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  1. Thought so. The typical three coils wont work then, hah.
  2. Would a magnetorquer work in the atmosphere, and close to the ground? And if so, how powerful would it be? This would be used to hypothetically dampen a bow's movement and increase it's stability as a bow stabilizer. Now, you may all me shoot me down.
  3. Alright then, thanks for the info, I will change it accordingly.
  4. What's the difference? And how would you know when you're at your maximum g's?
  5. The goal is simple. Make a plane that can survive higher G-Forces than your fellow pilots. RULES/INFO Stock only, please Submit a picture of your plane, and a picture showing the G-Force via Seismic Accelerometer. You are not obliged to land your craft, but there must be no structural failrues shown in the flight log No debug menu The plane is not required to go to space My submission: Highest G's 1. anonymousgamer, 78.48 G's 2. acealeam, 27.3 G's 3. 4. 5. With that said, have fun and good luck!
  6. I disagree. That's how I learned docking. Mechjeb flipped out and I had to step in to get this thing docked. Many ripped out strands of hair and an hour later, I had done it. Plus, it's almost a little deterrent for using it. Not enough for it to matter much, but a little bit.
  7. Uh, well - thanks. I feel flattered ^^ Although I'd consider myself an average Kerbal-ers ^^

  8. So about this whole relay thing... What antenna(antennas? antennaes) do I put on it? The dishes or the omni?
  9. Fair enough, looks good so far. Good luck with the mod-to-be.
  10. Sorry, spent most of my time looking for the xkcd I'd just prefer if it was in an imgur album or something. But it looks very promising so far.
  11. A little tip regarding the images: That said, I think I'll download.
  12. Haven't been playing in awhile, I'll edit this once I get KSP running, but I'd like to say, that probe in your 7th picture is the most beautiful thing in the universe.
  13. So if I'm correct you want that to be on the target marker, right? Nice job, regardless.
  14. - Tech tree has music, pretty cool. - astronaut complex has a new background and music