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  1. Sorry folks, my webserver host is having issues ATM. Hopefully will be back up soon... I'll post when it is back up.
  2. I think my webserver was having issues. Should all be working fine now.
  3. I think I have a solution to the hatch... Looks like I can put one in the cargo pod without having to do anything funky. Also, working on a detachable cargo pod solution. Stayed tuned.
  4. The hatch has to intersect with the collision model of the Command Pod for it to work. I've had some problems getting back in thru the hatch as well...I had to walk my Kerbal over is multiple times to get the "F" menu to come up. Not sure what the issue is. I usually use the jet pack to fly up and get back in for now. But you're right, I need a better solution. Oh, and the Cygnus was HUUUUGE. o.O Palomino is very do-able though.
  5. Love the pics... Seeing peeps fly my Eagle around keeps me going.
  6. I have yet to try the Kethane mod. It looks awesome. I think I can make a tanker version of the Eagle that will stay balanced. (See post above) I'd love to see a pic of your tanker.
  7. Yeah in the show the gear compressed a bit when the Eagle landed. Not sure how I could make that work in game yet... The gear can perfectly fit in the octagonal pod if need be though. Tested that in 3ds Max. I'm sure that is something they intended to do in the show but never did. Not sure if I can add a hatch for Kerbals in a non command pod part. If I can, I'll try to add that in. I have plans to make the cargo pod detachable and add the extra engines so the Eagle can fly without it. I'll probably wait for the .17 patch before I do that. I also have plans for a cockpit. Stay tuned. Thanks for the link
  8. You might need to clear your cache. I triple checked, the download link is 1.2 Direct Link http://www.redspar.com/eagle/files/Eagle1.2.rar
  9. They never did retract. The show never had them retract, so my Eagle didn't either. May add that functionality in a later patch.
  10. If you have MechJeb installed it adds multi-engine toggle functionality.
  11. Thanks, you're very welcome. I put a lot of work into this baby.
  12. OK new files are up - See Page 1. Hrmm.. I dunno Sproginator, I have other ships I'd like to do first... Mk 9 Hawk (Space 1999) Swift (Space 1999) Galileo Shuttle (Star Trek) Icarus (Planet of the Apes) That should answer your question Leon..
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