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  1. You can download old versions on the kerbal shop page. go to your ksp download, scroll down to "more downloads" and click "KSP Legacy versions" voila, 1.6.1 for a clean install.
  2. is the amd athlon x4 950 any good? My phenom II x6 1055t is heading towards retirement and I'm planning a new base to be upgraded step by step. am4, around some existing hardware, highish quality, on a serious budget. so I thought I first focus on the motherboard with 4 ram-slots and a cheap no graphics 4-core to be replaced down the road. cpu benchmark tells me x4 950 and ryzen 1200 are both better than what I got, with the r3 being way better, buuuuut is it though? my gut tells me to rather spend the budget on the mb and wait for the next ryzen generation to settle in. opinions, experiences, please!
  3. Hi there, I need to make this quick, so I can't really flesh my question out. It's about Higgs Singlets and CTCs, closed time-like curves. Two friends of mine are convinced they saw an article confirming Higgs Singlets were created by the LHC and detected before they could have been emitted. All I found were some essays in which Thomas J. Weiler (you might know him from "neutrinos are faster than light! wait they aren't...") et al. constructed a model which would allow them to exist. These theses were way over my level of understanding both the english language and particle physics, so I need you folks to figure out if this is mad physicist science fiction or actually probable. Did anyone see the article my friend mentioned? If yes, was it in a believable context or April's fool day or just some amateur scientist/journalist who misunderstood that "construct a model... time-traveling Higgs singlets... may well be observable" doesn't equal "HEUREKA!" If they are possible and could be created, how could they possibly be detected by the detector which is not yet at the place where they'll be created in the future?! "we don't serve your kind here" the barkeeper says, a time-traveller walks into a bar.
  4. that's what I thought about investing in some current budget hardware. On paper it looks like putting the money in older high-endish parts brings me more.
  5. AFAIK you need at least 2 ram modules to make your ram dual channel (i.e. faster access times if only half your ram is needed). whether you use 2x8GB or 4x4GB doesn't matter unless you want to be able to upgrade to 4x8GB in the future without buying all new modules. all assuming your board has 4 slots. hope I helped ninja'd ...
  6. since my post was at the end of the page I'd rather think it was unintentionally overlooked than maliciously ignored. hence le bump: would really appreciate another perspective on that...
  7. since I'm on a very tight budget it's been way too long that I crawl along with my: AMD Phenom x3 8400 2.1GHz on MSI K9N6PGM2-v2 with 2x 2GB DDR2, featuring a radeon HD 6450. there, it's out. come back to me once you regained your breath and stopped laughing... As mentioned my budget is between very tight and non-existent. I fear once I saved more than 600 bucks to invest in proper up to date hardware intel has a i7 9xxx series that supports QDR-ram... thus I'm thinking about gradually investing in older hardware to get the most out of my existing MB. what I'm actually looking at: AMD Phenom II x6 1055t (6x 2.8GHz @ 95W) $ 77.- € 70,- 2x 4GB DDR2-800 $ 20.- € 19,- GTS 450 2GB DDR5 (2nd step investment) $ 75.- € 68,- excl. graphics: (total $ 97.- $ 172.- € 89,- € 157,-) what do you guys think? for internet stuff, mid-oldish games and ksp, gimping and SketchUpping, should I rather go for a current low-end solution like Intel Pentium G4400 on MSI H110M board with 2x 8GB DDR4-2133 for around € 185,-? would that make me happier?! It would consume way less power, that's for sure....
  8. unless your ((great)grand)parents were born in... never mind this would derail the topic in a political direction and call a mod to action. who would want that?
  9. why do I just remember my mom waving the gameboy around to make mario jump farther?
  10. yeah that guy cussing about those "damn germans" totally oblivious to the fact that his surname points to him being of german descent. "Kraft" translates to power, strength, force... vOv muricans...
  11. clearly they messed up their staging. lol at the guy who followed the LES "wow, look at that acceleration!" without recognizing this to be way too fast to be a healthy flight... btw, the german guy says: "...the abort sensor 18-12-54 prompted the motor to shut down... but the self-destruct mechanism is still loaded and active..." before that scene the narrator explains this to be a test leading up to manned missions, so luckily no astronaut was inside the capsule during this launch attempt. but having such a dud sitting on the launch pad, unsecured, on one of it's most fragile parts (i.e. nozzle assembly), loaded auto-destruct with unknown status, possibly no chance of savely venting the fuel.... I wouldn't wanna be the first guy to approach this thing...
  12. KSP had a launch tower once. It was part of the launchpad and caused many problems with e.g too wide crafts. It was removed in version 0.19.0 and no one really missed it.
  13. do you have a library nearby? either a public or a school lib could have the books you're looking for. other possibility would be a second hand bookshop or yard sale or flea market. all fittingly old school for what you're looking for. perhaps you'll even find some old hardware there, for parts, inspiration etc
  14. "get out and push" would also be my recommendation, it's also the most kerbal way of solving your problem and trains you in EVA skills. of course decouple the the rest of the craft and only push the capsule. when outside mark the pod as target, so you find it if your kerbal gets kicked off it. Quicksave with F5 before you exit, so you can get back to a save situation in case you really mess up while outside the ship...
  15. use kerbal alarm clock. it's the first mod I install after an update. it should be stock but isn't, I don't even consider an install with only KAC as modded. it gives a nice overview of upcoming events, lets you set margins for the alarm, jump to the vessel and even pauses the game for the times you let the game run while making yourself a cup of coffee... edit: ah okay unexpected encounters, guess it wont help with them.
  16. lol I know that feeling, one time my cat started a rocket for me by sitting down on the space bar. another time she messed up a finicky docking by walking over the keys. but most of the time the other one sits on my lap and pushes my right arm up by punching me in the elbow with his cold, wet nose ... gotta love these graceful beings. F3 is your friend!
  17. what a pity, that would have been a great feature for the forum. perhaps we should persuade google, apple and mozilla to add "english (rocket science)" to their official languages...
  18. you can change it in main menu's settings -> input -> game -> stop timewarp. It can also be the same key that you use for something else. I always put it on X*, the same as cut throttle. btw, escape is pause/menu by default. * on german keyboards X and Z switched places in regard to us keyboards
  19. I bet they have! but they never told us what it found there, I guess it was too scary.
  20. is it possible to augment the browser's auto-correction feature from the forum's side? it would be great if kerbal and rocket science jargon would be auto corrected and accordingly not marked if correct. (while writing this "kerbal" is marked as wrong. herbal, kernal and verbal are the suggestions )
  21. tried licking the icon, but doesn't work on my pc OT: the problem is that walls of unnecessary pictures are taking up bandwidth. not so much a problem at home with a stationary machine unless I'm downloading big stuff like a KSP update, but I can imagine this being a PITA on a mobile or shared connection.
  22. F5 for quicksave saves a lot of grieve if used before and after important maneuvers. hold F9 for quickload. (alt + F5 / F9 enables naming saves) ah and something I read very early about this game: "Other games might have a learning curve, KSP has a learning wall."
  23. I understand your frustration, may I offer some advice: 1. use sandbox mode, as it gives you usable pilots from the start and doesn't restrict your part choices. 2. set yourself small goals: orbit and return; orbit, mun flyby and return etc... 3. check youtube tutorials. Scott Manley's are a bit old, but pretty good 4. explosions are fun!
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