pad, and hitting space just makes a click noise. There are stages when I try to fly Saturn V.craft, but that's missing a few components (little details like CSM/LM ). I'm running the current Steam version of the game (v0.20.2.186) with no mods/plugins installed.
  6. Apollo 11 and earlier used a free return trajectory, but later missions used a hybrid trajectory to save extra fuel for a plane change to land at different latitudes. http://history.nasa.gov/afj/launchwindow/lw1.html
  7. It's a consistent 8 fps according to Fraps. This happens even with a fresh install (Steam version). There are a couple errors. I don't know if the are significant or not, so I took a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/IAfSDIy.jpg The errors are "WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function" x4 and "NpScene::createJoint: desc.isValid() fails!" x2. EDIT - Forgot to answer the RAM question. 1600 MHz DDR3. This: http://www.corsair.com/vengeance-8gb-dual-channel-ddr3-memory-kit-cmz8gx3m2a1600c9.html
  8. I tried this and going up to 4.5 GHz but no dice . Can anyone just tell me how much fuel/oxidizer is left in the third stage after getting into a circular Kerbin orbit at ~120 km? I should be able to handle just the third stage and above, and all the most interesting parts of the mission (to me anyway) happen after Kerbin orbit. Thanks
  9. When I try flying this vehicle, my framerate is so bad that the thing falls apart on the launch pad. I'm running an i5 2500k at 4.2 GHz and a GTX 780 SuperClocked. I tried a fresh install with no mods or anything and got the same result. I have 8GB RAM and nearly 4GB free when it's running. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
  10. This is the first version of KW Rocketry I've used, so unfortunately I don't have an older version to restore parts from. I also can't seem to find a download link to an older version anywhere. Is there any way to salvage that specific ship without tracking down the missing parts? Maybe I could find and replace the KWsrbCone entries in the .craft file with one of the nose cones you're referring to? Which diameter (1, 2, or 3 m) was the KWsrbCone part? EDIT: I found a download of a version that includes the parts I'm missing. Here it is in case someone has the same issue: http://www.modsaholic
  11. I installed KW Rocketry 2.4 in KSP 0.20.2. When I try to open Rigel 2 Heavy With CSM, I get an error saying a part named "KWsrbCone" is missing. I assume it was included with older versions but left out somehow in this version. Is there a way to get that part?
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