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  1. Actually there is - Maneuver nodes! First get into LKO, then set up a maneuver node that barely escapes Kerbin's SOI in the direction of kerbin's travel (for outer planets) or in reverse direction (for inner planets). Then create a second node in Kerbol's SOI to intercept the target's orbit, and drag it around to find your intercept. DO NOT EXECUTE THESE NODES - instead, wait until *kerbin itself* is at the position of the second node, then delete both nodes and construct a new one to burn straight from LKO. I made a video about it:
  2. I think you should make a new forum thread, and let this one die
  3. is it just me or does the download link in top post simply redirect back to this forum thread? tried in browser first, wget finds same conundrum:
  4. From what I've seen, providing/filling fuel is implemented as an engine that consumes a negative quantity of fuel. I would expect you to no longer be able to receive fuel if you remove the engine module.
  5. This is a bug with latest mechjeb release, seems to be fixed in mechjeb dev. If you go into attitude control you'll notice that many of the fields go to infinity when this happens. I can generally trigger it by decoupling a ship without a SAS wheel from a larger ship that does have a SAS wheel somewhere.
  6. This mod is very understated, I'm surprised it's not more popular any chance we could optionally add RocketParts to the list of supplied resources?
  7. excellent, glad to know it's not just me just a heads up, I did manage to trigger this in the VAB today, same sequence- holding a part for radial attach, then shift+c to go no_snap -> 90
  8. Bug report! Problem: hard crash (Floating Point Exception) 1) go to SPH (doesn't seem to happen in VAB) 2) place command pod 3) select a radially mountable part 4) hover over command pod for radial placement 5) press shift+C a few times 6) at the transition from 'no snap' to '90°', KSP bombs, printing "Floating Point Exception" to terminal using linux 64 bit binary This behaviour isn't new in 0.23, but 0.23's massively faster load time has allowed me the patience to find a way to reliably reproduce it Other than this, works perfect in 0.23. may want to update thread title
  9. GLC works great for me, that's what I've been using to record my videos. ps: congrats on inheriting EL, I'll grab this ver and test it soon
  10. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/1230
  11. I have, you want SURFACE_VELOCITY, BACK. would really love a couple of buttons for easy access to surface pro/retrograde While I'm at it, any chance of moving the aerobrake prediction out of landing autopilot? I think it makes sense to separate those and make aerobrake prediction available maybe one tier earlier in the tech tree
  12. Keosync is at 2868km, a bit beyond the range of the starter omni antenna. Instead, put 6+ sats in a ring at at half-sync (1585km) so there's always one or two within range of KSC, and they're also within range of each other so signals can pass around the whole ring. Then you get no more blackouts in space near Kerbin. Then you can put something with an omni and a dish or two up at keosync (2868.7km). the omni will hit your half-sync ring, and the dish can point at Mun or Minmus maybe put a matching pair opposite KSC to keep Mun/Minmus online 24/7 (or is it 6/7 since Kerbin's day is 6 hours?) h
  13. Bug report: If I radially attach things, then I can only attach the welded part to my rocket by the nodes that appear at the radial attachment points. Example (5x X200-16 tanks arranged in a 4-pointed star using I-beams): PART { name = Station-Core-4 module = Part author = UbioZurWeldingLtd rescaleFactor = 1 PhysicsSignificance = -1 node_stack_top4294427884 = 2.086163E-07,0.4687508,2.086163E-07,0,1,0,2 node_stack_bottom4294427884 = 2.086163E-07,-0.4687492,2.086163E-07,0,1,0,2 node_stack_top4294426714 = -3.13744,-8.813257E-07,-3.137441,0.7071068,4.768372E-07,0.7071069,0 node_stack_bot
  14. +1 for Douglas Adams reference I like the rest of your idea too, ie a highly expanded tech tree with some random variations thrown in, like a 1 in 1e7 chance of discovering quantum physics shortly after the telescope, balanced to roughly follow our historical pace of development
  15. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw this idea and so can't credit its original author, but it's the most sensible one I've seen yet: (not quoted verbatim, just my own wording of the idea itself)
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